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Paul Drake Campbell

Dumont, New Jersey

Gyronny of eight Or and Sable, on a fess Vert a crescent Argent for difference between two garbs Or, debruised with a label of three points Gules (as heraldic heir). Above the shield is placed a Helm befitting his degree with a Mantling Sable doubled Or, and on a Wreath of the Liveries is set for Crest a dexter forearm bendways grasping a sickle Proper, and in an Escrol over the same this Motto "Prevail," based on matriculation of Theodore Emerson Campbell, Court of the Lord Lyon, Volume 89, Folio 42, 18 September 2009.




John Michael Dwyer, EdD, FACH

Panama City, Florida

Or, a lion rampant Gules between in chief two ermine spots Sable and in base a Celtic cross Vert, with Crest: Issuing from a crest wreath Gules and Or, a dexter hand erect couped at the wrist grasping a sword in bend sinister point upwards all proper, mantled Gules and doubled Argent, and with the Motto: "Virtus Sola Nobiltas" (Virtue is the only nobility); Granted by Chief Herald of Ireland, 14 July 1989, Roll of Arms, Volume W, folio 89, Dublin, Ireland; Registered, American College of Heraldry, 17 January 1999, under Number 1785; Burke's International Register of Arms, 5 March 2006, Registration No. 0031.



Professor Patrick Michael O'Shea, DMA, FACH

Winona, Minnesota

Per bend indented Or and Azure, two fleurs-de-lis ensigned with an ancient crown counterchanged. Above the Shield is placed a Helmet, Mantling Azure doubled Or, and on a Wreath Or and Azure is set for Crest an antique harp Or stringed Sable, and in an Escrol below the shieldthis motto: "Quaerite Veritatem Artis" [Seek ye art's truth], American College of Heraldry, 20 August 1993, No. 1112, with an extension of the registration to the descendants of armiger's great-grandfather, Michael Joseph O'Shea (1889-1971) with the motto amended to "Quaerite Veritatem" [Seek ye the truth], 10 May 1998, No. 1615 (Heraldic Register of America, Vol. X, pp. 28-29); Subsequently registered, with the College of Arms, Registrar General, Republic of Kenya, 26 March 2010, No. F.02; and in the Member Roll, International Association of Amateur Heralds, 8 October 2010, Certificate No. 286.



Pierre August Rioux, MD, FACH

Austin, Minnesota

En campo de sinople (verde) una banda de plata, cargada de tres tréboles de gules (rojo) y acompañada de dos cotizas, de plata y a la vez acompañada (la banda) de dos bezants, de oro. Va timbrado el escudo de Armas de un casco de acero bruñido, con bordura y grilletas de oro, claveteado de lo mismo, forrado de gules (rojo) y sumado de un burelete trenzado de sinople (verde) y plata, del que salen lambrequines de los mismos esmaltes, sumado a su vez de un brazo vestido al natural, viéndose el puño del mismo color y sosteniendo en la mano, de carnación, un sol radiante, de oro. Va sostenido el escudo por dos pegasos de oro, lampasados de gules (rojo). Divisa: En cinta de plata, con letras de sable (negro): “Truth Prevails.”



Rev. Father Guy W.D. Selvester, FACH

Edison, New Jersey

Or, a cross flory Gules, a chief divided per fir trees Vert, and on an Escrol below the Shield this Motto:  “Guide Me Lord.” The Arms are ensigned with an ecclesiastical hat, cords and tassels befitting the priestly dignity Sable.



Col. The Hon. Judge John Michael Thoma

Galveston, Texas

Blazon: Vert an eagle displayed argent holding in the dexter foot a sword and in the sinister a scroll of the last and the Crest: A wolfhound statant proper charged on the side with a cross of eight points vert on a helm mantled gules doubled argent and with the Motto: "Fear God Not The Unknown."


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David Robert Wooten, DFACH, FACH

Charleston, South Carolina

Azure, fretty raguly Or. Above the Shield is placed a Helmet with a Mantling Azure doubled Or, and on a Wreath Or and Azure is set for Crest, a satyr's head Sanguine, wreathed with olive leaves Proper, with bat's wings to the sides Azure, and in an Escrol below the Shield this Motto: “Melior Nullo Nullus Melior” (I am better than no man, but no man is my better), American College of Heraldry, 6 November 1992, Number 1073; Blazon: En campo de azur (azul), una celosía ecotada, de oro. Va timbrado el escudo de armas de un casco de acero bruñido, con bordura y grilletas de oro, claveteado de lo mismo, forrado de gules (rojo), sumado de un burelete trenzado de azur (azul) y oro del que salen lambrequines de los mismos esmaltes y sumado a su vez de una cabeza de satiro, sanguino, barbado al natural, orejado con alas de murciélago, de azur (azul) y sumado de una corona de hojas de olivo, de sinople (verde). Divisa: En cinta de plata con letras de sable (negro): "Melior Nullo Nullus Melior," Certificacion de Armas from the Cronista Rey de Armas under Protocolo:3/1995; Folios:149-151, and Confirmed by the Ministerio de Justicia, Madrid, Kingdom of Spain; Всем и каждому чрез сию Гербовую Грамоту да будет известно и ведомо, что Русская Геральдическая Коллегия внесла в свой Гербовый Матрикул сей герб, владельцем коего является Кавалер Дэвид Роберт Вутен А именно: В лазуревом щите золотая косая сучковатая решетка (фрет). Щит увенчан рыцарским шлемом с лазуревым намётом, подбитым золотом. Клейнод: на ливрейном бурелете голова сатира с оливковым венком и лазуревыми перепончатыми крыльями от висков. Девиз на ленте внизу: Melior Nullo Nullus Melior - «Я не лучше других, но и никто не лучше меня», Дано в Москве 9-го июля 1994 г. под номером 167, Командор Кавалер, Валерий Павлович Егоров, Герольдмейстер Принципал, Св. Андрея Первозванного, РГК, 1994, St. Andrew Principal Herald Master of the Collegium Heraldicum Russiae, Number 167; Burke's International Register of Arms, 29 January 2006. Registration No. 0009.


  • Zdenko G. Alexy
    Bratislava, Slovakia
  • John Ferguson
    Reigate, Surrey, United Kingdom
  • Stephen Friar
    Sherborne, Dorset, United Kingdom
  • James A. Sawicki
    Dumfries, Virginia
  • Anthony Wood
    Somerset, England
  • David Robert Wooten
    Charleston, South Carolina
  • Natalie Rostislavovna Yegorov
    Kirov, Russia
  • Valery Pavlovich Yegorov
    Kirov, Russia