Volumes I-XVII of THE HERALDIC REGISTER OF AMERICA were originally published in paperback format, accumulating an average of 60 Registrations since the publication of the previous issue. Unfortunately, over the years, interest in purchasing said Volumes waned dramatically, and so it was decided that no future "hard" copies would be generated. Unfortunately, there is no online database of emblazonments of the Registered Arms. This index is intended primarily as a resource for individuals who have actually Registered Armorial Bearings with the College, as well as those seeking possible relatives with such Arms. There are no electronic versions of Volume I-XVII available, and all hard copies are completely sold out. As a result, all Registrations completed through the end of Volume XVII are now listed below in BLACK.


With the advent of less-expensive, on-demand printing, it was determined to "catch up" all Registrations to the present, and so Volume 1 of Series II of THE HERALDIC REGISTER OF AMERICA is available directly from Amazon in both hardcover and paperback editions, featuring all Registrations entered in the College's records from the end of Volume XVII (beginning with Registration #3319. Additional details are available by clicking the image at right. The College is pleased to release this new work in both hardcover and paperback, as well as in eBook format, available exclusively through

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  • Also in eBook for Kindle and other standard readers. ASIN: B0B4X1PYDB

The College is pleased to release this new work in both hardcover and paperback, as well as in eBook format, available exclusively through


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All entries in this first Volume of the new Series are included in this cumulative index in RED. Please note the following key for Series II Volume 1 entries:

  • ENTRIES IN BOLD ALL CAPS = Registrant of Armorial Bearings

  • Regular Title Case = Legitimate Descendants entitled to bear Armorial Bearings of a Registrant

  • Italic Title Case = Additional Descendants Registered after an original Armorial Registration (birth of a child, etc.)

All Registrations entered into the rolls post-publication of HRA Series II, Volume 1 appear below the cumulative roll, in PURPLE, and show the issue of The Armiger's News in which they were published - they will be incorporated into the master index upon publication of the next cumulative edition. Key:

  • ENTRIES IN BOLD ALL CAPS = Registrant of Armorial Bearings

  • Regular Title Case = Legitimate Descendants entitled to bear Armorial Bearings of a Registrant

  • Italic Title Case = Additional Descendants Registered after an original Armorial Registration (birth of a child, etc.)

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42nd Regiment of Foot, 1776, The, I, 51

Abbadusky, Edna Margaret, V, 49

Abbitt, Mildred Elizabeth, VIII, 22

Abbot, Edward Lee, IX, 59

Abbott, Andrew Thomas, V, 62

Abbott, Daniel Phillip, V, 62

Abbott, David Mark, V, 62

Abbott, James Luke, V, 62

Abbott, John Samuel, V, 62

Abbott, Joseph Samuel, V, 62

Abbott, Joshua Benjamin, V, 62

Abbott, Martha Abigail. V, 62

Abbott, Mary Elizabeth, V, 62

Abbott, Nathan Enoc, V, 62

Abbott, Priscilla Ruth, V, 62

Abbott, Ruth Ida, née Mackey, V, 55, 62

Abbott, Sandra Kay, née Stanford, IX, 59

Abbott, Sarah Ida May, née Sherrodd, V, 55

Abbott, Shawn Duane, IX, 59

Abbott, Victor, V, 62

Abdallah, Tadrus Khoury, X, 44

Abdallah, Tadrus, X, 44

Abdallah, Zaheia, née Harfouch, X, 44

Abderdale, James Girard, X, 44

Aberdale, Albert Theodore, X, 44

Aberdale, Andrea Bernice, X, 45

Aberdale, Andrew Anthony, II, X, 45

Aberdale, Andrew Anthony, X, 45

Aberdale, Annette Denise, X, 45

Aberdale, Barbara Bernice, née Baldyga, X, 45

Aberdale, Carole Lynne, née Tarnowa, X, 45

Aberdale, Carrie Lee, X, 45

Aberdale, Catherine Teresa, née Hurley, X, 45

Aberdale, Christopher John, X, 45

Aberdale, Colleen Ann, née Gray, X, 45

Aberdale, Colletta Joanne, X, 44

Aberdale, Collette Mary, née Rogers, X, 45

Aberdale, Debra Ann, née McCarthy, X, 45

Aberdale, Debra Marie, X, 45

Aberdale, Denise Della, née Lampron, X, 45

Aberdale, Dolores Catherine, née Twarog, X, 45

Aberdale, Elizabeth Catherine, née Stephens, X, 44

Aberdale, Elizabeth Mary, X, 44

Aberdale, Helen Mary, née Zaranek, X, 44

Aberdale, James Michael, X, 45

Aberdale, Jillian Mary, X, 45

Aberdale, John Francis, X, 45

Aberdale, Joseph Andrew, X, 45

Aberdale, Joseph John, X, 44

Aberdale, Joseph Rogers, X, 44

Aberdale, Joseph William, X, 44

Aberdale, Josephine Ann, X, 44

Aberdale, Kara Marie, X, 45

Aberdale, Katie Marie, X, 45

Aberdale, Kayla Lynn, X, 45

Aberdale, Lauren Elizabeth, X, 45

Aberdale, Leann Meredith, X, 45

Aberdale, Lillian, X, 44

Aberdale, LindaLeigh Ann, née Richert, X, 45

Aberdale, LindaLeigh, née Richert, XIII, 53

Aberdale, Lorraine Theresa, X, 44

Aberdale, Maeghan Denise, X, 45

Aberdale, Mary Veronica, X, 44

Aberdale, Mary, née Snyder, X, 45

Aberdale, Maureen Ann, X, 44

Aberdale, Michael Thomas, X, 45

Aberdale, Nancy, née O’Keefe, X, 45

Aberdale, Nora Ann, X, 44

Aberdale, Rose Blanche, X, 44

Aberdale, Ryan James, X, 45

Aberdale, Suzanne Marie, X, 45

Aberdale, Terry Anthony, X, 44

Aberdale, Theodore John, X, 44

Aberdale, Thomas John, X, 45

Aberdale, Thomas Paul, X, 44

Aberdale, Vera Ann, X, 44

Aberle, Carol Renee, III, 57

Aberle, Craig Scott, III, 57

Aberle, Debra Lynn, III, 57

Aberle, Erwin Bassett, III, 57

Aberle, Kenneth Eugene, II, III, 57

Aberle, Kenneth Eugene, III, 57

Aberle, Lillian Linnea, née Carlson, III, 57

Aberle, Melba Ellen, née Anderson, III, 57

Aboul-Ela, Shareen, XVII, 70

Abrahamian, Alice, XIII, 48


Abshier, Charlotte Emma, 230

Abshier, Thomas Andrew, 230

Ace Excavation, Inc., XIV, 27

Achilles, Ethel Edith, V, 43

Acona, Genieve, née Liscuito, II, 27

Acona, Jack Charles, II, 27

Acona, Jacomo, II, 27

Acona, Jeanine Rose, II, 27

Acona, Rosemary Margaret, II, 27

Acona, Susie Ann, née Scudiero, II, 27

Acton, Margaret Jane, X, 13

Adams, Artie Lucille, née Chamblee, II, 72

Adams, George Boris Ward, V, 19, 20

Adams, Jill, née Jones, II, 72

Adams, John Russell Sprague, V, 19, 20

Adams, Joseph Clarence, II, 72

Adams, Joseph Clarence, Jr., II, 72

Adams, Mary Maude, née Sprague, V, 19, 20

Adams, Mary Nan, née West, II, 72

Adams, Mary, II, 72

Adams, Melissa, II, 72

Adams, Robbie Lucille, II, 72



Agriculture, The United States Department of, II, 52

Aheam, Mary Daly, XI, 12



Aker, Elizabeth A., X, 39

Akins, James Clifford, IV, 30

Akins, Pearl Fay, née Putman, IV, 30

Akins, Steven Lewis, IV, 30

Alabama Celtic Association, XII, 49

Alabama Christian College, Faulkner University, II, 18

Alabama Society for Clinical Social Work, The, I, 29

Alabama State Defense Force, XI, 14

Alabama, State of, I, 67

Alaric, Denn, XVII, 65

Alaric, Julia, née Stuckey, XVII, 65

Alaric, Maeve, XVII, 65

Alaric, Odin, XVII, 65

Albro, Amanda Laine, XVII, 52

Albro, Christine Elizabeth, née Schmitt, XVII, 52

Albro, Daniel Matthew, XVII, 52

Albro, Elmer Philip, XVII, 52

Albro, Phillip William, XVII, 52

Albro, Ruth Alice, née Dwyer, XVII, 52

Albro, Sarah Kate, XVII, 52

Albro, Susan Elizabeth, XVII, 52

Alcala, Mary Hortense, VI, 7

Alcántara, Carmen Prudencia, X, 46

Alcorn, Betty L., VIII, 37

Alcorn, Frances Lorene, VII, 16

Alcorn, Lorne, VIII, 37

Alexander, Jessica Mei, XII, 28

Alexy, Zdenko G., XVII, 86

Alkire, Donald Leslie, III, 49

Alkire, Donna Lee, née Knott, III, 49

Alkire, Timothy Michael, III, 49

All, Mary Frances, XII, 70

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, X, 38

Allegretti, Edward Philip, III, 46

Allegretti, John Michael, III, 46

Allegretti, Shirley Mae, née Bernal, III, 46

Allen, Ann Marie, XVI, 56

Allen, Ashton Grey, XV, 27

Allen, Ava Gray, née Edwards, XV, 27

Allen, Carol Sue, XVI, 56

Allen, Doris Lorraine, XII, 9

Allen, Duane Dee, XVI, 56

Allen, Elbert Jr., XVI, 56

Allen, Elbert, XVI, 56

Allen, Emaline Elizabeth, XVI, 56

Allen, Erik Philip, XVI, 56

Allen, Frank E., XV, 27

Allen, Frank Neil, XV, 27

Allen, Jeffrey Lee, XVI, 56

Allen, Jerad Duane, XVI, 56

Allen, Linda Lou, VIII, 17

Allen, Tracy Lynne, XVI, 32

Allen, Wendy Helene, née Gault, XV, 27

Allgeyer, Jennifer Lynn, XIII, 70

Allman, Gwynneth Harlene, XVI, 41

Al-Manaf, Aida Mastura, II, 41

Al-Manaf, Shareen Adlina, II, 41

Al-Manaf, Sharifuddin, II, 40

Almanza, Dawn Jennell, née Thoma, XIV, 16

Almazan, David Bonoan, XI, 45

Almazan, Santiago Medina , XI, 45

Almazan, Victorina Bonilla, née Bonoan, XI, 45


Almy, David Eugene, Jr., 126

Almy, Kyle Andrew, 126

Almy, Ryan Patrick, 126

Alspach, Grace Ann, X, 48

Altea, Don Fernando Munoz, XVII, 82

American College of Heraldry, The, I, 33

Ames, Kathleen Gladys, XIII, 57

Ammons, Elizabeth, IX, 37

Ammons, Jeanette, née McGowan, IX, 38

Ammons, John, III, IX, 37

Ammons, John, IX, 86, 87

Ammons, John, IX, IX, 38

Ammons, John, Jr., IX, 37

Amorim, Maria Carolina, XI, 37


Ancona, Salvatore James, II, 27

Anderson, Agnes Theresa, VIII, 38

Anderson, Elaine Marion, X, 42

Anderson, Elva Orell, IV, 59

Anderson, Jill Renee, IV, 24

Anderson, Jill Reneé, V, 61

Anderson, Judith, X, 7, XV, 26

Anderson, Margaret Ann, née Williams, XII, 73

Anderson, Marshall Brent, XII, 73

Anderson, Marshall Herren, XII, 73

Anderson, Mary A., I, 48

Anderson, Melba Ellen, III, 57

Anderson, Polly Ann, XIV, 51


Andriano, Angela Lorraine, née Guiliano, XII, 71

Andriano, Joseph Ilario, XII, 71

Andriano, Ronald Joseph, XII, 71

Angel, Delia Frances, XVI, 56

Anile, Amadea Maria, 115

Anile, Assunto Francesco Giuseppe, III, 115

Anile, Joseph Salvatore, IV, 115


Anile, Raffaela Teresa, 115

Anne of Austria, IV, 15

Antram, Gregory Michael, 98


Antram, Philip Robert, 98

Aparicio, Ana, XV, 14

Aparicio, Ricardo Antonio Mediano, XV, 14

Aponte, Gloria E., VIII, 52

Apostolou, Constantine George, XII, 60

Apostolou, George Vasilios, XII, 60

Apostolou, Vasiliki, née Theodore, XII, 60

Applegate, Carolyn Ann, XIII, 14

Aprahamian, Charles, XIII, 37

Aprahamian, Madison Nicole Massis, XIII, 37

Aprahamian, Marcus James Trdat, XIII, 37

Aprahamian, Michael John Hairig, XIII, 37

Aprahamian, Michael John, XIII, 37

Aprahamian, Michelle Kristine, née Wenzel, XIII, 37

Aprahamian, Patricia Ann, née Gezella, XIII, 37

Aquilar y Rivera, Doria Enriqueta, I, 28

Aquilar, Maria Eulalia Gijon y, I, 28

Aquilar, Ricardo Alfredo Damian Gijon y, I, 28

Archer, Robert Graham, XV, 66

Archer, Scott Lee, XV, 66

Arden, Mary, II, 17

Arenson, Paige Ann, VIII, 38

Argent, Robert Michael, II, 31

Argueta, Bruce, XV, 32

Argueta, Cesar Lopez, XV, 32

Argueta, Everilda, née Guerra, XV, 32

Arkell, Dorothy May, XVI, 52

Armstrong, Marthe Elizabeth, née Duvall, X, 33

Arnold, Alfred Frederick, IX, 28

Arnold, Alfred, IX, 28

Arnold, Carl Wilton, XV, 37

Arnold, Charles Christopher, I, 48

Arnold, Christopher Henry, I, 48

Arnold, Edna Christina, née Young, I, 49, XV, 37

Arnold, Elizabeth Sarah Ann, née Holman, IX, 28

Arnold, Jennifer Elizabeth Susan, IX, 28

Arnold, Kathleen Alexander, IX, 28

Arnold, Mary A., née Anderson, I, 48

Arnold, Maude Alice, née Cooke, I, 49

Arnold, Michael John, IX, 28

Arnold, Philip Alexander, IX, 28

Arrambide, Lorena, XII, 27

Arth, Ruth Antoinette Josephine, VI, 18

Arthur, Timothy Leo, II, 34

Ashcraft, Georgia Lynn, née Deal, VI, 39

Asman, Adrian Edmund, III, 45

Asman, Andrew Julian, III, 45

Asman, David Ian, III, 45

Asman, George Alfred, III, 45

Asman, Lynn Marie, III, 45

Asman, Mary Elizabeth, née Burrows, III, 45

Asman, Robert Kenton, III, 45

Asman, William David, III, 45

Asper, Arlene, VI, 43

Asselin, Winnifred Gabrielle, III, 16


Atkins, Dustin Michael, XVII, 51

Atkins, Laura Elizabeth, née Gough, X, 15

Atkins, Sheila Ann, née Hicks, XVII, 51

Atkins, Steven Michael, XVII, 51

Atteberry, Ashley Paige, née Mitchell, XIII, 51

Atwater, Carol Betty née Osborn, XVI, 64

Atwater, Dwight Edward, XVI, 64

Atyeo, Joan Kathleen, XIV, 56

Aucoin, Fleurette Antoinette, II, 35

Auernig, Kirk Shanon, IX, 49

Auernig, Louis Edward, IX, 49

Auernig, Shirley Ann, née Granger, IX, 49

Augustine, Jean Alice, IV, 65

Augustson, Alan, XIV, 67

Augustson, Leonard Emil, XIV, 67

Augustson, Marianne, née Schut, XIV, 67

Augustson, Nova Lee, XIV, 67

Austin, Agnes, VII, 47

Auston, Mary Magadaline, née Cagle, IV, 43

Averill, Elizabeth Edwina, X, 43

Axelrod, Sara, XII, 37

Ayres, Susan, XVII, 38

Azevedo, Francisco de Simas Alves de, XIV, 23


Bagpipe World Cup Organization, The, XVII, 46

Baho, Mary Veronica, née Aberdale, X, 44

Bainhauer, Frederick Joseph, III, XI, 8

Bainhauer, Frederick Joseph, XI, 8

Bainhauer, Wilma Ann, née Hardy, XI, 8

Baker, Andrew Harris, XII, 20

Baker, Ann Marie, née Perron, XII, 20

Baker, David Arthur, XII, 20

Baker, Pamela Phyllis, XII, 20

Baker, Phyllis Evilin, née Patridge, XII, 20

Baker, Susan Marie, XII, 20

Baker-Vargas, Paula, VII, 38

Baklanoff, Ana-Maria, VI, 12

Baklanoff, Christina, née Janes, VI, 12

Baklanoff, Elizabeth, née Frisch, VI, 12

Baklanoff, Eric Nicholas, VI, 12

Baklanoff, John Greyson, VI, 12

Baklanoff, Joy Glenda, née Driskell, VI, 12

Baklanoff, Lucille, née Grayson, VI, 12

Baklanoff, Nicholas Eric, VI, 12

Baklanoff, Nicholas Vladimir, VI, 12

Baklanoff, Tanya Anne, VI, 12

Baklanoff, Vladimir Nicholas, VI, 12

Baldwin, Abigail, V, 56

Baldwin, Belva Angeline née Hughes, XVI, 57

Baldwin, Marta Gabrielle, XVI, 57

Baldwin, Onalee Rae née Nevill, XVI, 57

Baldwin, Ronald Walter, XVI, 57

Baldwin, Sterling Daniel, XVI, 57

Baldwin, Walter Emerson, XVI, 57

Baldyga, Barbara Bernice, X, 45

Ball, Mary, II, 16

Ballard, Allison, 179


Ballard, Renee Christine, 173

Ballard, Shakira Raquel, 179


Ballee, David Leroy, IV, 32

Ballee, Deborah Sue, IV, 32

Ballee, Elizabeth Ann, IV, 32

Ballee, Lorene Kay, née Sheppard, IV, 31, 32

Baltimore, Lord, II, 68

Bamberg, Andrew Thomas, 128

Bamberg, Colton James, 128


Bamberg, Danielle Elizabeth, 128

Bamberg, Emily Gerarde, 128

Bamberg, Hunter Daniel, 128

Bamberg, Jonathan Daniel, 128

Bamberg, Joseph Louis, 128

Bamberg, Lilah Jane, 128

Bamberg, Martin Patrick, 128

Bamberg, Peter Michael, 128

Bamberg, Weston Timothy, 128

Bane, Adaline Ruth, née Lowe, IX, 25

Banks, Colleen, née Densley, VIII, 44

Banks, Geneva Karen, VI, 37

Baria, Audrey Perry née Sheth, XVI, 29

Baria, Bhupendra Rambhai, XVI, 29

Baria, Manesh Bhupendra, XVI, 29

Baria, Skylar Sonja, XVI, 29

Barker, Alvin Franklin, I, 20

Barker, Alvin Wayne, I, 20

Barker, Beverly June, I, 20

Barker, Ellen Jerine, née Bockman, I, 20

Barker, Lola Mae, née Brooks, I, 20

Barker, Lowell Alan, III, 32

Barker, William Franklin, I, 20

Barnard, Adam Nathaniel, VI, 55

Barnard, John Hubert, VI, 55

Barnard, John Paul, VI, 55

Barnard, Kevin Scott, VI, 55

Barnard, Paula Ann, née Henderson, VI, 55

Barnard, Richard Kevin, VI, 55

Barnard, Sheli Ann, VI, 55

Barnard, Zuma Louise, née Williams, VI, 55

Barnes, Amy Elizabeth, 233

Barnes, Evelyn Eileen, née Barnes, XI, 56

Barnes, Kelli Ann, 233

Barnes, Regina Mary, née Landers, XV, 45

Bates, Kaitlyn Harper, 245

Barnett, Karen Denise, X, 43

Barnett, Minerva S., VII, 56

Barnhurst, Alisa, XV, 50

Barnhurst, Cheryl Anne, XV, 50

Barnhurst, Faro Steven, XV, 50

Barnhurst, Jared, XV, 50

Barnhurst, Leslie Stalk, XV, 50

Barnhurst, Mildred Cleo, née Edwards, XV, 50

Barnhust, Jennifer Roman, XV, 50

Barnick, Mary Cleo, VIII, 7

Barragan, Lenore E., XVII, 26

Barraquio, Eufrocina, XVI, 48

Barrett, Margot B., I, 22

Barrington, Lucy LeClair, V, 50

Barron, Irene Frederique Janita, née Schreuder, XV, 46

Barron, Oliver Blade Duncan, XV, 46

Barron, Robert Duncan, XV, 46

Barry, Cindy Marie, IX, 22

Barton, Annie Mary, IV, 20

Basch, Loretta Bertha, XII, 29

Basler, Gwendolyn Izetta, IV, 17

Bassler, Maria Anna, VI, 45

Bateman, Craig Arlen, III, 11

Bateman, David Scott, III, 11

Bateman, Denise Lynn, III, 11

Bateman, Helen Virgie, née Kirkendall, III, 11

Bateman, Jack Arlen, III, 11

Bateman, Laurel Hugh, III, 11

Bateman, Phyllis Sue, née Cowden, III, 11


Bautista, Salud Raralio, XVI, 48

Baxter, Barbara Jo, I, 51

Baxter, Flora Mae, née Johnson, IV, 34

Bayless, Era Hurrania, née Cagle, IV, 43

Bayne, Cahtryn McMillan, VI, 22

Bazan, Martha Esther, XVI, 23

Bean, Janet Marie, XIII, 53

Beard, Naomi Evlyn, IV, 56

Beardsley, Patricia Janelle, X, 8

Bearsley, Patricia Anne, VI, 47

Beasley, Annie Marguerite, XI, 40


Beattie, Thelma Irene Magalina, VI, 46

Beauvais, Ann Frances, née Fox, XVII, 25

Beauvais, Arthur George, XVII, 25

Beauvais, Eugene Francis, XVII, 25

Beauvais, Gregory Joseph, XVII, 25

Beauvais, Janice Marie, XVII, 25

Beauvais, Jeffrey George, XVII, 25

Beauvais, Margaret Ann, XVII, 25

Beauvais, Rose Theresa, née Capesius, XVII, 25

Beauvais, Ruell Eugene, XVII, 25

Beaver, Stella, VI, 9

Becerra y Mendez, Roberto, XII, 59

Becerra y Pascual, Robert Luis, XII, 59

Becerra, Gelcys Luisa Francisca, née Pascual y Martinez, XII, 59

Becerra, Robert Luis, XII, 59

Bechera, Alexandra Victoria, VI, 17

Bechera, Dennis, VI, 16, 17

Bechera, Jose Anontio, VI, 16

Bechera, Sally Jane, née Palmer, VI, 17

Bechera, Tamara Cristina, XVII, 17

Bechera, Zaida, née Bravo, VI, 16

Beck, Sara Alice, XIII, 8

Becker, Benita Lynn, née Doerr, XII, 64

Becker, Donald George, II, XII, 64

Becker, Donald George, XII, 64

Becker, Elaine Trula, XVII, 66

Becker, Eva Ida, II, 60

Becker, Lucille Adele, née Hummel, XII, 64

Becker, Nicole Christine, XII, 64

Becker, Oscar Henry, XII, 64

Becker, Zora Virginia, VI, 19

Beckette, Rosemary, XIII, 29

Beckley, Estella Louisa, V, 55

Becze, Connie Lou, XVII, 22

Bedgood, Alvin J., XVII, 87

Bedgood, Alvin John, XI, 49

Bedgood, Alvin John, XIII, 84

Bedgood, Alvin Paul, XI, 49

Bedgood, Pierrine Charlotte Claudine, née Cabral, XI, 49

Bedgood, Pierrine Charlotte Claudine, née Cabral, XI, 49

Beecher, Carol Ann, V, 39, VI, 62

Beers, Marion Estella, IX, 30

Beil, Mary Montgomery, née Stuart, XII, 31

Beil, Mary Stuart, XII, 31

Beil, Mary Stuart, XIII, 81

Beil, Robert Junior, XII, 31

Beissner, Joyce, née Green, I, 50

Bek, Agnes B., XII, 14

Bek, Petronella Mary, XV, 44

Belander, Jennifer Anne, XV, 17

Belander, Linda Jane, née Hansen, XV, 17

Belander, Mark Timothy, XV, 17

Belander, Ralph Phillip, XV, 17

Belander, Robert George, XV, 17

Belisarius, Constantine Paul-Michael, I, 49, XV, 37

Belisarius, Constantine-Paul Michael, XVII, 91

Bell, Bessie Monette, I, 23

Bell, Charles James, I, 49

Bell, Edna Christina, née Young, I, 49

Bell, Judith Alice, née Gordon, I, 49

Bell, Phillip Edward, I, 49

Bell, Phillip Edward, II, I, 49

Belongia, Bernard Joseph, VI, 60

Belongia, Ruth Kathryn, née Powell, VI, 60

Benchick, Marilyn Cecelia, V, 35

Benchik, Betty Jane, née Bowen, V, 35

Benchik, Edward André, V, 35

Benchik, Edward John "Jack", V, 35

Benchik, Edward Patrick, V, 35

Benchik, Jack, V, 35

Benchik, Jacquelyn Rosemary, V, 35

Benchik, Mary Cecelia, V, 35

Benchik, Rosemary Cecelia, née Boughal, V, 35

Benedict, Desiree Marie, IX, 55

Benedict, Desiree Marie, XVII, 24

Benedict, Enid, née Vidal, IX, 55

Benedict, Oralndo Jose, IX, 55

Benedict, Orlando Ivan, 24

Benedict, Orlando Ivan, IX, 55

Benedict, Orlando Ivan, XIII, 86

Benedict, Orlando Jose, XVII, 24

Benemerito, Alvin Joseph, Jr., XVII, 34

Benemerito, Alvin Ortega, XVII, 34

Benemerito, Deogracias Digran, Jr., XVII, 34

Benemerito, Dylan Leon, XVII, 34

Benemerito, Ester Toring, née Ortega, XVII, 34

Benemerito, Shanda Dae, née Gilbuena, XVII, 34

Benoit, Anne Cecelia, X, 39

Bensema, David Scott, 156


Bensema, Jacob, 156

Bensema, Jeffery Paul, 156

Bensema, Kendra, 156

Bensema, Richard Wayne, 156

Bensema, Robert Kyle, 156

Benson, Florence, VII, 48

Benson, Mable Ann, VIII, 22

Bernal, Shirley Mae, III, 46

Bernard, Catherine, IV, 51

Bernard, Philip Conway, VI, 55

Bernardo, Lucrecia, XVII, 78


Berry, Linnea Marie, née Richert, XIII, 52

Berry, Louise, XVI, 56

Berthelet, Barbara Lorene, I, 26

Berthelet, Christopher David, I, 26

Berthelet, John Arthur, I, 26

Berthelet, Joseph Townsend, I, 26

Berthelet, Mable Ellen, née Pruitt, I, 26

Berthelet, Patricia Merrill, née Waite, I, 26

Bertozzi, Angelina Anna, XV, 67

Besinaiz, Brandon Noah, XIV, 15

Besinaiz, Christina, née Torres, XIV, 15

Besinaiz, Gil Loa, XIV, 15

Besinaiz, Joe M., XIV, 15

Besinaiz, Laura Noel, XIV, 15

Besinaiz, Marcial Cruz, XIV, 15

Besinaiz, Marcial Noah, XIV, 15

Besinaiz, Maria, née Cortez, XIV, 15

Besinaiz, Mary Lamb, née Loa, XIV, 15

Besinaiz, Mathew Lamb, XIV, 15

Besinaiz, Stephen Michael, XIV, 15

Besinaiz, Teresa-Jean Poulsen, XVII, 64

Besmak, Hedwig Maria, III, 15

Bess, Margaret Emmas, XIV, 64

Beste, Barbara Ann, XIV, 20

Beste, Helen Adelaide, née Culbertson, XIII, 30

Beste, Robert Culbertson, XIII, 30, 80

Beste, Robert Culburtson, XIV, 20

Beste, Robert William, XIII, 30

Beste, Robert William, XIV, 20


Betts, Deborah Kay, née McMurtry, XII, 52

Betts, Edward David, XII, 52

Betts, Elizabeth Quillan, XII, 52

Betts, Eric Stephen, XII, 52

Betts, Kelly Denyse, née Webb, XII, 52

Bharti, Sushila Satishchancra, XVI, 29

Bibb County, Alabama, XII, 63

Bickham, Alana Kay, IX, 35

Bickham, Katherine Michelle, XII, 77

Bickham, Katherine Quest, née Schwing, IX, 8

Bickham, Kristina Schwing, XII, 77

Bickham, Leo Archibald, Jr., IX, 8

Bickham, Mark Andrew, IX, 9, XII, 77

Bickham, Mark Andrew, XVI, 79

Bickham, Mark Andrew, XVII, 90

Bickham, Melissa Jean, née Cornay, XII, 77


Biggar, Patricia Elisabeth, XIV, 7

Biggs, Albert Romain Boudreau, XIII, 38

Biggs, Aline Loretta, née Boudreau, XIII, 38

Biggs, Cathy Lee, née Boudreau, XIII, 38

Biggs, John William, XIII, 38

Biggs, Lorene, née McMillian, XIII, 38

Biggs, Thomas Milton, XIII, 38

Biggs, Thomas William, XIII, 38

Billepp, Clara, née Ohlrich, III, 63

Billepp, Cornelia Kristine, III, 63

Billepp, Richard, III, 63

Bilodeau, Crystal Alice, VII, 25

Bilodeau, Crystal Alice, X, 29

Bilsland, Anita June, XVI, 53

Bird, Lyndel Barbara, XII, 22

Birk, Erika Helen, née Kuehne, I, 52

Birk, Georg Otto, I, 52

Birk, Hans Dietrich, I, 52

Birk, Klara, née Hirzel, I, 52

Birk, Michael, I, 52

Birk, Michell, née Lauzon, I, 52

Birk, Steven Michael, I, 52

Birk, Wolf Dieter, I, 52

Bishop, Arlene, née Epstein, IX, 35

Bishop, Crawford Alexander, IX, 35

Bishop, Crawford Jerome, IX, 35

Bishop, Elizabeth Cliatt, IX, 50

Bishop, Elmira, néeLandry, IX, 35

Bishop, Morrie Alec, IX, 35

Bishop, Morrie Alec, XVII, 88

Bishop, Myer Epstein, IX, 35

Bishop, Patricia Ann, née Godfrin, XIV, 73

Black, Cheryl Ann, XII, 9

Black, Diane Grace, née Rose, XII, 9

Black, Doris Lorraine, née Allen, XII, 9

Black, Dorothy Marie, V, 6

Black, Edna Kendrick, née Guilford, XII, 9

Black, Howard Guilford, Jr., XII, 9, 10

Black, Howard Guilford, XII, 9

Black, Nicole Lou, XII, 9

Black, Sandra Lorraine, XII, 9

Black, Scott William, XII, 9

Black, Sharlene Constance, née Lambert, XII, 9

Black, Sharon Lynn, XII, 9

Black, Walter Joseph, XII, 9

Black, Walter Wentworth, XII, 9

Blackwell, Betty Jean, XVII, 44


Blain, Anna Isabelle, née Miller, XII, 16

Blain, Darrell Miller, XII, 16

Blain, Howard C., XII, 16

Blain, Matthew Daniel, XII, 16

Blain, Wilma, née Cordono, XII, 16

Blair, Charlotte Virginia, 79

Blake, Jacqueline, III, 20

Blakeman, Cathlyn Sue née DeVeny, XVI, 8

Blakeman, Randall Keith, XVI, 8

Blakeman, Robert William, XVI, 8

Blakemore, Emmaline Blance, VII, 46


Blatzer, Darryl Edward, II, XIII, 44

Blatzer, Darryl Edward, XIII, 44, 45

Blatzer, Floy Christine, née Epps, XIII, 44

Blatzer, Hannah Rose, XIII, 44

Blatzer, Joel Brendan, XIII, 44

Blatzer, Joseph Edward, XIII, 44

Blatzer, Katie Marie, née Ridenhour, XIII, 44

Blatzer, Sandy June, née Platt, XIII, 44

Blatzer, Shawn Allen, Jr., XIII, 44

Blatzer, Shawn Allen, XIII, 44

Blatzer, Susan Deanna, née Henderson, XIII, 44

Bledsoe, Erin Maria, XIV, 55

Blevens, Christopher Lynn, XII, 67

Blevens, Judith Marie, née Holzhey, XII, 67

Blevens, Kathryn Marie, XII, 67

Blevens, Mary Kathryn, née Cox, XII, 67

Blevens, Robert Dayle, XII, 67

Blevens, Robert Emmett, XII, 67

Blevens, Robert Samuel, XII, 67

Blevens, Robert Samuel, XVII, 92

Blue, Linda Sue, II, 38

Boal, Ashley Ann, X, 51

Boal, Charlotte Loretta, née Peters, X, 51

Boal, Christa Marie, X, 51

Boal, Debra Sue, née Hick, X, 51

Boal, Denise Laretta, X, 51

Boal, Douglas Eugene, X, 51

Boal, Douglas Eugene, XI, 71

Boal, Elaine Marie, X, 51

Boal, Ezra Dorphan, X, 51

Boal, Floyd Eugene, X, 51

Boal, Gregory Scott, X, 51

Boal, Lindsey Kay, X, 51

Boal, Marcia Louise, X, 51

Boal, Michael Eugene, X, 51

Boal, Orpha Ollie, née French, X, 51

Boal, Stephanie Sue, X, 51

Boardman, Patricia Danielle, XIII, 68

Bober, Aiden Ross Finn, XV, 24

Bober, Amy Lynn, XV, 24

Bober, Mark Edward, XV, 24

Bober, Mary Elizabeth, née Ross, XV, 24

Bober, William Edward, XV, 24

Boch, Tanya Annette, née Snyder, VII, 42

Bock, Fritz Oskar, II, 59

Bockman, Ellen Jerine, I, 20

Bodden, Robbie Lucille, née Adams, II, 72

Boersma, Attee, née Lodewyk, II, 71

Boersma, Frederick Lister, II, 71

Boersma, Henry, II, 71

Boersma, Mary Dieuwka Lister, II, 71

Boersma, Mary Ellen, née Lister, II, 71

Boersma, Milford, II, 71

Bohannon, Janet Lorraine, née Hartman, VIII, 49

Bohannon, Margaret, née MacDonald, VIII, 49

Bohannon, Newton Ranston, VIII, 49

Bohannon, Rhonda Lorraine, VIII, 49

Bohannon, Robert Stephen, IV, XI, 72

Bohannon, Robert Stephen, VIII, 49

Bohannon, Timothy Patrick, VIII, 49

Bohling, Vivian Maurine, X, 31

Bollinger, Flora Elizabeth, VI, 18

Bombach, Joseph Matthew, XIII, 36

Bombach, Pacharintra, née Ratanaproeksa, XIII, 36

Bombach, Paul Matthew, XIII, 36

Bombach, Sharon Lynn, née Dalka, XIII, 36

Bombach, Thomas Opas, XIII, 36

Bombach, Thomas Victor, XIII, 36

Bonaduce, Count Dante Jean-Michel Valentino, XVI, 44

Bonaduce, Countess Isabella Michaela, XVI, 44

Bonaduce, Dante Daniel, XVI, 44

Bonaduce, Gretchen Renee Christina née Hillmer, XVI, 44

Bonoan, Victorina Bonilla Almazan, XI, 45

Bontrager, Mary M., IV, 54

Booth, Debbie, IV, 51

Borcke, Johann August Heinrich Heros von, IV, 27

Borcke, Otto Thedore Heros von, IV, 27

Borden, Laura Marie, XII, 74

Borough of Osborne, X, 38

Borrero, Antonia Mari, IX, 32

Borrero, Norma Teresa Mari y, IX, 32

Bortolutti, Andie Alesia, XI, 48

Bortolutti, Angelo, XI, 48

Bortolutti, Kayleigh Rose, XI, 48

Bortolutti, Keri Ann, XI, 48

Bortolutti, Martin Louis, XI, 48

Bortolutti, Trinh, XI, 48

Bortolutti, Valerie Angelina, XI, 48

Bostic, Edna Viola, née Whitley, XV, 9

Bostic, Jana Sue, XV, 9

Bostic, Jennifer Michelle, XV, 9

Bostic, Larry James, XV, 9

Bostic, Ralph James, XV, 9

Bostic, Tina Renée, née Hall, XV, 9

Boswell, Barbara Stelle, née Schroeder, XI, 63

Boswell, Catherine Kelly, XII, 74

Boswell, Christina Catherine, XI, 62

Boswell, Denise Catherine, née Kelly, XII, 74

Boswell, Mary Frances, née Hyland, XI, 62

Boswell, Mary Frances, née Hyland, XII, 74

Boswell, Matthew Paret, XII, 74

Boswell, Maura Kelly, XII, 74

Boswell, Michael Paret, XII, 74

Boswell, Susan Anne, XI, 62

Boswell, Terese Martha, XII, 74

Boswell, William Paret, X, 38

Boswell, William Paret, XI, 62, 63

Boswell, William Paret, XII, 74

Boswell, William Paret, XIII, 90

Boswell, William Paret, XVII, 89

Boswell, Yates Paret, Jr., XI, 62, XII, 76

Bosworth, Francoise Mariette, VIII, 41


Botsko, David Wayne, 185

Bottari, Dennis Anthony, IX, 41

Bottari, Katherine, née Mercadante, IX, 41

Bottari, Ralph, IX, 41

Bottmiller, Delores Lee, née Johnson, IV, 34

Boucher, Laurie Aileen, XV, 33

Boudreau, Aline Loretta, XIII, 38

Boudreau, Cathy Lee, XIII, 38

Boudreau, Grier Thomas, XIII, 39

Boughal, Rosemary Cecelia, V, 35

Bourassa, Robin Ann, née DeMaio, XIII, 32

Bouschor, Charles Frederick, II, XI, 24

Bouschor, David Sinclair, II, XI, 24

Bouschor, David Sinclair, XI, 24, 25

Bouschor, David Sinclair, XVII, 92

Bouschor, Denise Annette, XI, 24

Bouschor, Diana Lynn, XI, 24

Bouschor, Eleanor June, née Sinclair, XI, 24

Bouschor, Gloria Lee, née Wetters, XI, 24

Bouschor, Royal George, XI, 24

Bousquet, Pauline Yvonne, XIV, 73

Boussu, Shelia, II, 23

Bowell, Sarah Mary, XI, 62

Bowen, Betty Jane, V, 35

Bowers, Clayton Andrew, 116

Bowers, Clinton Mathew, 116


Bowers, William Hughes, 116

Bowler, Mary Nola, IV, 59


Boyle, Michael Joseph, XVII, 45

Boyle, Virginia Marie, née Jones, 45

Bracete y Ortiz, Manuel, IX, 32

Bracete y Ortiz, Manuel, VIII, 52

Bracete, Auristela, née Ortiz, VIII, 52

Bracete, Elena Magarita, IX, 32

Bracete, Elena Margarita, VIII, 52

Bracete, Gloria E., née Aponte, VIII, 52

Bracete, Ileana N., VIII, 52

Bracete, Jose Manuel, IX, 32

Bracete, Jose Manuel, VIII, 52

Bracete, Juan Manuel, IX, 32

Bracete, Juan Manuel, VIII, 52

Bracete, Juan Manuel, XI, 74

Bracete, Juan Manuel, XIII, 88

Bracete, Manuel, VIII, 52

Bracete, Norma Isabel, IX, 32

Bracete, Norma Isabel, VIII, 52

Bracete, Norma Teresa, née Mari y Borrero, VIII, 52

Bradshaw, Iva Geraldine, I, 42, 65

Braley, Bambi Lynn, XIII, 65

Bramer, Ruth Isabelle, née Duvall, X, 33

Branch, Amy Lou, IX, 20

Brandt, Brian, 234

Brandt, Cameron Bailey, 234


Brandt, Kiel Brendan, 234

Brandt, Rose Marie, XVII, 29

Brannan, Patrick Walker, XVII, 21

Brantely, Susan Lynn, née Sewell, XV, 47

Brantley, Alison Lynn, XV, 47

Brantley, Charles Crawford, XV, 47

Brantley, Deborah Ryan Douglas, XV, 47

Brantley, Louise Frieda, née Engelhardt, XV, 47

Brantley, Steven Douglas, XV, 47

Brantley, Troy Ellis, XV, 47

Brasfield, Margaret Nell, X, 36

Braun, Abbigail Ann, 133

Braun, Caleb Daniel, 133

Braun, Casey Lynn, 133

Braun, Daniel Thomas, 133

Braun, David Allen, 133

Braun, Heidi Sue, 133

Braun, Kimmy Marie, 133

Braun, Logan Michael, 133

Braun, Lukas Mathias, 133

Braun, Michael Anthony, 133

Braun, Patrick Joseph, 133

Braun, Reily Ann, 133

Braun, Taylor Jean, 133


Braun, Tracy Ann, 133

Braun, Wendy, 133

Bravo, Zaida, VI, 16


Bray, Brenda Sue, XIV, 76

Breehl, Peggy Ann, XI, 36

Brennan, Abigail Marie, 139


Brennan, Emily Grace, 139

Brennan, Hilary Ruth, 139

Brennan, Jacquelyn Diane, VII, 41

Brennan, Krista Marie, 165

Brennan, Laura Michelle, 165

Brennan, Micah Sueann, 165


Brennan, Sarah Renee, 165


Brent, City of, III, 69

Bresler, Carol, IX, 21

Brewer, Clara Belle, XIII, 70

Brillantes y Balderas Madrid, Eduardo Pelagio, XV, 39

Brillantes, Francisco Pelagio, XV, 39

Brillantes, Jane, XV, 39

Brillantes, John, XV, 39

Brillantes, Josefina Baldera, née Madrid, XV, 39

Brillantes, Maja Bañas, née Jover Bañas, XV, 39

Brillantes, Marlon, XV, 39

Brillantes, Mary Lee, XV, 39

Brillantes, Newlyn, XV, 39


Brim-DeForest, Huxley Byron, of Balvaird Castle, 205

Brim-DeForest, Hypatia Lumi, Maid of Balvaird, 205

Broadhurst, Nancy Lee, VI, 61

Broadsword Investigations, Inc., 31

Broadsword Services, Ltd., XIII, 69

Broadwater, Anne Colleen, née Jansen, XII, 44

Broadwater, John Ralph, Jr., XII, 44

Broadwater, John Ralph, XII, 44

Broadwater, John Thomas, XII, 44

Broadwater, Mauleene, née Presley, XII, 44

Broadwater, Michael Jansen, XII, 44

Brock, Karen Danette, XVI, 16

Brodie, Ina Elizabeth Andrew, VII, 50

Brogan, Kathleen Jean, VII, 31

Broh, Winifred Saxon, VIII, 27

Bromberg, Helen, X, 49

Brooks, Bambi Jae, XIII, 46

Brooks, Bethany Dawn, née Maynard, XIII, 46

Brooks, Blanche Evelyn, née Hanks, XVII, 65

Brooks, Cali Ann, XIII, 46

Brooks, Carol Renee, née Pumphrey, XIII, 46

Brooks, David Kenneth, IX, 16

Brooks, David Victor, IX, 16

Brooks, Deborah Ann, née Gary, IX, 16

Brooks, Florence Etta, XIV, 49

Brooks, Gene Alvin, XVII, 65

Brooks, Grace Marie, née Lennon, XIII, 46

Brooks, Heather Branan, IX, 16

Brooks, Jason Matthew, XIII, 46

Brooks, Jeremy Paul, XIII, 46

Brooks, John Hugh, XIII, 46

Brooks, John Roger, XIII, 46

Brooks, Krista Ann, VII, 28, X, 62

Brooks, Lola Mae, I, 20

Brooks, Mary Bonnie, née Kemp, IX, 16

Brooks, Mary Victoria, née Gooding, IX, 16

Brooks, Matthew David, IX, 16

Brooks, Meredith Maxwell, IX, 16

Brooks, Sara Rose, IX, 16

Brough, Catherine Louise, XIV, 60

Broun, June Joy, VI, 48, 50

Broutzas, Georgiana, XV, 40

Brown, Alan Hayden, XIII, 61

Brown, Andrew McLeod, XIII, 61

Brown, Carol Susan, née Gorgas, XIII, 61

Brown, Christopher Ellsworth, XIII, 61, 62, 91

Brown, Christopher Ellsworth, XVII, 73

Brown, Dawn Laverne, XVI, 31

Brown, Diane Priscilla, née McLeod, XIII, 61

Brown, Dorothy Francis, née Sheppard, VI, 34

Brown, Elizabeth Jane, XIII, 61

Brown, Ellsworth Leroy, XIII, 61

Brown, Francis Christopher, VI, 34

Brown, Francis James, VI, 34

Brown, Gladys Lucille, née Brown, XIII, 61

Brown, Gladys Lucille, XIII, 61

Brown, Hsiu E., née Su, VI, 34

Brown, Katherine Ann, XIII, 61

Brown, Linda Gail, XVI, 27

Brown, Lydia, IV, 34

Brown, Nellie Jean, VII, 57

Brown, Rodger Alan, XIII, 61

Brown, Tracy René, née Horton, XV, 15

Brown, Victoria Marie, VI, 34

Browning, Harriett Alice, V, 27

Browning, Melanie, XIV, 68

Brownstein, Debra Lynn, XVI, 12

Brownstein, Stuart Ian, XVI, 12

Bruce, Michael Augustine von Stambach, VI, 21

Bruce, Rance Quillan, Jr., VI, 21

Bruce, Shirley Lane, née Stambaugh, VI, 21

Brumit, Elbert Leroy, XV, 60

Brumit, Joseph Leroy, XV, 60

Brumit, Joseph Scott, XV, 60

Brumit, Marcia Lee, XV, 60

Brumit, Maude Pearl, née Keehart, XV, 60

Brumit, Patricia, née Patterson, XV, 60

Brunson, Willie Ruth, V, 34

Bruton, Alzene, née Touchstone, II, 15

Bruton, David Derden, II, 15

Bruton, Dorothy, II, 15

Bruton, Dorothy, XVII, 88

Bruton, Karl Ellis, II, 15

Bryan, Mary Alice, XII, 48

Bryan, The House and Family of, XVI, 55

Bryant, Ailene, VII, 16

Bryant, DaLene, née Day, VII, 16

Bryant, Frances Lorene, née Alcorn, VII, 16

Bryant, Garry Eugene, VII, 16

Bryant, Ian William, VII, 16

Bryant, Lorne (Alcorn), VIII, 37

Bryant, Maude, I, 40

Bryant, Ralph Eugene, VII, 16

Bryant, Sterling Quinn, VII, 16

Bryk, Joy Kathleen, née Hart, VIII, 18

Bryk, William Michael, VIII, 18

Bryk, William Zygmundt, VIII, 18

Bryk, William, XVII, 75

Bryson, Rita Joyce, XIII, 7

Buchanan-Boardman, Charles Edward Sean, XIII, 68

Buchanan-Boardman, Charles Edward Sean, XVII, 94

Bucholz, Margaret Mary, née McGuinness, XV, 44

Buck, Esther Eleanor, XI, 21

Buck, Irene Margaret, X, 35

Buckner, Mary Helen, XIV, 57

Bucoy, Amando Hekele, XVII, 78

Bucoy, Chelsea Marie, née Mann, XVII, 78

Bucoy, Declan Kepler, XVII, 78

Bucoy, Editha, née Fidelino, XVII, 78

Bucoy, Elizabeth, XVII, 78

Bucoy, Emma, XVII, 78

Bucoy, Esperato Padua, XVII, 78

Bucoy, Janet, XVII, 78

Bucoy, Joseph Hekele, XVII, 78

Bucoy, Leticia, XVII, 78

Bucoy, Lucrecia, née Bernardo, XVII, 78

Bucoy, Maria Tapao, née Hekele, XVII, 78

Bucoy, Ramon Bernardo, XVII, 78

Bucoy, Ramon Hekele, XVII, 78

Bucoy, Richardo Hekele, XVII, 78

Bucoy, Wilfred Edward, XVII, 78

Bucoy, Wilfredo Hekele, XVII, 78

Bucoy, William Hekele, XVII, 78

Bucoy, Winston Edward, XVII, 78

Bueno, Don Fernando Muñoz, Fernández y, XIII, 10

Bullen, Georgia Ann Rebecca, VIII, 27

Buntin, Eldora, VII, 56

Burch, Wanda Ruth, XVI, 44

Burcher, Lisa Kaye, XI, 26

Burda, Donald Kenneth, II, 61

Burda, Evelyn Ellen, née Heubaum, II, 61

Burda, Robert Joseph, II, 61

Burdette, Emily Eunice, VII, 26

Burdette, Patricia Ann, VII, 26

Burger, Bertha Ann, X, 54

Burke, Karen, VIII, 16

Burks, Shannon Renee, XIV, 26

Burnette, Irene, née Counts, III, 38

Burnette, James Benjamin, III, 38

Burnette, Jimmie Nell, née Galloway, III, 38

Burnette, Van Tyle, III, 38

Burnette, Vanessa Lynn, X, 14, XI, 34

Burnette, Vanessa Lynne, III, 38

Burnor, Kathleen Rose, XVI, 28

Burns, Christopher Donner, XI, 55

Burns, Ludmilla, née Donner, XI, 55

Burns, Robert Bernard, XI, 55

Burrows, Mary Elizabeth, III, 45

Burt, Edith Almira, XIII, 28

Burton, Elizabeth Ann, née Sullivan, X, 56

Bushnell, Dawn, III, 56

Bushnell, Kirk Hamilton, III, 56

Bushnell, Nancy Lee, III, 56

Bushnell, William Hamilton, III, 55

Busken, Linda Louise, IX, 20

Butler, Alyssia Gabrielle, 154

Butler, Edward Franklyn, II, 154

Butler, Frances Eileen, née Daly, XI, 11

Butler, Ivy Margaret, XVI, 40

Butler, Janet Kay, XVI, 40, 46

Butler, Jeffrey Darrell, 154



Buuck, Shirley Melaine, V, 39

Buxton, Sarah, I, 69

Byles, Allyne Leona, née Flint, VIII, 8

Byles, Ann Marie, née Simcoe, XVII, 83

Byles, Charles Newton, VIII, 8

Byles, Dahlia Radin, XVII, 83

Byles, David Guthrie, VIII, 8

Byles, Elvin Mason, VIII, 8

Byles, Elvin, XVII, 83

Byles, Francis William, VIII, 8

Byles, Gregory Clark, VIII, 8

Byles, Gwendolyn Lorraine, née Guthrie, VIII, 8

Byles, Kirk Brandon, VIII, 8

Byles, Kirk Brandon, XVII, 83

Byles, Lauren Ann, née Radin, XVII, 83

Byles, Lee Ann, née Meserve, VIII, 8

Byles, Mason Elvin, VIII, 8

Byles, Nancy Joe, née Tarola, VIII, 8

Byles, Oliver Radin, XVII, 83

Byles, Ruth Aurilia, VIII, 8

Byles, Solomon Mason, XVII, 83

Byles, Stella Lee Ann, XVII, 83

Byles, Trevor Stephen, VIII, 8

Byles, Trevor Stephen, XVII, 83

Byles-O'Neill, Douglas Vincent, VIII, 8

Byles-O'Neill, Venita Ann, VIII, 8

Byrd, Frances Ann, née Cagle, IV, 43

Byrd, Naomi Doris, V, 9

Byrne, Gerald Fieldhouse, XIII, 25

Byrne, Gerald, XIII, 25

Byrne, Linda, née Fieldhouse, XIII, 25


Cabral, Alexandra Claudia de Andrade, XIV, 33

Cabral, Alexandre Emanuel Tsvirkun de Freitas, XIV, 33

Cabral, Filipa Renata de Andrade, XIV, 33

Cabral, George Filipe Cavaco, XIV, 33

Cabral, Maria de Fátima Andrade, XIV, 33

Cabral, Neomi Laurentina Duarte de Freitas, XIV, 33

Cabral, Olga Nikolaevna Tsvirkun de Freitas, XIV, 33

Cabral, Ruben Duarte de Freitas, XIV, 33

Cabral, Victoria Andrea de Andrade, XIV, 33

Caddell, Grace Marie, IX, 23

Caddell, William Murrell, IX, 23

Caddell, William Murrell, Jr., IX, 23

Cadle, Jean, XVII, 81

Caffey, Inez, XVI, 40

Cagle, Allie Mae, IV, 43

Cagle, Ann, née Putnam, IV, 43

Cagle, Billy Frank, IV, 43

Cagle, Catherine, née Ross, IV, 43

Cagle, Charles Bernice, II, 14, IV, 44

Cagle, Charles, IV, 43

Cagle, Chris Edward, IV, 44

Cagle, Dion Yancy, IV, 44

Cagle, Dorothy Warner, née Redmond, IV, 44

Cagle, Emmett, IV, 43

Cagle, Era Hurrania, IV, 43

Cagle, Firm Hill, IV, 44

Cagle, Frances Ann, IV, 43

Cagle, Frank Lee, IV, 44

Cagle, George, IV, 43

Cagle, Glenda, née Garner, IV, 44

Cagle, Grover Cleveland, IV, 43

Cagle, Grover Lewis, IV, 43

Cagle, Harold Lee, IV, 44

Cagle, Henry, IV, 43

Cagle, Ida Elizabeth, IV, 43

Cagle, John C., IV, 43

Cagle, John, IV, 43

Cagle, Leonard C., IV, 43

Cagle, Lindsey, IV, 43

Cagle, Littleton Young, IV, 43

Cagle, Littleton Young, Jr., IV, 43

Cagle, Loretta Ann, IV, 44, 45

Cagle, Lucinda Elizabeth, IV, 43

Cagle, Mable Claire, IV, 44

Cagle, Margaret, IV, 43

Cagle, Mark, IV, 44

Cagle, Mary Linda, IV, 44

Cagle, Mary Magadaline, IV, 43

Cagle, Mary Virginia, née DeBord, IV, 44

Cagle, Matthew, IV, 44

Cagle, Mildred Nadine, IV, 44, 46

Cagle, Minnie El Zora, née Yancy, IV, 44

Cagle, Nannie Beulah, née Lee, IV, 44

Cagle, Oliver Jackson, IV, 43

Cagle, Paul Barton, IV, 44

Cagle, Paul Wilson, IV, 44

Cagle, Paul Wilson, XIII, 90

Cagle, Rose Ann, née Martin, IV, 44

Cagle, Sallie Jane, IV, 43

Cagle, Sarah Elizabeth, née Sutherland, IV, 44

Cagle, Stacy, IV, 44

Cagle, Sussie Ann, IV, 43

Cagle, Tomas, IV, 43

Cagle, William, IV, 43

Cagle, Woodrow Wilson, IV, 44

Cahill, Barbara June, née Foley, XIV, 45

Cahill, Erin Leslie, XIV, 45

Cahill, Eugenia Therese, XIV, 45

Cahill, Jason Matthew, XIV, 45

Cahill, Joel Eric, XIV, 45

Cahill, Larry Busby, Jr., XIV, 45

Cahill, Larry Busby, XIV, 45

Cahill, Randall John, XIV, 45

Caine, Brooke Elizabeth, née Remington, VII, 47

Caine, Cinda Ann, XIV, 9

Caine-Cornell, Lindsey Ann, XIV, 9

Cairns, Margaret Ethel, X, 56

Calahan, Perry, XVI, 56

Caldwell, Marlane Millicent, XII, 50

Caledonian Society of Arizona, The, VII, 24

Calhoun, America Mary Ann, née Stone, VI, 52

Calhoun, Bok Soon, née Chung, VI, 53

Calhoun, Daniel Joseph, VI, 53

Calhoun, Daniel Lawrence, VI, 52, 53

Calhoun, Logan Edward, VI, 52, 53

Calhoun, Martha Ann, VI, 52

Calhoun, Michael Chung, VI, 53

Calhoun, Nancy Rose, VI, 52

Calhoun, Rolly Logan, VI, 52

Calhoun, Ruby Angeline, née Campbell, VI, 52

Calhoun, Theresa Ann, VI, 53

Calista, Ann Marie Cathrine, IV, 22

Calista, Pauline, née Zucchetto, IV, 22

Calista, Thomas, IV, 22

Callowhill, Hannah, II, 49

Calousdian d'Alwand, Cedric Gilles Marie Nerses Der, III, 67

Calousdian d'Alwand, Leon Vahan Der, III, 67

Calousdian d'Alwand, Nathalie Der, née Mellet, III, 67

Calvert, Anne, née Mynne, II, 68

Calvert, Benedict Leonard, II, 68

Calvert, Cecil, II, 68

Calvert, Charles, II, 68

Calvert, Frederick, II, 69

Calvert, George, II, 68

Calvert, Leonard, II, 68

Calvert, Marlene Rae, née Aberle, III, 57

Camelot Resort, III, 31

Camman, Irma, III, 68

Campbell, Adele Marie, XII, 54

Campbell, Colin Graeme William Alexander, III, 19, V, 41

Campbell, Diarmid Niall Robert George, III, 18, V, 41


Campbell, Hazel Mae, née Jeffry, III, 18

Campbell, Hearther Jane Margaret May, V, 41

Campbell, Ian Lachlan, III, 18

Campbell, Ian Lachlan, V, 41

Campbell, Ian Shibata, 135

Campbell, John George Alexander, III, 18

Campbell, Justin Keye, 124

Campbell, Katori Shibata, 135

Campbell, Marion Isabel, née Wellwood, V, 41

Campbell, Mora Diane Fiona Penelope, III, 19, V, 41


Campbell, Paul Drake, XVII, 86

Campbell, Ruby Angeline, VI, 52

Campbell, Tyler James, 124

Campbell, Valdee, I, 32

Campisi, Alan Tood, V, 24

Campisi, Joseph Paul, V, 24

Campisi, Judith Ann, née Wilson, V, 24

Campo, Virginia, IV, 23

Canario, Shirley Marie, IX, 60

Candadian Heraldic Authority, XVII, 61

Cannon, Mamie, IX, 25

Cano, Catherine Vanessa, XIV, 22

Capesius, Rose Theresa, XVII, 25

Caplan, Stephanie, XIV, 63

Caponiti, Cynthia Grace, XII, 19

Capps, Ann, née Schlesselman, IV, 17

Capwell, Hazel Christine, I, 40

Carbonneau, Joanna Leda, XV, 16

Cardenas y Vincent, Don Vicente de, Cronista Rey de Armas, XIV, 71

Cardenas, Sabrina Ann, XVI, 33

Caristo, Frederic John Girard, XV, 16

Caristo, Frederico G., XV, 16

Caristo, Joanna Leda, née Carbonneau, XV, 16

Carlisle, Emily Susan, XIII, 71

Carlson, Dominique Fountaine, 111

Carlson, Elizabeth, née Norris, I, 56

Carlson, Emma Teresa Josefa, née Paviolo, XVII, 84

Carlson, Evonne René, née Howery, XI, 53

Carlson, George Clarence, I, 56

Carlson, Hugh Simon Alexander, 94

Carlson, Judith Kathryn, VIII, 19

Carlson, Justin Nikolaus Paviolo, XVII, 84

Carlson, Lillian Linnea, III, 57

Carlson, Lucas Sven Paviolo, XVII, 84

Carlson, Marthina, née Child, V, 12


Carlson, Roger David, I, 56

Carlson, Roger David, XVII, 84

Carlson, Samuel Oliver, 111

Carman, David Fowler, XIII, 7

Carman, Elise Dawn, née Milner, XIII, 7

Carman, Ian Jarrell, XIII, 7

Carman, James Edward, XIII, 7

Carman, Kyle Jordan, XIII, 7

Carman, Rita Joyce, née Bryson, XIII, 7

Carmichael-Galloway, Strome, XI, 67

Carmichael-Galloway, Strome, XII, 76

Carmichael-Galloway, Strome, XIII, 78

Carnes, Carlton Gene Verlin, XIV, 8

Carnes, Emma LeighAnn, XIV, 8

Carnes, Faye Christine, XIV, 8

Carnes, Harold Gene, XIV, 8

Carnes, Jennifer Lynn, née Stormet, XIV, 8

Carnes, Jennifer Lynn, XIV, 8

Carnes, Phillip Gene, XIV, 8

Carnes, Phyllis Inez, née Middleton, XIV, 8

Carney, Janice Antoinette, née Flagg, XIV, 36

Carney, Michael Timothy, XIV, 36

Carney, Robert Duett, XIV, 36

Carol, Julianne Olga, XI, 64

Carr, Peggy Ann, XVII, 19

Carraway, Ethel Lorraine, XII, 34

Carroll, Winifred Virginia, VII, 41

Carter, Carolyn Joyce, XIV, 65

Carter, Christopher Austin, VIII, 57

Carter, Coleman Marie, VIII, 57

Carter, Eula Bernice, X, 34

Carter, Jack Wayne, Jr., VIII, 57

Carter, Jack Wayne, VIII, 57

Carter, Jan Marie, née Jenkins, VIII, 57

Carter, Peggy Joyce, IX, 11

Carter, Stephen Barrett, VIII, 57

Carter, Suzanne Jane, VIII, 42

Carter, Yolanda Marie, née Frigard, VIII, 57

Carvajal, Jose Humberto, XVI, 22

Carvajal, Maria Stella née Padilla, XVI, 22

Carvajal, Patricia, XVI, 22


Cary, Marina Anne, 186

Cary, Marshall Wayne Albert, 186

Cary, Meridith Kay, 186

Casadesus, Theresa Gabrielle, VIII, 24


Casati, Adam Lawrence, III, 59

Casati, Adam Lawrence, XVII, 83

Casati, Carol Ann, née Smalley, III, 59

Casati, Cassandra Marie, III, 59

Casati, Cassandra Marie, XVII, 83

Casati, Christie Marie Ann, XVII, 83

Casati, Christine Marie Ann, III, 59

Casati, Christopher Gerard, III, 58

Casati, Christopher Gerard, XVII, 83

Casati, Giuseppe, II, III, 58

Casati, Gloria Ann Marie, née Donato, III, 59

Casati, Isabella, née Vigilante, III, 58

Casati, Jordan Mitchell, XVII, 83

Casati, Laurie Ann Marie, III, 59

Casati, Laurie Ann Marie, XVII, 83

Casati, Lawrence William, II, III, 58

Casati, Lawrence William, III, III, 58

Casati, Lorenzo, II, 83

Casati, Lorenzo, III, 83

Casati, Mark Joseph, III, 58

Casati, Mark Joseph, V, 60

Casati, Mark Joseph, VI, 62

Casati, Mark Joseph, XVII, 83

Casati, Raeleen Teresa, née St. Pierre, VI, 63

Casellini, Deborah Marie, VI, 14

Casey, Earliane, V, 55

Cash, Andrew Reid, 124

Cash, Brent Wayne, 124


Cassell, Nikki Anita, XVII, 62


Castañeda, Isabella Miri, 146

Castañeda, Nicholas Isaiah, 146

Castello, Virginia Marie, V, 46

Castells Guitart, Mariana Concepcion, XVI, 37

Castro y Ochoa, Blanca Estla Maechtle, X, 62

Castro y Ochoa, Blance Estela, IX, 14

Castro, Edna Maria de Jesus Maechtle y, IX, 14

Castro, Edna Marie de Jesus Maechtle y, X, 62

Castro, Maria O., XVII, 40

Castrop, Jan Kathleen, IX, 61

Caswell, Mary Katherine, IX, 48

Cates, Nancy, XVI, 21


Caywood, Nancy Lee, X, 10

Chaboneau, Candice Shea, née McGee, XVII, 30

Chacin, Auda Marina, VI, 58


Chamberlin, Nancy Lois, X, 32


Chamblee, Artie Lucille, II, 72

Chandler, Mary Louise, VIII, 40


Chapman, Diria D., IX, 22

Chapman, Pauline Annette, I, 24

Chapulin, Anthony Michael, XV, 43

Chapulin, Christine Marie, née West, XV, 43

Chapulin, Judith Luise, née Koopman, XV, 43

Chapulin, Loren George, XV, 43

Charboneau, Caolifhionn Mariposa, XVII, 30

Charboneau, Daniel Marcus, XVII, 30

Charleton, Shiela Marie, XV, 59

Chase, Helen Ruth, VIII, 33

Chase, Ruth Deborah, X, 21

Chema, Sherry Lee, XI, 40

Chesshyre, Herbet, Clarenceaux King of Arms, XIV, 52

Child, Alan Thomas, V, 13

Child, Angee, V, 13

Child, Apolina Katherine, née Van Kampen, V, 12

Child, Barbara Jean, V, 13

Child, Benjamin Dale, V, 13

Child, Beverly Jean, née Huffman, V, 13

Child, Blaine Keith, V, 12

Child, Bonnie Jean, V, 13

Child, Brenda Jean, V, 13

Child, Brian Timothy, V, 13

Child, Cassandra, V, 13

Child, Celia Ann, V, 13

Child, Cheryl, V, 12

Child, Cindy, V, 12

Child, Clark Blaine, V, 12

Child, Dale Lee, V, 12, 13

Child, David R., V, 12

Child, David Scott, V, 13

Child, Derek John, V, 13

Child, Dianne, née Shafer, V, 13

Child, Don Richard, V, 12, 13

Child, Floyd John, V, 12

Child, Gary, V, 13

Child, Gloria Jean, V, 13

Child, Grant Everette, V, 13

Child, Jamie, V, 12

Child, Jennifer, V, 13

Child, John Theodore, V, 12, 13

Child, John, V, 12

Child, Linda Lou, née Smith, V, 12

Child, Mark Bradford, V, 13

Child, Marthina, V, 12

Child, Mary Margaret, née Ginn, V, 13

Child, Matthew Don, V, 13

Child, Melinda, V, 13

Child, Melissa Ann, V, 13

Child, Michael Deans, V, 13

Child, Monica, V, 13

Child, Paul Lorin, Jr., V, 13

Child, Paul Lorin, V, 12, 13

Child, Paul Lorin, XIII, 82

Child, Paul Lorin, XIV, 81

Child, Paul Lorin, XVII, 73

Child, Ray Earl, V, 12

Child, Roger Clark, V, 13

Child, Ron John, V, 12

Child, Sarah Jean, V, 13

Child, Shirley Nanette, née Hollist, V, 13

Child, Steven Blair, V, 13

Child, Susan, V, 13

Child, Thomas Austin, V, 13

Childs, David Michael, XVI, 59

Childs, Dominic Matthew, XVI, 59

Childs, Douglas Mason, XVI, 59

Childs, Maurice Clark, XVI, 59

Childs, Tami Lynn née Willets, XVI, 59

Childs, Vera Lois née Sublett, XVI, 59

Chmielewska, Zofia-Emilia-Wanda, III, 34

Christ Church, Episcopal, Brunswick, New Jersey, III, 48


Christensen, Erin Leslie, née Cahill, XIV, 45

Christiansen, Shawn Dell, XVI, 26

Christmas, Bryan William, X, 43

Christmas, Elizabeth Edwina, née Averill, X, 43

Christmas, Karen Denise, née Barnett, X, 43

Christmas, Katherine Jean, X, 43

Christmas, Rachel Ann, X, 43

Christmas, William Averill, X, 43

Christou, Athena Emmanuel, née Stamatiades, XIII, 29

Christou, Christos, Jr., XIII, 29

Christou, Christos, Sr., XIII, 29

Christou, Dimitrios Christos, XIII, 29

Christou, Dimitrios, Sr., XIII, 29

Christou, John Mark, XIII, 29

Christou, Joseph Lee, XIII, 29

Christou, Rosemary, née Beckette, XIII, 29

Christou, Tammy Rose, XIII, 29

Chun, Ah Bow, IX, 46

Chun, Emily, née Lee, IX, 46

Chun, Fo Sau, IX, 46

Chun, Samuel Young Ying, IX, 46

Chun, Wayne Bun Leung, IX, 46

Chung, Bok Soon, VI, 53

Chunn, Adele Gelena, I, 38

Chunn, Barbara Ann, I, 43

Chunn, Calvin Ellsworth, I, 38

Chunn, Donald Thomas, I, 43

Chunn, Etta Leola, née Waldrop, VI, 51

Chunn, Florence, née Jenkins, I, 38

Chunn, Harmon Thomas, I, 43

Chunn, John Calvin, I, 38

Chunn, Lawrence Jenkins, I, 38

Chunn, Maggie, née Scott, I, 43

Chunn, Martha Ellen, née Turpin, I, 43

Chunn, Nelle Grey, VI, 51

Chunn, Oury Edgar, VI, 51

Chunn, Sally Gelena, née Kirby, I, 38

Chunn, Thomas Harder, I, 43

Churchill, Grace Mabel, II, 22

Ciampa, Dorothy May, née Eldridge, VII, 18

Ciampa, Frank Gene, VII, 18, 75

Ciampa, Gene Frank, VII, 18

Cid, Leopoldo, XVII, 82

Cid, Luis Germán, XVII, 82

Cid, Maria Isabel, née Martin, 82

Clack, Clyde William, VII, 46

Clack, Emmaline Blance, née Blakemore, VII, 46

Clack, Mei Ling Jade, VII, 46

Clack, Michael Bruce, VII, 46

Clack, Yoshido, née Eguchi, VII, 46

Clandermond, Count of, VII, 50

Clandermond, Countess of, VII, 50

Clarenceaux King of Arms, XIV, 52

Clark, Abigail, née Baldwin, V, 56

Clark, Abner, V, 56

Clark, Ambrose, V, 56

Clark, Benjamin, V, 56

Clark, Dorrace Helen, née Schaerdel, V, 57

Clark, James Green, V, 56

Clark, Mathew, V, 56

Clark, Robert Murel, Jr., V, 57

Clark, Robert Murel, V, 57

Clarke, Hannah, née Hutchason, V, 56

Clarke, Joseph, V, 56

Claus, Anni, III, 23

Claveria, Rose, XII, 37

Clay, Amelia Neri, née Valencia, XIII, 14

Clay, Carolyn Ann, née Applegate, XIII, 14

Clay, Clarice Trinidad Carolyn, XIII, 14

Clay, Jordan Bee, XIII, 14

Clay, Stephen Bentley, XIII, 14

Clayborn, Holly Sue, XV, 55

Clayborn, Ida Mae, née Rice, XV, 55

Clayborn, John Kevin, XV, 55

Clayborn, Johnathan James, XV, 55

Clayborn, Marris Daniel, XV, 55

Clayborn, Michael Daniel, XV, 55

Clayborn, Robin Lou, née Taylor, XV, 55

Clemennta, Emilia, IV, 54

Clevenger, Annette Fay, née Galland, XIII, 65

Clevenger, Bambi Lynn, née Braley, XIII, 65

Clevenger, David Odell, XIII, 65, 66

Clevenger, Hannah Rochette, XIII, 65

Clevenger, Peter-Ryan Oliver, XIII, 65

Clevenger, Sasha Lynn, XIII, 65

Clevenger, Stanley Odell, XIII, 65

Clevenger, Thaddeus Odell, XIII, 65

Clevenger, Zephan Davis, XIII, 65

Clevinger, Nancy Antoinette, X, 19


Cline, Coleman William, 127


Cloghan, Baron of, VII, 50

Coats, Betty Jean, née Blackwell, XVII, 44

Coats, James Alexander, XVII, 44

Coats, Kathryn Rebecca, XVII, 44

Coats, Robert Booker, II, 44

Coats, Robert Booker, XVII, 44

Cobb, Essie May, née Roach, VIII, 13

Cobb, Mackey Lee, Jr., VIII, 13

Cobb, Mackey Lee, VIII, 13

Cobb, Robert Lee, VIII, 13

Cobb, Tammy Lynn, VIII, 13

Cobb, Virginia, née Collins, VIII, 13

Cobb, William Lee, VIII, 13

Cochran, Bessie Monette, née Bell, I, 23

Cochran, Essie Belle, née Parker, I, 23

Cochran, John Webster, I, 23

Cochran, Kendrick Parker, I, 23

Cochran, Lenwood, I, 23

Cochran, Mona, I, 23

Cochran, Thomas Lenwood, I, 23

Cochran, Thomas Lenwood, Jr., I, 23

Cohan, Marcia Louise, née Boal, X, 51

Cohen, Sylvia, XVI, 60

Colby, Paula Jean, XVI, 38

Cole, Amanda Lynn née Smiley, XVI, 31

Cole, Dawn Laverne née Brown, XVI, 31

Cole, Donald Wayne, XVI, 31

Cole, Emilia, née Clemennta, IV, 54

Cole, Jason Eric Jr., XVI, 31

Cole, Jason Eric Sr., XVI, 31

Cole, Jonathan David, XVI, 31

Cole, Leslie Grove, IV, 54

Cole, Mary M., née Bontrager, IV, 54

Cole, Robert Lee, IV, 54

Cole, Victoria Ann, III, 15

Cole, Victoria Ann, IV, 54

Colello, Nicholas Michael, 170

Coles, Stephan James, XVI, 49

Coles, Stephanie Suzanne, XVI, 49

Coles, Susan Marie née Knoell, XVI, 49

Colibri Company Limited, VIII, 11

Coll-Earn and Elphinston, Bailey Bruce McCune of, V, 47

Coll-Earn and Elphinstone, Bailey McCune of, Baron of Elphinstone, XIII, 73

College of Arms, The, XVII, 68


Collier, Jacqueline Bernice, XVI, 65

Collier, John Charles, XIII, 8

Collier, Pamela Sue, née Crawford, XIII, 8

Collier, Sara Alice, née Beck, XIII, 8

Collier, William Albert, XIII, 8

Collier, William Charles, XIII, 8

Collier, William Crawford, XIII, 8

Collings, Casia, 91-92

Collings, Christian, 91-92

Collings, Creed, 91-92

Collins, Arian Evan, XIV, 69, 70

Collins, Charles Paul, VII, 52, 69

Collins, Charles Paul, X, 64

Collins, Charles Paul, XI, 73

Collins, Charles Paul, XIII, 88

Collins, Charles Paul, XVII, 73

Collins, Charles Thomas, VII, 52

Collins, Dorothy May, née Herrmann, XIV, 69

Collins, Fredrick Charles, XIV, 69

Collins, Fredrick Martin, XIV, 69

Collins, Kai Mana Keaulana, XIV, 69

Collins, Maria de Lourdes, née Sandoval y Gonzales, VII, 52

Collins, Oultie Jane, XV, 23

Collins, Pauline Marie, née Crowley, VII, 52

Collins, Virginia, VIII, 13

Collins-Sandoval, Alejandra, VII, 52

Colmetz, Maria Johanna, IV, 50

Columbus, Christopher, II, 64

Combs, Eda Eleanor, X, 50

Comer, Yvonne Crystal, XIV, 55

Conboy, Karen Rae, XII, 45

Conejo Valley Genealogical Society, The, II, 66

Conley, Dennis Fleet, XVII, 67

Conley, Kristy Marie, XVII, 67

Conley, Mary Agnes, née Olkowska, XVII, 67

Conley, Rhondalyn, XVII, 67

Conley, Stephen Edward, XVII, 67

Conn, Jeffrey Worth, XVII, 70

Conn, Worth Raymond, XVII, 70

Connecticut State Police Academy, XIII, 12


Connolly, Isabella Saoirse, 84

Connolly, Jennifer Suzanne, 84


Connolly, Joseph Francis, III, 84

Connolly, Kaitlyn Marie, 84

Conroy, Catherine Theresa, XIII, 74

Constable, Carole Jeanne, née Zimmer, XI, 19

Constable, Ian Graham, XI, 19

Constable, Ranell Kay, née Person, XI, 19

Constable, Richard Charles, III, XI, 19

Constable, Richard Charles, Jr., XI, 19

Constable, Richard Charles, XI, 19

Conte, Barbara Ann, XIV, 35

Contero, Diane Marie, VI, 14

Conway, Philip Edison, IV, 20

Cook, Diana Lea, XV, 12

Cook, Gerald Lee, VIII, 17

Cook, Linda Lou, née Allen, VIII, 17

Cook, Melanie Ann, III, 60

Cook, William Leroy, VIII, 17

Cooke, Cora Mae, née Mitchell, II, 53

Cooke, Helen Marie, née Mullery, II, 54

Cooke, Joseph Robert, II, 53

Cooke, Mary-Alice Waldorf, II, 54

Cooke, Maude Alice, I, 49

Cooke, Robert George, II, 53

Cooper, Geraldine, XVI, 36

Cooper, Louise Regina, X, 60

Cooper, Regina Louise, XIV, 62

Copeland, Nancy Jane, I, 21

Copreni, Elena, XV, 57

Corder, Ruby Kate, XI, 31

Cordono, Wilma, XII, 16

Cordy, Agnes Bell, née Nave, XIV, 70

Cordy, Hannibal Napoleon, XIV, 70

Cordy-Collins, Alana Kathleen, XIV, 70

Cornay, Melissa Jean, XII, 77

Cornell, Cinda Ann, née Caine, XIV, 9

Cornell, Claire Marguerite, née Ferrier, XIV, 9

Cornell, Robert Hartwell, XIV, 9

Cornell, William August, II, XIV, 9

Corron, Ollie Marie, XVI, 7

Corron, Ollie Marie, XVII, 42

Corsentino, Patrizia Ann, XII, 26

Cortez, Maria, XIV, 15

Cosenza, Karen, XVII, 60

Costello, Dawn Marie, XV, 64

Cote, Barbara Marie, XVI, 52

Couck, Arlene Bridget, née Oliver, XV, 45

Coulter, Mary Elizabeth, X, 33

Council, La Donna Sue, IX, 45

Counts, Irene, III, 38

Courtney, Jeanne Agnes, née Nelson, VIII, 38

Coventry, Aaron Joseph, XVI, 40

Coventry, Carey Don, XVI, 40

Coventry, Casey Miles, XVI, 40

Coventry, Cheryl, XVI, 40

Coventry, Frank Albert, XVI, 40

Coventry, Inez née Caffey, XVI, 40

Coventry, Ivy Dee Ann, XVI, 40

Coventry, Ivy Margaret née Butler, XVI, 40

Coventry, Jimmy Darrel, XVI, 40

Coventry, Patrick Dylan, XVI, 40

Coventry, Quintin Miles, XVI, 40

Coventry, Ryan Douglas, XVI, 40

Coventry, Stephanie Marie, XVI, 40

Cowan, Bryan Robert, I, 66, XIV, 40

Cowan, James Henry, I, 66, XIV, 40

Cowan, Mary Ann, née Rittscher, I, 66, XIV, 40

Cowan, Robert Harvey, I, 66, XIV, 40

Cowan, Virginia Helen, née Croft, I, 66, XIV, 40

Cowden, Phyllis Sue, III, 11

Cowie, Anne Marie, 89

Cowie, Charles Henry, 89

Cowie, Desirae Natashia, 89

Cowie, Evan David, 89

Cowie, John Frank, 89

Cowie, Katherine Theresa, 89

Cowie, Krista, 89

Cowie, Logan Christopher, 89

Cowie, Louis Anthony, 89

Cowie, Patricia Carol, 89

Cowie, Robert George, 89


Cox, Juanita, née Johnson, IV, 34

Cox, Karen Lee, VIII, 61

Cox, Mary Kathryn, XII, 67

Coy, Jennelle Antoinette, XIV, 16

Cracknell, Kathleen Alexander, IX, 28

Craft, Janet Gale, XVI, 24

Cragun, Barbara Nancy, née Gee, XVII, 72

Cragun, Brandon Michael, XVII, 72

Cragun, Brenna McKenzie, XVII, 72

Cragun, Caleb Patrick, XVII, 72

Cragun, Kira Danielle, XVII, 72

Cragun, Michael David, XVII, 72

Cragun, Zane Lamar, XVII, 72

Craig, Alexander Justin, 196

Craig, Austin Matthew, 196


Cranford, Cathryn McMillan, née Bayne, VI, 22

Cranford, Norman Bayne, VI, 22

Cranford, Norman Jones, VI, 22

Cranor, Anna Bell, IV, 34

Crawford, Bruce Malcolm, XI, 9

Crawford, Carl Andrew, XI, 9

Crawford, Clinton Michael, XI, 9

Crawford, Donna Leigh, XI, 9

Crawford, Michael Bruce, XI, 9

Crawford, Millys Mae, née Thorpe, XI, 9

Crawford, Pamela Sue, XIII, 8

Crawford, Sara Ann, née Erickson, XI, 9

Crawford, Scott Allan, XI, 9

Creel, Alison Lena, XIII, 28

Creel, Edith Almira, née Burt, XIII, 28

Creel, James Heaton, Jr., XIII, 28

Creel, James Heaton, XIII, 28

Creel, Jennifer Erin, XIII, 28

Creel, Kerry Anne, XIII, 28

Creel, Laura Kimberly, XIII, 28

Creel, Linda Ann, née McDonald, XIII, 28

Creel, Patrick Bert, XIII, 28

Crider, Olga Nelle, XVI, 58

Crockett, Lois, II, 22

Croft, Helen Virginia, I, 66, XIV, 40


Crofutt, James Sage Coe, 191

Crofutt, Shiloh Jolynn, 191

Cronin, Caitlin Rose, XI, 38

Cronin, Christopher James, XI, 38

Cronin, Ethel Frances, née Hickey, XI, 38

Cronin, John Edward, Sr., XI, 38

Cronin, John Edward, XI, 38

Cronin, John J., XVII, 93

Cronin, John Joseph, XI, 38, 73

Cronin, Judith Ann, XI, 38

Cronin, Julia F., née Fitzpatrick, XI, 38

Cronin, Michael John, XI, 38

Cronin, Richard Joseph, XI, 38

Cronin, Rosemary, née McCrann, XI, 38

Cronin, Stephen Joseph, XI, 38

Cronista Rey de Armas, XIV, 71

Cropper, LaVeda Cheryl, IV, 39

Cropper, Lena Elsie, née Johnson, IV, 34, 39

Cropper, Ray Albert, IV, 39

Crosby, Rebecca Mae, XV, 42

Crosscope, Catherine Jean, VIII, 30

Crossett, Agnes Rose, née Dowden, VII, 22

Crossett, Alison McArthur, VII, 22

Crossett, Celia Danielle, VII, 23

Crossett, Clay Duncan, VII, 22

Crossett, Diane Yvonne, née Smith, VII, 23

Crossett, Emma Rachel, VII, 22

Crossett, Ian de Rozirio, VII, 22

Crossett, Jesse Hawkins, VII, 22

Crossett, Jonathan Dowden, VII, 22

Crossett, Mary Alison, VII, 22

Crossett, Maurine, née McArthur, VII, 22

Crossett, Meredity O'Donnell, VII, 22

Crossett, Pascale Elizabeth, née de Rozario, VII, 22

Crossett, Richard McArthur, VII, 22

Crossett, Richard McNamee, VII, 22

Crossett, Sharon Anne, née Hussung, VII, 22

Crossett, Virginia Ruth, VII, 22

Crouch, Cody Bui, 251

Crouch, Colin Bui, 251


Crouch, James Brougher, 251


Crowley, Ann, née Males, XV, 51

Crowley, Annie Bell, née McConnell, XV, 51

Crowley, Bill Lee, XV, 51

Crowley, Coralee Gwendolyn, née Johnson, XV, 51

Crowley, Elizabeth Bodiford, XV, 51

Crowley, Glenn Rupert, XV, 51

Crowley, Gregory John, XV, 51

Crowley, Hollie, XV, 51

Crowley, John Gordon, Jr., XV, 51

Crowley, John Gordon, XV, 51

Crowley, Leon Vasco, XV, 51

Crowley, Lillian Esther, née Redding, XV, 51

Crowley, Marion Lee, XV, 51

Crowley, Mary Jane, née Parker, XV, 51

Crowley, Pauline Marie, VII, 52

Crowley, Rodney Allen, XV, 51

Crowley, Rupert Lee, XV, 51

Crowley, Sula, née Weldon, XV, 51

Crowley, Wade Allen, XV, 51

Crowley, Zeno, XV, 51

Crum, Doris Jean, X, 54

Crump, Hester Rachel, IX, 36

Cruz, Luisa, XVII, 49

Cruz, Matilda, XV, 68

Cryder, Beth Ann, VII, 28

Crysdale, Charlotte Ann, née Pearson, I, 50, 62

Crysdale, David Scott, I, 62

Crysdale, Donald Terry, I, 62

Crysdale, Elizabeth Ann, I, 62

Crysdale, John Scarritt, I, 62

Crysdale, Matthew Charles, I, 62

Crysdale, Pamela Teri, I, 62

Crysdale, Patricia Lynne, I, 62

Crysdale, Peter Kevin, I, 62

CSM Institute of Graduate Studies, Inc., XIV, 41

Culbertson, Helen Adelaide, XIII, 30

Cumming, Ruth Madeline, VII, 14


Currens, Charles Elwood McMurray, 171

Currens, James Rudyard McMurray, 171


Currens, Jerald John McMurray, 171
Curry, Marian Arline, II, 39

Curtis, Pauline Alberta, XV, 45

Curtis, Virginia Marie, XV, 45


Dabney, Eleanry Sargent, née Hoyt, XIV, 52

Dabney, John Cornelius, XIV, 52

Dabney, Russell Hoyt, XIV, 52

Daisernia, Frank Carmine, XI, 16

Daisernia, Sharon Lee, née Wright, XI, 16

Daisernia, Tracey Jane, XI, 16

Dalka, Sharon Lynn, XIII, 36

Dallas, David Allan, XII, 46

Dallas, David Allen, VIII, 35

Dallas, David Allen, XI, 76

Dallas, David Allen, XVII, 74

Dallas, Doris Jean, née Gilmore, VIII, 35, XII, 46

Dallas, Frank Luther, Jr., VIII, 35

Dallas, Frank Luther, VIII, 35, XII, 46

Dallas, Frank Luther, XVII, 73

Dallas, James, VIII, 35

Dallas, Jane, VIII, 35

Dallas, Mary Marjorie, née Eliason, VIII, 35

Dallas, Vicky Ellen, XII, 46

Dallas, William James, VIII, 35


Dalton, Delores Therese, XV, 45

d'Alwand, Arsene Nerses Der Calousdian, I, 35

d'Alwand, Cedric Gilles Marie Der Calousdian, III, 67

d'Alwand, Emma Der Calousdian, née Hagopian, I, 36

d'Alwand, Gregoire Humbert Der Calousdian, I, 36

d'Alwand, Leon Vahan Der Calousdian, I, 36, III, 67

d'Alwand, Manasse Der Calousdian, I, 35

d'Alwand, Marie Der Calousdian, née Djevahirdjian, I, 35

d'Alwand, Nathalie Der Calousdian, née Mellet, I, 36, III, 67

d'Alwand, Vanessa Marie Farah Der Calousdian, I, 36

Daly, Ciara, XI, 12

Daly, Elizabeth, XI, 11

Daly, Ellen Mary, XI, 11

Daly, Emily Jane, XI, 12

Daly, Frances Eileen, XI, 11

Daly, Frances, née Walsh, XI, 11

Daly, Gertrude, née McLellan, XI, 12

Daly, Hannah, XI, 11

Daly, James Christopher, XI, 11

Daly, James, XI, 11, 12

Daly, Jason John, XI, 12

Daly, Jayne Elsie, née Luhrs, XI, 12

Daly, John, XI, 11

Daly, Julia Christine, XI, 12

Daly, Julia Mae, XI, 11

Daly, Julia, XI, 11

Daly, Margaret, née Grogan, XI, 11

Daly, Maria Winiford, née Howley, XI, 11

Daly, Mary Elizabeth, XI, 11

Daly, Mary Frances, XI, 11

Daly, Mary, née Aheam, XI, 12

Daly, Michael, XI, 11, 12

Daly, Nollaig Mary, XI, 12

Daly, Patrick Anthony, XI, 11, 12

Daly, Patrick Edward, XI, 11, 12

Daly, Patrick, XI, 11

Daly, Ross William, XI, 12

Daly, Thomas, XI, 11

Daly, William, XI, 11

D'Ambra, Rosemary, IV, 65

Danenberg, Aletheia Saint-Saëns, 152

Danenberg, Chronos Zarathustra, 152

Danenberg, Mneme Gloria, 152


Danenburg, Kairos Coriolanus, 152

Danneman, Bobette Renee, XI, 21

Danneman, Carl Albert Frank, XI, 21

Danneman, Edward Carl, XI, 21

Danneman, Esther Eleanor, née Buck, XI, 21

Danneman, Joye Margery, née MacDowell, XI, 21

Danneman, Robert Earl, XI, 21

Danneman, Robin Elaine, XI, 21

Dannenberg, Arete Þórisdóttir, 152

d'Apice, Richard, XVII, 94

Darling, JoAnn, VIII, 15

Dassanowsky, Countess Elfriede Mari Elisabeth Charlotte von, XIII, 50

Dassanowsky, Robert David Francis von, XIII, 50

Dassanowsky, Robert von, XI, 67

Dau, Linda Sue, XI, 29

D'Augustine, Mildred Marie, née Hladick, XI, 44

D'Augustine, William John, XI, 44

D'Augustine, William Thomas, XI, 44

Davenport, Deborah Lynn, XIV, 65

Davenport, Maggie Pearl, VII, 13

Davenport, Stella Lucille, XVI, 21

Davidson, Heather Ann, née Korra, IV, 51

Davies, Laurie Allison, XIII, 63

Davis, Brianna Elizabeth, X, 62

Davis, Darcy Lynn, née Johnson, X, 10

Davis, Dorothy E., née Schlesselman, IV, 17

Davis, Elizabeth Anne, XIII, 52

Davis, Flora Elizabeth, née Bollinger, V, 18

Davis, George Pinkney, V, 18

Davis, James Pickney, X, 62

Davis, Leslie Anne, née Workman, X, 62

Davis, Leslie Anne, née Workman, XIII, 75

Davis, Mary Fern, V, 21

Davis, Mary Katherine, X, 62

Davis, Nell Virginia, 68

Davis, Robert McKenzie, X, 62

Davis, Thomas Pickney, X, 62

Davis, Thomas Pinkney, V, 18

Davis, Thomas Pinkney, XIII, 75

Davis, Victoria Anne, XIII, 75

Davison, John Andrew Brodie, VII, 50

Davison, John Spencer Gibson, VII, 50

Day, DaLene, VII, 16

Day, Ethel Virginia, VII, 26

de Csonkas, Laszlo Harris, XIII, 50

de Gijon, Doris Enriqueta Aquilar y Rivera, I, 28

de Grassi, Conte Leonard René, VII, 8, 9. 49, 73

de Grassi, Conte Romulus William, VII, 8, 9

de Grassi, Contessa Anna Sophia, née Sannicoló, VII, 8

de Grassi, Contessa Delores Marie, née Welgoss, VII, 9

de Grassi, Contessa Maria Cristina, VII, 9

de Grassi, Viscount Paul William, VII, 9

de Hoernle, Count Adolph Wilhelm, VII, 36, 72

de La Fayette, Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Montier, Marquis, III, 37

de Leon, Juan Ponce, III, 52

De Marco, Anne, née Smisko, XVII, 57

De Marco, Rebecca, XVII, 57

De Marco, Robert Gerino, XVII, 57

De Marco, Robert James, XVII, 57

de Paulo, Catherine Theresa, née Conroy, XIII, 74

de Paulo, Christian Michael Augustine, XIII, 74

de Paulo, Craig John Neuman, XIII, 74

de Rozario, Pascale Elizabeth, VII, 22

de Rubio, Esther, VII, 30, XI, 20

De Shong, Daniel Henry, XVI, 18

De Shong, Gerald Austin, XVI, 18

De Shong, Joseph Austin, XVI, 18

De Shong, Leonora Susan née Lanners, XVI, 18

De Shong, Robert Steven, XVI, 18

De Shong, Steven Gerald, XVI, 18

De Shong, Susan née Schmackers, XVI, 18

de Souza, Alexander Paul Ignatius, XV, 69

de Souza, Bridgette Julianna Marie, XV, 69

de Souza, John Phillip, XVII, 93

de Souza, Phillip John, XV, 69

de Souza, Ruth Ellen, née Sommer, XV, 69

de Souza, Terrence Anthony, XV, 69


de Torre Sarroca, Count de, III, 47

Deal, Esther Victoria, née Kendall, VI, 38

Deal, Francis Kendall, VI, 39

Deal, George Edgar, VI, 38, 39

Deal, Georgia Lynn, VI, 39

Deal, Harold Everett, VI, 38

Deal, Joan Victoria, VI, 39

Deal, Marylise, VI, 39

Deal, Ruth Florence, née McFarland, VI, 39

Deal, Sharon Louise, VI, 39

Dearborn, Caroline Elizabeth, XVI, 11

DeBarry, Regina Ann, X, 27

DeBord, Mary Virginia, IV, 44


DeCarlo, Alexsandra Arovna, 227

Deems, Mary, X, 33


DeHaven, Jessica Joy, 184

DeHaven, Karin Marie, 184

DeHaven-Trance, Kyle David, 197

Dehlinger, Helen Elizabeth, XII, 18



Del Bosque, Genesis, 214

Del Bosque, Natalia Lisset, 214



Delgadillo, Erik Andres, 184

Delgadillo, Karen Melissa, 184

Delgadillo, Luisana Lepe, 184


Delph, Lucy, XV, 62

Delta Chi Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon, IV, 64

DeLuca, Viola Charlotte, IV, 18

DeMaio, Ada Ann, née DeSarro, XIII, 32

DeMaio, Angelo, XIII, 32

DeMaio, Barbara, née Greenwood, XIII, 33

DeMaio, Jacqueline Ann, XIII, 32

DeMaio, James Leonard, XIII, 32

DeMaio, John Michael, XIII, 32

DeMaio, Laura Elizabeth, XIII, 32

DeMaio, Leonard David, II, XIII, 32

DeMaio, Leonard David, XIII, 32, 33, 82

DeMaio, Leonard David, XVII, 75

DeMaio, Mary Elizabeth, née Hyde, XIII, 32

DeMaio, Robin Ann, XIII, 32

Demarais, Mosa Marie, X, 39

DeMarco, Erin Elizabeth, XIV, 54

DeMarco, Joseph, XIV, 54

DeMarco, Kathleen Frances, née Ferrell, XIV, 54

DeMarco, Patrick F., XVII, 75

DeMarco, Patrick Francis, XIV, 54

DeMarco, Steven Eric, XIV, 54

Demchuk, Aksana, XIV, XIV, 38

Demers, Joyce Rose, XIV, 73

Dennies, Philippa, IV, 14

Densley, Aaron Lynn, VIII, 44

Densley, Aaron Wilford, VIII, 44

Densley, Colleen, VIII, 44

Densley, David Lawrence, VIII, 44

Densley, Drew David, VIII, 44

Densley, Larry S., VIII, 44

Densley, Lawrence Lynn, VIII, 44

Densley, Lisa Dee, née Vent, VIII, 44

Densley, Margaret Anne, née Sheriff, VIII, 44

Densley, Quinn Sheriff, VIII, 44

DePari, Susan Ann, XIII, 11

Deputy Chief Herald of Ireland, XIV, 16, 57

DeQuinson, Anne Louise, IV, 48

DeQuinson, Bruno André, IV, 48

DeQuinson, Christopher Louis, IV, 48

DeQuinson, Elizabeth Katherine, IV, 48

DeQuinson, Francois Joseph Charles, IV, 47

DeQuinson, Francois Joseph, IV, 48

DeQuinson, Francois Louis, IV, 48

DeQuinson, Henry Charles, IV, 48

DeQuinson, Jacques Antoine, IV, 48

DeQuinson, Jane, née Levenethal, IV, 48

DeQuinson, Jane, née Misrahi, IV, 48

DeQuinson, Jean Paul, IV, 48

DeQuinson, Louis Jean, IV, 47

DeQuinson, Louise, née Gontard, IV, 47

DeQuinson, Luc Pierre, IV, 48

DeQuinson, Marc Albert, IV, 48

DeQuinson, Marie, née Francoise, IV, 48

DeQuinson, Merry Barbara, née Samples, IV, 48

DeQuinson, Mitzi Suzanne, IV, 48

DeQuinson, Paul Louis, IV, 48

DeQuinson, Suzanne Clarisse, IV, 48

DeQuinson, Suzanne, née Richard, IV, 48

DeQuinson, Timothy Bruno, IV, 48

Der Calousdian d'Alwand, Arsene Nerses, I, 35

Der Calousdian d'Alwand, Cedric Gilles Marie, III, 67

Der Calousdian d'Alwand, Emma, née Hagopian, I, 36

Der Calousdian d'Alwand, Gregoire Humbert, I, 36

Der Calousdian d'Alwand, Leon Vahan, I, 36, III, 67

Der Calousdian d'Alwand, Manasse, I, 35

Der Calousdian d'Alwand, Marie, née Djevahirdjian, I, 35

Der Calousdian d'Alwand, Nathalie, née Mellet, I, 36, III, 67

Der Calousdian d'Alwand, Vanessa Marie Farah, I, 36

Derryberry, Andrey Jean, X, 24

DeSarro, Ada Ann, XIII, 32

DeShullo, Marie Anne, XIV, 66

Deutsch, Susan Jean, VI, 20

deVeaux, Deborah Lynn, IV, 66

deVeaux, Deborah Lynn, IV, 66, V, 58

deVeaux, Dianne Patricia, IV, 66

deVeaux, Dianne Patricia, IV, 66, V, 58

deVeaux, Ernest Phillip, IV, 66

deVeaux, Evelyn Myrtle, née Peek, IV, 66

deVeaux, Jennie Othellia, née Gollhardt, IV, 66

deVeaux, Maxine Louise, IV, 66

deVeaux, Nanette Lani, IV, 66

deVeaux, Walter Stephen, II, IV, 66

deVeaux, Walter Stephen, IV, 66

DeVeny, Cathlyn Sue, XVI, 8


Diaz, Lizzette, XIII, 22

Dick, Merilee, née Schramm, XII, 30

Dick, Robert John, XII, 30

Dick, Ryan Robert, XII, 30

Dickey, Janet Lenore, née Grove, V, 6

Dicks, Jane Marie, VI, 47

Diefenbach, Benjamin Richard, 145

Diefenbach, Elizabeth Ann, 145


Dillard, Toni, XVI, 40

Dillon, Maxine M., I, 59

Dilonna, Rose Marie Antoinette, IX, 52

DiMarzio, Sharon Rae, XII, 53

DiMatteo, Lorraine Lee, XVII, 57

DiMicco, Laura Marie, XVII, 37


Dinwiddie, Anna Rae, X, 50

Dinwiddie, Charles Henry, X, 50

Dinwiddie, Cheryl René, X, 50

Dinwiddie, Chiyo Eleanora Charlene, X, 50

Dinwiddie, Eda Eleanor, née Combs, X, 50

Dinwiddie, Ikue, née Osaki, X, 50

Dinwiddie, Kenji Charles Richard Michael, X, 50

Dinwiddie, Leif Michael, X, 50

Dinwiddie, William James, II, X, 50

Dinwiddie, William James, X, 50

Dinwiddie, Willis Mae, née Graham, X, 50

Dipper, Daniel Patrick, 175

Dipper, Natalie Marie, 175


DiUbaldo, Martha Ann, née Calhoun, VI, 52

Dixon, Mary Jane, VII, 56

Dixon, Ruth Roberta, III, 14

Djevahirdjian, Marie, I, 35

Doane, Elizabeth, IV, 18

Dobbins, Kathleen Anita, X, 27

DoBell, David Richard, XV, 12

DoBell, Deborah Lee, XV, 12

DoBell, Diana Lea, née Cook, XV, 12

DoBell, Diana Louise, XV, 12

DoBell, Donna Lynn, XV, 12

DoBell, Howard Adams, XV, 12

DoBell, Mildred Marie, née Furbush, XV, 12

DoBell, Richard Grant, XV, 12

Dobry, Elizabeth Karen, VIII, 14

Dodd, Dorothy Louise, III, 66

Dodd, Joan Rae, XV, 15

Dodson, Christopher Wayne Ming, 144

Dodson, David Andrews, 144


Dodson, Harvey Wayne, 144

Dodson, Lucille Ann, née Heineman, X, 54

Dodson, Timothy Alexander, 144

Dodson, Timothy Andrews, 144

Doede, Danna Haviland, XVII, 63

Doerr, Benita Lynn, XII, 64

Doland, Alexia Hope, XIV, 39

Doland, Christopher Scott, XIV, 39

Doland, Geoffrey John, XIV, 39

Doland, Jay Lee, XIV, 39, 72

Doland, Jay Lee, XVI, 67

Doland, Jimmie Lee, XIV, 39

Doland, Margaret, née Seaders, XIV, 39

Doland, Reta Jean, née Geerhart, XIV, 39, 72

Doland, Zachary Jaymes, XIV, 39

Dolgoroukoff, Prince Michel Argoutinsky, III, 41

Dolgoroukoff, Princess Catherine, née Korganoff, III, 42

Dolgoroukoff, Princess Rosine, III, 42

Dolgoroukoff, Princess Violette, III, 42

Dombrowski, Dagmar Ilona, XVI, 51

Donaldson, Katherine E., née Stressman, XIV, 30

Donaldson, Kenneth Lee, XIV, 30

Donaldson, Kenneth Scott, XIV, 30

Donato, Gloria Ann Marie, III, 59

Donato, Gloria Anna Eva Maria, XVII, 83

Donner, Ludmilla, XI, 55

Doolan, Doreen Rose, née Karam, VI, 23

Doolan, Jane Josephine, née Madigan, VI, 23


Dorward, Maria, V, 5

Dory, Dean Michael, XIV, 48

Dory, Marie Estella, née Jabusch, XIV, 48

Dory, Michael Edward, XIV, 48

Doucet, Caitlyn Melissa, 121

Doucet, Lynn Anne, 121

Doucet, Morgan Caroline, 121

Doucet, Richard Maurice, Jr., 121


Doud, Marie Geneva "Mamie", III, 30

Doueihi, Naza Zekhia, X, 44

Douglas, Emily Carolyn, née Erhard, XVII, 77

Douglas, Jack Howard, XVII, 77

Douglas, Jack Shamgar, XVII, 77

Douglas, Karlan Mae, née Hunter, XVII, 77

Douglas, Scott R. E., XVII, 77

Douglas, Virginia Ruth, VII, 33

Douglass, Esther Louise, née Lovenguth, IV, 61

Douglass, Pamela, IV, 42, 61

Douglass, Robert Bruce, IV, 61

Dowden, Agnes Rose, VII, 22


Downie, Gavin Edward, 212

Downie, Logan Thomas, 212

Downing, Helen Eloise, XII, 46

Doyle, Michael R. J., XIII, 73

Drake, Elizabeth, IV, 14

Drake, Elizabeth, née Rogers, IV, 14

Drake, Francis, II, 67

Drake, Jacob, IV, 14

Drake, Jobe, IV, 14

Drake, John, IV, 14

Drake, John, Jr., IV, 14

Drake, Mary, IV, 14

Drake, Philippa, née Dennies, IV, 14

Drake, William, IV, 14

Dreyfus, Barbara, IV, 63

Driskell, Joy Glenda, VI, 12

Driver, Mary Elizabeth, XVII, 29

Dromcummer, Lord of, VII, 20

du Montier, Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert, Mariquis de La Fayette, III, 37

Du Pauda, Arlene Sunico, V, 30


Dubay, David Leon, X, 59

Dubay, Hector Leon, X, 59

Dubay, Lucille, née Rivard, X, 59

Dubay, Reba Lynn, née King, X, 59

Dubay, Robyn Avonlea, X, 59

Duerr, Margaret Elizabeth, VII, 28

Duffin, Alice Pauline née Moran, XVI, 52

Duffin, Amanda Joyce, XVI, 52

Duffin, Barbara Marie née Cote, XVI, 52

Duffin, Daniel Burrows, XVI, 52

Duffin, Darby Eck, XVI, 52

Duffin, Dianne Marie, XVI, 32, 52

Duffin, Dorothy May née Arkell, XVI, 52

Duffin, Erika Dianne, XVI, 52

Duffin, Simon Edward Jr., XVI, 52

Duffin, Simon Edward Sr., XVI, 52

Duffy, Alice, X, 29

Duffy, Stella, VI, 46

Duggal, Alexander Naresh, 233


Duhl, Grace Evelyn, XI, 39

DuLong, Catherine Olive, née Stanton, V, 29

DuLong, John Patrick, V, 29

DuLong, Joseph Leo, V, 29

DuLong, Marie-Angélique Belle, V, 29

DuLong, Marie-Renée Adrienne, V, 29

DuLong, Patricia Anne, née McGuinness, V, 29

DuLong, Patricia Anne, née McGuinness, XV, 45

Duncan, Ethel Marie, XIV, 32

Duncan, Grace Marie, née Standly, XVII, 21

Duncan, James Robert, XVII, 21

Duncan, Margaret Louise, I, 58

Duncan, Robert Lee, XVII, 21

Dunkerley, Cara Lee, XVII, 50

Dunkerley, Florence, née Flynn, XVII, 50

Dunkerley, Francis, XVII, 50

Dunkerley, Lana Lee, née Frawley, XVII, 50

Dunkerley, Robert John, XVII, 50

Dunkerley, Robert, XVII, 50

Dunkerley, Ryan Francis, XVII, 50


Dunn, David Brian, 169

Dunn, Delilah Lark, II, 45

Dunn, Devin John, 169

Dunn, Dylan John, 169

Dunn, Ian James, 169

Dunn, John Brian, 169

Dunn, Julie Diane, 169

Dunn, Susan Yvonne, 169

Dunn, Tyler David, 169

Dunning, Elizabeth, Ann, née McNichols, XV, 61

Dunning, Julia Arthur, XV, 61

Dunning, Michael Arthur, XV, 61

Dunning, Sheila McNichols, XV, 61

DuPriest, Benson Hunter, VIII, 22

DuPriest, Mable Ann, née Benson, VIII, 22

DuPriest, Mildred Elizabeth, née Abbitt, VIII, 22

DuPriest, Travis Edgerton, VIII, 22

DuPriest, Travis Talmadge, Jr., VIII, 22

DuPriest, Travis Talmadge, VIII, 22

Durand, Justin Cleve Swanström Howery, XI, 53

Durand, Marguerite Marie, III, 40

Durand, Mary Jane, née Toomey, XI, 53

Durand, Ridge Earl, XI, 53

Durham, Hattie Mae, X, 31

Dürr, Ursula, IX, 58

Duston, Ernest Bonah, XIII, 35

Duston, Ernest Scott, XIII, 35

Duston, Evelyn Mae, née Wilson, XIII, 35

Duval, Judith, V, 19, 20

Duvall, Elenore Louise, X, 33

Duvall, Louis, X, 33

Duvall, Marthe Elizabeth, X, 33

Duvall, Mary Adeline, X, 33

Duvall, Mary Elizabeth, née Coulter, X, 33

Duvall, Mary, née Deems, X, 33

Duvall, Ruth Isabelle, X, 33

Duvall, Walter Claude, X, 33

Dwyer, Christopher Sean Rene, 98

Dwyer, Christopher Sean René, X, 55

Dwyer, James John, X, 55

Dwyer, James Michael Freeman, 98

Dwyer, James Michael Freeman, X, 55

Dwyer, John Michael, X, 55

Dwyer, John Michael, XVII, 86

Dwyer, Lois Maiden, née Hartley, X, 55

Dwyer, Marie Elizabeth Suzanne, 98

Dwyer, Marie Elizabeth Suzanne, X, 55

Dwyer, Marilynn France, née Freeman, X, 55

Dwyer, Mary Francis, XI, 58

Dwyer, Ruth Alice, XVII, 52

Dykeman, Myrna Lynne, XVII, 61


Eagleton, Anthony Brian, VIII, 41

Eagleton, Dianne Piedad, VIII, 41

Eagleton, Francoise Mariette, née Bosworth, VIII, 41

Eagleton, John Patrick, VIII, 41

Eagleton, Kathleen Marie, née Flannigan, VIII, 41

Eagleton, Marc Michael, VIII, 41

Eagleton, Mary Louise, née Chandler, VIII, 40

Eagleton, Mary Louise, VIII, 41

Eagleton, Philip Bosworth, VIII, 41

Eagleton, Richard Welles, VIII, 41

Eagleton, Robert Pierce, VIII, 41

Eagleton, William Lester, VIII, 40

Early, Karen Elaine, II, 20

Early, Karlene Elise, II, 20

Early, Lillian Ida, née McCombs, II, 20

Early, Martha Ellen, née Tauscher, II, 20

Early, Richard Martin, II, 20

Early, Romie Clay, II, 20

Early, Wendell Romie, II, 20

Early, William Ruben, II, 20

Easley, Paige Louise, XIV, 32

East Liverpool, Ohio, XII, 38

Eastwood, Christina Rose, XIII, 53

Eaton, Lucinda Elizabeth, née Cagle, IV, 43

Eberhart, Ann Elizabeth, XIV, 11


Eck, Alexis Nicole, XVI, 32

Eck, Christopher Rowan, XVI, 32, 52

Eck, Daniel Burrows Jr., XVI, 32

Eck, Dianne Marie née Duffin, XVI, 32

Eck, Griffin Allen, XVI, 32

Eck, Tracy Lynne née Allen, XVI, 32

Eddleman, Barbara Ann, XII, 43

Edson, Patricia Irene, I, 46

Edwards, Abbigail Jean, 119

Edwards, Aleighcea Danielle, 119

Edwards, Ava Gray, XV, 27

Edwards, Doyle L., XII, 15

Edwards, Florrie Alamo, née Harp, II, 62

Edwards, Grant Nathaniel, 119

Edwards, James Lane, II, 62

Edwards, James MacDonald, II, 62

Edwards, James MacDonald, IV, 24


Edwards, Mildred Cleo, XV, 50

Edwards, Stephen Redfearn, XII, 15

Egan, Arlene, née Asper, VI, 43

Egan, Charlotte Margaret, née Flynn, VI, 42

Egan, Mary Joan, née Girlinghouse, VI, 43

Eggert, Anita Marie, née Vorpahl, V, 31, XIV, 42, XV, 8

Eggert, David Brian, XIV, 42

Eggert, Emma Wilhelmine Auguste, née Ollenburg, XIV, 42

Eggert, Franz Carl August, XIV, 42

Eggert, Gerald Owen, V, 31, XVI, 42, XV, 8

Eggert, Helena Bertha Meta, née Trettin, XIV, 42, XV, 8

Eggert, Judith Ann, XIV, 42, XV, 8

Eggert, Kristen Nicole, XIV, 42

Eggert, Lisa Marie, XIV, 42, XV, 8

Eggert, Marilynn Meta, née Nemetz, XIV, 42

Eggert, Patricia L., née Maki, XIV, 42

Eggert, Roger Alan, V, 31, XIV, 42, XV, 8

Eggert, Timothy John, XIV, 42

Eggert, Walter Gustav Hermann, XIV, 42

Eggert, Walter Roy, Jr., XIV, 42

Eguchi, Yoshido, VII, 46

Ehlenz, Cathy Jeane, XI, 40

Eifert, Roberta Anne, VIII, 51

Eiland, Astrid Ester, née Hilweg, XIII, 17

Eiland, Francis Lenore, née Perrigo, XIII, 17

Eiland, Murray Lee, III, XIII, 17

Eiland, Murray Lee, Jr., XIII, 17

Eiland, Murray Lee, Sr., XIII, 17

Eis, Ilah Lucille, XII, 17

Eisenhower, Dwight David, III, 29

Eisenhower, Dwight David, IV, vi, vii

Eisenhower, John Sheldon Doud, III, 30

Eisenhower, Marie Geneva "Mamie", née Doud, III, 30

Eister, Janet Marie, X, 31

Eklund, Joan Victoria, née Deal, VI, 39

Eldridge, Dorothy May, VII, 18

Elfering, Christopher James, XV, 31

Elfering, James Frederick, XV, 31

Elfering, Sun Tok, née Kim, XV, 31

Eliason, Mary Marjorie, VIII, 35

Elizondo, Eugene, Jr., XV, 68

Elizondo, Eugene, XV, 68

Elizondo, Matilda, née Cruz, XV, 68

Elizondo, Samantha Marie, XV, 68

Ellingson, Amy Nichole, XIII, 43

Ellingson, James Curtis, XIII, 43

Ellingson, Jason Christopher, XIII, 43

Ellingson, Kenneth Ivan, XIII, 43

Ellingson, Larry Kenneth, XIII, 43

Ellingson, Mary Jane, née Paulsen, XIII, 43

Ellingson, Orpha Clarene, née Frederickson, XIII, 43

Ellington, Cathy Lee Biggs, née Boudreau, XIII, 38

Ellis, Daniel Glenn, 107

Ellis, Daniel Glenn, XVII, 38

Ellis, David James, 107

Ellis, David James, XVII, 38

Ellis, Evan Charles, XVI, 33

Ellis, Foster Ayres, XVII, 38

Ellis, Isabella Theresa de Cardenas, XVI, 33

Ellis, Kate Beulah, XI, 42

Ellis, Kyle Willard, XVII, 38

Ellis, MacKenzie Bain, XVI, 33

Ellis, Mary Ellen née Hanon, XVI, 33

Ellis, Mildred May, née King, XVII, 38

Ellis, Pierce Hanon, XVI, 33

Ellis, Quinn Alexander Rhys, XVI, 33

Ellis, Robin Clair née Pitre, XVI, 33

Ellis, Roland Hill, XVII, 38

Ellis, Susan, née Ayres, XVII, 38

Ellis, Willard James, XVII, 38


Ellis, William Foster, XVII, 38

Ellis, William Keith, 107

Ellis, William Keith, XVII, 38

Elphinstone, Baron of, XIII, 73

Elston, Emily Christine, 101


Elston, William Henry, 101

Elwood, Kami, X, 30

Emslie, Juana Patricia, née Schoch, II, 59

En Garde Unlimited, Inc., VIII, 20

Engelking, Caroline, XI, 7

Engelking, Engel Caroline Dorothee Justine, née Geistfeld, XI, 7

Engelking, Florence Haist, XI, 7

Engelking, Frederick, XI, 7

Engelking, Henry, XI, 7

Engelking, Mary Maud, née Wallner, XI, 7

Engelking, Mary Maude, V, 20

Engelking, Myra Ruth, XI, 7

Enloe, Judith, XVI, 26

Entenman, Caroline Mae, IV, 29

Entzminger, Jared Lee, XI, 27

Entzminger, Jared, XVII, 94

Entzminger, Sally Lou, née Kay, XI, 27

Entzminger, William Warren, XI, 27

Episcopal Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of America, The, XV, 28

Epp, Adam, 158

Epp, Azalia, 158

Epp, Danial L., 158

Epp, David G., 158

Epp, Dylan, 158

Epp, Gabriel, 158

EPP, GARI R, 158

Epp, Jade, 158

Epp, Jeffrey R., 158

Epp, Katie, 158

Epp, Larson, 158

Epp, Prescott, 158

Epp, Sawyer, 158

Epp, Sheryl A., 158

Epp, Sierra, 158

Epps, Floy Christine, XIII, 44

Epstein, Arlene, IX, 35

Equal, Mildred, XIII, 34

Erhard, Emily Carolyn, XVII, 77

Erickson, Dale Eugene, VIII, 47

Erickson, Dale Eugene, XIII, 85

Erickson, Marjorie Anne, née Voth, VIII, 47

Erickson, Ralph Eugene, VIII, 47

Erickson, Sara Ann, XI, 9

Ernst, Janice Elixa, VIII, 45


Escalante, Anthony Joseph, 88

Escalante, Christopher Alex, 88

Escalante, Hailey Victoria, 88

Escalante, Isabella, 88

Escalante, Mia Alexis, 88

Escalante, Peyton Sophia, 88

Escalante, Scott Allen, 88

Eschler, Eileen, XVII, 72

Esposito, Father Kyrill, XVII, 13

Esposito, Frank Nicholas, XIII, 40

Esposito, Helen Ann, née Kristie, XIII, 40

Esstman, Barbara Ann Beste, XIV, 20

Esstman, Bryan Robert, XIV, 20

Esstman, Elizabeth Brady, XIV, 20

Esstman, Helen Adelaide, née Culbertson, XIV, 20

Esstman, Mark Edward, XIV, 20

Esstman, Michael B., XIV, 20

Estacio, Carmen Prudencia, née Alcántara, X, 46

Estacio, Joseph Michael, X, 46

Estacio, Restituto Noroña, X, 46

Estes, Dawn, née Bushnell, III, 56

Estrada, Maria de los Angeles, née Rea, VI, 40

Etchison, Marjorie Wilma, XVII, 33

Eurich, Lorraine Marie, X, 37

Evans, Catherine Alexandra Jane, XIV, 61

Evans, Cheryl Gay, X, 26

Evans, Craig Nathaniel Strickler, X, 26

Evans, Darlene Rose, née Strickler, X, 26

Evans, Darryl Hugh, Jr., X, 26

Evans, Darryl Hugh, X, 26

Evans, Donald Eugene, Sr., XIV, 61

Evans, Donald Eugene, XIV, 61

Evans, Eric Timothy, X, 26

Evans, Grace Norine, née Yoder, X, 26

Evans, Gweneth Madyne, née Hopkins, XVII, 69

Evans, Hiram Kraig, XVII, 69

Evans, James Riley, XVII, 69

Evans, Janie Bell, née Lucky, XIV, 61

Evans, Kirk Christian Paul, X, 26

Evans, Laura Alice Toulson, III, 26

Evans, Marie Marita, née Helms, XIV, 61

Evans, Paul Raymond, X, 26

Ewing, Hattie, I, 55

Eyestone, Brendan West, 95

Faber, Carol Beth, XIII, 77

Fadeley, Carol Jane, IX, 8

Fager, Eric Dusty, XIII, 34

Fager, Jared Michael, XIII, 34

Fager, Mildred, née Equal, XIII, 34

Fager, Phyllis Ann, née Keyser, XIII, 34

Fager, William Dusty, XIII, 34

Fager, William Warren, XIII, 34

Fain, Earl, IV, VII, 27, 77


Fales, Ross Alfred, 136

Falk, Sebastian, 246

Falk, Sofia, 246



Faltot, Justin Christopher, 193

Faltot, Michael, 193

Faltot, Richard David, 193

Faltot, Sean Anthony, 193

Falzini, Barbara Louisa, née Kale, XIV, 44

Falzini, Mark William, XIV, 44

Falzini, Michael Joseph, XIV, 44

Farrell, Margaret Mary, VI, 32

Farris, Debra, IX, 26

Fasone, Jeanine Rose, née Acona, II, 27


Fatute, Albert Thomas, 182

Fatute, Chase Alexander, 182

Fatute, Donald Fred, 182

Fatute, Theresa Louise, 182

Feaser, Alice, I, 41

Featherstone, Edna Veronica, X, 39

Featherstone, Elizabeth Jane, XVI, 64

Featherstone, Elizabeth Jane, XVII, 72

Featherstone, Ralph Donald II, XVI, 64

Fehn, Ann, VII, 28


Fellows, Cynthia Leslie, XVI, 39

Fellows, George, XI, 77

Felty, Claudia, XI, 36

Fencing, Classical Academy of, XVI, 35


Ferdyiwek, Sharon Louise, née Deal, VI, 39

Ferguson, Audrey, VI, 14

Ferguson, Charlize, XVI, 48

Ferguson, Ella Rose, XVI, 48

Ferguson, John, XIII, 78

Ferguson, John, XVI, 68

Ferguson, John, XVII, 86

Ferguson, Leilani, XVI, 48

Ferguson, Rose née Mengahis, XVI, 48

Ferguson, Timothy, XVI, 48

Ferin, Pearl Irene, VI, 47

Fermor, Juliana, II, 50

Fermoy del Norte, Count, XV, 25

Fermoy del Norte, Viscount and Baron, XV, 26

Fernández y Bueno, Don Fernando Muñoz, XIII, 10

Fernandez, Jesse Henry, XVII, 71

Ferreira, Anthony John, XVII, 49

Ferreira, Antonio. XVII, 49

Ferreira, Luisa, née Cruz, XVII, 49

Ferreiro, Alexandro Arturo, XVII, 26

Ferreiro, Arturo Eduardo, XVII, 26

Ferreiro, Arturo Emilio, XVII, 26

Ferreiro, Emilio F., XVII, 26

Ferreiro, Genesis Marie, XVII, 26

Ferreiro, Javier Alexis, XVII, 26

Ferreiro, Lenore E., née Barragan, XVII, 26

Ferreiro, Meiling, XVII, 26

Ferrell, Kathleen Frances, XIV, 54

Ferrier, Claire Marguerite, XIV, 9

Ficarra, Bernard Joseph, IV, 65

Ficarra, Bernard Thaddeus Aquinas, IV, 65

Ficarra, Jean Alice, née Augustine, IV, 65

Ficarra, Onofrio, IV, 65

Ficarra, Rosemary, née D'Ambra, IV, 65

Fidelino, Editha, XVII, 78

Fieldhouse, Linda, XIII, 25

Figueiredo, Silvia, XII, 36

Fikes, Mary Ellen Odessa, I, 17


Filmyer, Laura, X, 8

Finchum, Albert Ray, XVII, 62

Finchum, Michael Alan, XVII, 62

Finchum, Nikki Anita, née Cassell, XVII, 62

Finchum, Tabetha Renee, XVII, 62

Firebaugh, Margo Lee, VII, 42

Fischer, Maxine Louise, née deVeaux, IV, 66

Fisher, Anita Shirlene, née Flemins, VIII, 21

Fisher, Billy Don, VIII, 21

Fisher, Donald David, VIII, 21


Fisher, Virginia Dare, née Jones, VIII, 21

Fite, Jacqueline Gladis, VII, 53


Fitzgerald, Gordon Wesley, VIII, 31

Fitzgerald, James Gordon Richard, VIII, 31

Fitzgerald, Sarah Thomas, née McFadyen, VIII, 31

Fitzpatrick, Julia F. Cronin, XI, 38

Fitzpatrick, Nicholas Conner, 86


Flagg, Janice Antoinette, XIV, 36

Flannigan, Kathleen Marie, VIII, 41

Fleming, Catherine Francis, XI, 42

Flemins, Anita Shirlene, VIII, 21

Flick, Mary, XVI, 13

Flint, Allyne Leona, VIII, 8

Flint, Gloria Jean, VII, 29

Florio, Marie Margaret, XII, 55

Floryszczak, Anna Marie, XII, 45

Flotte, Dorothy Mae, IX, 7

Fluegel, Nikole Lynn, XVII, 72

Flynn, Charlotte Margaret, VI, 42

Flynn, Florence, XVII, 50

Foard, Eric James, VI, 47

Foard, George Walter, VI, 47

Foard, James Walter, VI, 47

Foard, James Walter, XVII, 91

Foard, Jane Marie, née Dicks, VI, 47

Foard, Jennifer Lyn, VI, 47

Foard, Katherine Anne, VI, 47

Foard, Patricia Anne, née Beardsley, VI, 47

Foard, Pearl Irene, née Ferin, VI, 47

Foley, Barbara June, XIV, 45

Folger, Abiah, II, 46

Folz, Jean Antoinette, V, 42

Fonseca, Caridad, XIV, 46

Fontana, Benedetta Minnie, XII, 12

Ford, Harold, XVII, 94

Ford, Marjorie Joyce, IX, 47

Formhals, Carl Wright, II, 55

Formhals, Muriel, née Yates, II, 55

Formhals, Robert Willard Yates, II, 55

Forrester, Agnes Nancy, XII, 69

Forrester, Alexandra Joy, née Morrison, XVII, 61

Forrester, Claude Preston, VII, 7

Forrester, Ellen Louise, née Wright, VII, 7

Forrester, James Keith, VII, 7

Forrester, James Summers, Jr., XII, 70

Forrester, James Summers, XII, 69

Forrester, James Summers, XIII, 79

Forrester, James William, VII, 7, 69

Forrester, Kyle Austin, XVII, 61

Forrester, Laura Leigh, XVII, 61

Forrester, Mary Frances, née All, XII, 70

Forrester, Myrna Lynne, née Dykeman, XVII, 61

Forrester, Patricia Angeline, VII, 7

Forrester, Rodney James, XVII, 61

Forrester, Sean Francis, XVII, 61

Forrester, Tonja Angeline, VII, 7

Forsberg, Karl Richardsen, XVI, 28

Forsberg, Kathleen Rose née Burnor, XVI, 28

Forsberg, Richard, XVI, 28

Foskett, Monica Mary, V, 49

Foster-Chapulin, Lee George, XV, 43

Fowler, Daniel Leighton Taylor, XIII, 13

Fowler, Joyce Ann, née Whaley, XIV, 13

Fowler, Stephen Michael, XIV, 13

Fowler, William Edward, XIV, 13

Fox, Ann Frances, XVII, 25

Frambach, George Peter, II, I, 24

Frambach, Pauline Annette, née Chapman, I, 24

Frambach, Ronald Martin, I, 24

Frambach, Sonya Marie, I, 24

Franco, Mary, née Johnson, IV, 34

Francoise, Marie, IV, 48

Franklin, Abiah, née Folger, II, 46

Franklin, Benjamin, II, 46

Franklin, Grace Marie, IX, 23

Franklin, John, II, 46

Franklin, Josiah, II, 46

Frasher-Lee, Anna Evangeline, X, 42

Frawley, Lana Lee, XVII, 50

Frazier, David, V, 28

Frazier, George Alexander, VIII, 7

Frazier, George Stewart, V, 28

Frazier, Georgia Helen, VIII, 7

Frazier, Georgia Helen, XVII, 84

Frazier, Gertrude Louise, VII, 42, VIII, 7

Frazier, Janice Suzanne, V, 28

Frazier, Laura Bertha, née Wurster, V, 28

Frazier, Margaret Wanda, VIII, 7

Frazier, Margaret Wanda, XVII, 84

Frazier, Marian Edith, née Wilson, V, 28

Frazier, Martha Ann, née Trusdale, V, 28

Frazier, Martha, V, 28

Frazier, Mary Cleo, née Barnick, VIII, 7

Frazier, Mary Margaret, née Hanson, VIII, 7

Frazier, Paul Wilson, V, 28

Frazier, Robert Stewart, V, 28

Frazier, Sara, V, 28

Frazier, Sherilyn, née Miller, V, 28

Frazier, Susan Marian, II, 43, XI, 66

Frazier, Susan Marian, V, 28

Frazier, Tamara Gail, V, 28

Frazier, Thomas Edward, V, 28

Frazier, Thomas Robert, V, 28

Frazier, Virginia Diane, V, 28

Frazier, William James, VIII, 7

Frazier, William, XVII, 84

Frederick, Diane Louise, IV, 51

Frederickson, Orpha Clarene, XIII, 43

Freedman, Sharon Alayne, V, 36

Freeman, Flora Lee, XVI, 41

Freeman, Marilynn France, X, 55

Freeman, Stella Ann, IV, 34

French, Orpha Ollie, X, 51

Frendo-Combo, Charles, III, 47

Frendo-Combo, Fred, III, 47

Frendo-Combo, Henry, III, 47

Frendo-Combo, John, III, 47

Frendo-Combo, Joseph, Count de Torre Sarroca, Barone di Bonalbergo, III, 47

Frendo-Combo, Olympia, III, 47

Frendo-Combo, Paul, III, 47

Frey, Alyssa Marie, XII, 18

Frey, Brittany Alexandra, XII, 18

Frey, Christopher Gerard, II, XII, 18

Frey, Christopher Gerard, XII, 18, 19

Frey, Cynthia Grace, née Caponiti, XII, 19

Frey, Daria Marie, XII, 18

Frey, Delores Ann, née Kania, XII, 18

Frey, Francis Jacob, XII, 18

Frey, Gregory Matthew, XII, 18

Frey, Helen Elizabeth, née Dehlinger, XII, 18

Frey, Jacqueline Marie, XII, 18

Frey, Mary Geralyn, XII, 18

Frey, Michael Francis, XII, 18

Frey, Robert John, XII, 18

Frey, Robert Michael, XII, 18

Frey, Sarah Jean, née Kappelman, XII, 18

Friar, Stephen, XII, 76

Friar, Stephen, XIII, 78

Friar, Stephen, XVI, 68

Friar, Stephen, XVII, 86

Friedle, Theresa Cecelia, XIII, 20

Friedman, Barbara Jo, née Baxter, I, 51

Friedman, Clemme Deloris, née Henderson, I, 51

Friedman, Jeremy William, I, 51

Friedman, Jonathan Courtney, I, 51

Friedman, Lynn, XII, 39

Friedman, Michael Payne, I, 51

Friedman, William Robert, I, 51

Friedman, William Wolf, I, 51

Friedrich Wilhelm IV, King of Prussia, XIII, 51

Frigard, Yolanda Marie, VIII, 57

Frisch, Elizabeth, VI, 12

Fritz, April Christine, III, 20

Fritz, Betty Margret, née Howell, III, 20

Fritz, Douglas Russell, III, 20

Fritz, Jacqueline, née Fritz, III, 20

Fritz, Russell Ralph, III, 20

Fritz, Russell Roland, III, 20

Fronzak, Florence, X, 28

Frye, Dale Eugene, IV, 35

Frye, Donald Harold, IV, 35

Frye, Joetta, IV, 35

Frye, John Robert, IV, 35

Frye, John Ross, IV, 35

Frye, Joseph, IV, 35

Frye, Paul Vernon, IV, 35

Frye, Shirley Louise, IV, 35

Frye, Thelma Letha, née Johnson, IV, 33, 35

Fuchs, Jerry Allen, XVI, 38

Fuchs, Paula Jean née Colby, XVI, 38

Fuchs, Ryan Jerry, XVI, 38


Fugate, Patrick Lawson, 162

Fugate, William Henley, 162
Funk, Majorie Louise, IV, 25

Furbush, Mildred Marie, XV, 12

Furey, Mary Ann, X, 23

Furlotte, Laura Elizabeth, née DeMaio, XIII, 32

Furtek, Carol Ann, XIV, 58


Gaddy, Elizabeth Karen, née Dobry, VIII, 14

Gaddy, Elmeta Bernadene, née Murrell, VIII, 14

Gaddy, Joseph Harrison, VIII, 14

Gaddy, Kristina Marie, VIII, 14

Gaddy, Sidney Warren, VIII, 14

Gagnon, Catherine Ann, VIII, 61

Gaissert, John Augustus, II, 57

Gaissert, Margarette Caroline, née Goldsby, II, 57

Galati, DeanaMarie, XVI, 23

Galbraith, Wilhelmina Caroline, née Schlesselman, IV, 17

Gallagher, Christopher, XV, 63

Gallagher, Dawn Marie, née Costello, XV, 64

Gallagher, Grace Edwina, née Stein, XV, 63

Gallagher, Grace Marie, XV, 63, 64

Gallagher, John Francis, XV, 63

Gallagher, John Silas Thomas, XV, 63

Gallagher, Laura, XV, 63

Gallagher, Louise Marie, XV, 63, 64

Gallagher, Mercedes, née Wright, XV, 63

Gallagher, Paul David, XV, 63, 64

Gallagher, Paul Robert, XV, 64

Gallagher, Robert Joseph Thomas, XV, 63

Gallagher, Sean, XV, 63

Gallagher, Stephen, XV, 63

Gallagher, Terry, née Heinrich, XV, 63

Gallagher, Thomas Francis, XV, 63

Gallagher, Thomas Gerard, XV, 63

Gallaher, Valerie Ann, née Murphy, I, 63

Galland, Annette Fay, XIII, 65

Gallow, Gina, IV, 51

Galloway, Bethanne, née Smith, IX, 18

Galloway, Clayton Stone Bull Rigby, IX, 18

Galloway, Elizabeth Joann, IX, 18

Galloway, Jimmie Nell, III, 38

Galloway, Joann, née Rigby, IX, 18

Galloway, Nathan Thomas, IX, 18

Galloway, Ronald Wayne, IX, 18

Galloway, Susi, XIV, 29, 47

Galloway, Susi, XVII, 66


Gallup, Jabe Atticus, 91

Gallups, Margaret Emmas, née Bess, XIV, 64

Gallups, Ordice Alton, Jr., XIV, 64

Gallups, Ordice Alton, Sr., XIV, 64

Galvan, Cynthia, XII, 42

Gamelli, Emily Joan, 152


Gamelli, Michael Anthony, Jr., 152

Gamelli, Peter William, 152

Gann, Melba Jane, née McLane, II, 25

Gann, Rickey Leon, II, 25

Gann, Samuel Rhoten, II, 25

Gant, Adam Russell, 86

Gant, April Marie, 86


Ganzy, Austin Nicholas, XV, 22

Ganzy, Doris Ann, née Margita, XV, 22

Ganzy, Ethan Gregory, XV, 22

Ganzy, F. Alexander, XVII, 92

Ganzy, Francis Alexander, XV, 22

Ganzy, Kerry Ann, née Gregory, XV, 22

Ganzy, Kyra Alexandra, XV, 22

Ganzy, Raymond Emil, XV, 22

García, Juan Christian, 211


García, Juan Jaime, 211

Garcia, Maria de los Angeles, XIV, 46

Garcia, Michael Anthony Delgado, 147

Garcia, Violeta Valdes, XIV, 29


Gardine, Connor Blake, XVII, 72

Gardine, Haleigh Brooke, XVII, 72

Gardine, John Robert, XVII, 72

Gardine, Penny Elaine, née Gee, XVII, 72

Gardine, Robert Paul, XVII, 72

Gardner, Joshua Thomas, 240-241

Garland, Janet Louise, née Rohacek, V, 59

Garland, Jennifer Lynne, V, 59

Garland, Michael Eugene, V, 59

Garner, Glenda, IV, 44

Garriott, Bertha Gertrude, V, 27

Garrison, Elizabeth Ada, née Taylor, II, 22, 23, III, 54

Garrison, Gary, II, 23

Garrison, Gary, III, 54

Garrison, James Thomas, II, 23

Garrison, James Thomas, III, 54

Gary, Deborah Ann, IX, 16

Gassiot, Elizabeth Ann, VI, 31

Gateley, Betty Ann, née Robinson, XIV, 71

Gateley, Donny Wix, XIV, 71

Gateley, Erina Caitlin, XIV, 71

Gateley, Garrett Wix, XIV, 71

Gateley, Kerry Wix, XI, 70

Gateley, Kerry Wix, XVII, 93

Gateley, Laura Kathryn, née Turney, XIV, 71

Gateley, Triona Colleen, XIV, 71

Gattensby, Margaret, VII, 32

Gau, Caroline King, XV, 38

Gau, Grace, XV, 38

Gau, Paul Kun-Yuan, XV, 38

Gault, Wendy Helene, XV, 27

Gavin, Margaret M., XV, 61

Gay, Elizabeth Bishop, née Palmer, IX, 50

Gaylord, Ashleigh Holland, 156

Gaylord, Christian Richard, 156

Gaylord, Josephine Ann, née Aberdale, X, 44

Gebe, Margaret, V, 52

Gee, Ammon Spencer, XVII, 72

Gee, Barbara Nancy, XVII, 72

Gee, David Lester, XVII, 72

Gee, Eileen, née Eschler, XVII, 72

Gee, Heather Nikole, XVII, 72

Gee, Jared Lawrence, XVII, 72

Gee, LaMont Lynn, XVII, 72

Gee, Lawrence LaMont, XVII, 72

Gee, Lynn Lamar, XVII, 72

Gee, Nancy Olivia, née Wallin, XVII, 72

Gee, Natasha Bianca Laytynher, XVII, 73

Gee, Nikole Lynn, née Fluegel, XVII, 72

Gee, Penny Elaine, XVII, 72

Gee, Rafael Darius Laytynher, XVII, 73

Gee, Richard Lynn, XVII, 72

Gee, Samantha Geraldine, XVII, 72

Geerhart, Billie Edward, XIV, 72

Geerhart, Jeanne, née Nolan, XIV, 72

Geerhart, Reta Jean, XIV, 39, 72

Geiger, Emily Noralee, VI, 37

Geistfeld, Engel Caroline Dorothee Justine, XI, 7

Genetti, Roberta Mary, XIV, 10

Genitrini of Ixworth, Christian, XI, 52

Genitrini, Fassetta, XI, 52

Genitrini, Franco, XI, 52

Geoghegan, Eddie, XVI, 20

Georger, Florence Haist, née Engelking, XI, 7


Gerardi, Kimia Fatima, 143

Gerardi, Yasmin Joyce, 143

Gerig, Darren Marshal, XVII, 55

Gerig, Elizabeth, née Neiman, XVII, 55

Gerig, Noria Lea, née Stidham, XVII, 55

Gerig, Warren Charles, Jr., XVII, 55

Gerig, Warren Charles, Sr., XVII, 55

Gezella, Patricia Ann, XIII, 37

Giesecke, Linda, X, 29

Gigerich, Patricia Ann, IV, 51

Gijon y Aquilar, Maria Eulalia, I, 28

Gijon y Aquilar, Ricardo Alfredo Damian, I, 28

Gijon y Robles, Rafael Alfredo, I, 27

Gijon y Surillo, Alfredo, I, 27

Gilbuena, Shanda Dae, XVII, 34

Gill, James Henry, XVII, 32

Gill, Roberta Ethel, née Hunsinger, XVII, 32

Gill, Travis Alan, XVII, 32

Gilmore, Clarence Paul, XII, 46

Gilmore, Doris Jean, XII, 46

Gilmore, Helen Eloise, née Downing, XII, 46

Gilpin, Deborah Kay, VIII, 37

Gilpin, James Arthur, VIII, 37

Gilpin, Kenneth James, VIII, 37

Gilpin, Neva Jane, née Redding, VIII, 37

Gilpin, Sharon Marie, VIII, 37

Gilpin, Thomas Arthur, VIII, 37

Ginn, Mary Margaret, V, 13

Girer, Brian, 216

Girer, Diane Lisa, 216


Girer, Hannah Mellisa, 216

Girer, Lee Ellis, 216

Girer, Nathaniel, 216

Girer, Randy Michelle, 216

Girer, Susan Jody, 216

Girlinghouse, Mary Joan, VI, 43

Gladding, JoAnn Linnea, née Richert, XIII, 52

Glaeser, Elizabeth Shappard, VI, 29

Glass, Elizabeth, née Schneider, IX, 36

Glass, Franz, IX, 36

Glass, Hester Rachel, née Crump, IX, 36

Glass, Hugo Bernard, IX, 36

Glass, Jennifer Kay, IX, 36

Glass, Mary Frances, née Hiles, IX, 36

Glass, Sheryl Lynn, IX, 36

Glass, Thomas Charles, Jr., IX, 36

Glass, Thomas Charles, Sr., IX, 36

Glass, Twila Marcia, IX, 36

Glauser, Danna Haviland, née Doede, XVII, 63

Glauser, Elaine, née Siniawsky, XVII, 63

Glauser, Hank, XVII, 63

Glauser, Matthew Benjamin, XVII, 63

Glauser, Sol Harvey, XVII, 63

Glenforest School, X, 17

Gliha, Anne Mary, XII, 53

Glisson, Amy Joann, née Schuette, XII, 35

Glisson, Anna Louise, née Russell, XII, 35

Glisson, Conor Michel, XII, 35

Glisson, Craig Miles, XII, 35

Glisson, James Craig, XII, 35

Glisson, James Raymond, XII, 35

Glisson, Laura, née Kohler, XII, 35

Glisson, Michael James, XII, 35

Glisson, Nancy, née Miles, XII, 35

Glisson, Patrick Craig, XII, 35

Glisson, William John, XII, 35

Glodny, Brian Douglas, 157


Glodny, Cynthia Lynn, 157

Glodny, Julie Ann, 157

Glodny, Kathleen Patricia, 157

Glodny, Mark John, 157

Glover, Betty Louise, XVII, 42

Glover, Harold Leslie, XVII, 42

Glover, Helen Elizabeth, XVII, 42

Glover, Janet Gale née Craft, XVI, 24

Glover, John Preston, XVII, 42

Glover, John Vernon, 42

Glover, Mary Ellen, née Perry, XVII, 42

Glover, Ollie Marie née Corron, XVI, 7

Glover, Ollie Marie, née Corron, XVII, 42

Glover, Robert Houston, XVI, 7,24

Glover, Robert Wilson, XVI, 7,24

Glover, Willard Wilson, XVI, 7

Glover, Willard Wilson, XVII, 42

Godber, Lynn Marie, née Asman, III, 45


Godfrin, Alexina Marie Beatrice, née Proulx, XIV, 73

Godfrin, Carol Ann, née McGehearty, XIV, 73

Godfrin, Erin Rae, XIV, 73

Godfrin, Eugene Henri Baptiste, XIV, 73

Godfrin, Joyce Rose, née Demers, XIV, 73

Godfrin, Kimberly, née Schabowski, XIV, 73

Godfrin, Michael Philip, XIV, 73

Godfrin, Nathan Hawthorne, XIV, 73

Godfrin, Patricia Ann, XIV, 73

Godfrin, Paul Albert, XIV, 73

Godfrin, Paul Douglas, XIV, 73

Godfrin, Paul Henri, XIV, 73

Godfrin, Paulette Yvonne, XIV, 73

Godfrin, Pauline Yvonne, née Bousquet, XIV, 73

Godfrin, Perry Michael, XIV, 73

Godfrin, Peter Frederick, Jr., XIV, 73, 74

Godfrin, Peter Frederick, XIV, 73

Godfrin, Philip Fernand, XIV, 73

Godfrin, Phylis Helen, XIV, 73

Godfrin, Shelly Lea, XIV, 73

Godfrin, Wendy Lee, XIV, 73

Goehring, Ruth Anne, XVII, 76

Goff, Stephanie, VII, 43

Goldsby, Albert, VII, 56

Goldsby, Betty Phyllis, née Mason, XV, 21

Goldsby, Clarence, VII, 56

Goldsby, Dale Frank, VII, 56

Goldsby, Donald Albert, VII, 56, 57

Goldsby, Donna Lynn, VII, 56

Goldsby, Dorothy, VII, 56

Goldsby, Edward, VII, 56

Goldsby, Eldora, née Buntin, VII, 56

Goldsby, Ella, VII, 56

Goldsby, George W., VII, 56

Goldsby, Georgia L. VII, 56

Goldsby, Haven, II, 57

Goldsby, John Earl, XV, 21

Goldsby, John L., VII, 56

Goldsby, Jon Cornel, XV, 21

Goldsby, Joyce L., VII, 56

Goldsby, Linda L., VII, 56

Goldsby, Margarette Caroline, II, 57

Goldsby, Mary Ann, née Lorient, XV, 21

Goldsby, Mary Jane, née Dixon, VII, 56

Goldsby, Mattie Loud, née Young, VII, 56

Goldsby, Minerva S., née Barnett, VII, 56

Goldsby, Nellie Jean, née Brown, VII, 57

Goldsby, Peter S., VII, 56

Goldsby, Phillip Sebastian, XV, 21

Goldsby, Thomas V., VII, 56

Gollhardt, Jennie Othelia, IV, 66


Gontard, Louise, IV, 47

Goob, Monica Taylor, 202

Goob, Nathaniel Thomas, 202

Good, Elizabeth Maye, née Leatherwood, XII, 32

Good, Evelyn Mae, XI, 15

Good, Robert Ogden, II, XII, 32

Good, Robert Ogden, XII, 32

Goode, Violet Jane, X, 27

Gooding, Mary Victoria, IX, 16

Goodman, Daniel Charles, XII, 48

Goodman, Mary Alice, née Bryan, XII, 48

Goodman, Paul Samuel, XII, 48

Goodrich, Gae Victoria, III, 25

Gordin, Kristin Ann, XVI, 62

Gordon, Brett Anthony, X, 60

Gordon, Brett Anthony, XI, 75

Gordon, Brett Anthony, XIV, 62

Gordon, Brett Anthony, XVII, 71

Gordon, Judith Alice, I, 49

Gordon, Louise Regina, née Cooper, X, 60

Gordon, Norman Anthony, X, 60

Gordon, Norman Anthony, XIV, 62

Gordon, Regina Louise, née Cooper, XIV, 62

Gordon, Tracey Jane, née Daisernia, XI, 16

Gorek, Edmond Artin, III, 40

Gorek, Isabelle, III, 40

Gorek, Marguerite Marie, née Durand, III, 40

Gorek, Sophie, III, 40

Gorgas, Carol Susan, XIII, 61

Gorham, Sally Adele, IX, 48

Gorman, Adella Faye, IX, 44

Gough, Catherine Mauldin, née Hill, X, 15

Gough, Herbert Frederick, X, 15

Gough, Herbert Frederick, XI, 77

Gough, Herbert Frederick, XVII, 74

Gough, Jessie, née Post, X, 15

Gough, Laura Elizabeth, X, 15

Gough, Linda, X, 15

Gouveia, Maria Clara, XIII, 11

Grace Episcopal Church, V, 15

Grace Memorial Episcopal Church, XVII, 74

Grady, Margaret Ann, III, 22

Graham, Jean Combrinck, II, 26

Graham, Jennifer Elizabeth Susan, née Arnold, IX, 28

Graham, Spencer Albert, 238

Graham, Willis Mae, X, 50

Grandon, Sue Ellen, XVI, 14

Granger, Shirley Ann, IX, 49

Grassi, Conte Leonard René de, VII, 8, 9, 49, 73

Grassi, Conte Romulus William de, VII, 8, 9

Grassi, Contessa Anna Sophia de, née Sannicoló, VII, 8

Grassi, Contessa Delores Marie de, née Welgoss, VII, 9

Grassi, Contessa Maria Cristina de, VII, 9

Grassi, Viscount Paul William, VII, 9

Graves, Marietta Elizabeth, X, 13

Gray, Alice Carolyn, née Nelly, VII, 38

Gray, Clifton Daggett, III, VII, 37

Gray, Clifton Daggett, VII, 37

Gray, Colleen Ann, X, 45

Gray, David Judson, VII, 37, 76

Gray, David Judson, XI, 74

Gray, David Judson, XIII, 84

Gray, David Judson, XVI, 74

Gray, David Judson, XVII, 91

Gray, Edward Stephen, VII, 37

Gray, Judy, IX, 21

Gray, Neva Belle, née Hamm, VII, 37

Gray, Paula, née Baker-Vargas, VII, 38

Gray, Sarah Beth, VII, 38

Gray, The Reverend Clifton Daggett, Jr., VII, 37

Gray, Troy Denton, VII, 38

Graybill, Amy Renee, XII, 42

Graybill, Angelica, XII, 42

Graybill, Beverly Virginia, née Preator, XII, 42

Graybill, Brenda Lynn, née Loring, XII, 42

Graybill, Christopher Michael, XII, 42

Graybill, Cynthia, née Galvan, XII, 42

Graybill, Gregory Arnold, XII, 42

Graybill, Lora Lee, XII, 42

Graybill, Marion Benjamin, XII, 42

Graybill, Marty Gene, XII, 42

Graybill, Michael Dee, XII, 42

Graybill, Shelly Ann, XII, 42

Graybill, Sheri Lane, XII, 42

Grayson, Lucille, VI, 12

Greco, Erin Marie, XV, 64

Greco, John Michael, XV, 64

Greco, Louise Marie, née Gallagher, XV, 63, 64

Greco, Tom, XV, 64

Green Irma, née Camman, III, 68

Green, Alexandra Konstantinos, née Tsonis, XIV, 53

Green, Amy, IX, 22

Green, Eleni Rose, XIV, 53

Green, Joyce, I, 50

Green, Matthew Alaric, XIV, 53

Green, Steven Joseph, XIV, 53

Green, Timothy Jude, XIV, 53

Green, Walter Guerry, III, 68

Green, Walter Guerry, III, III, 68

Greenlun, Theresa Ann, née Jeffers, XIV, 11

Greenough, Paulette Yvonne, née Godfrin, XIV, 73

Greenwell, Arnold, IV, 19

Greenwell, Charles Warren, IV, 19

Greenwell, Charlotte, IV, 19

Greenwell, Effie Lee, IV, 19

Greenwell, Ernest, IV, 19

Greenwell, Esther Mae, née Hall, IV, 19

Greenwell, Miyoka, née Takahasi, IV, 19

Greenwood, Barbara, XIII, 33

Greenwood, Carolyn Ann, IV, 29

Greer, Emily Allen Thrasher, née Taylor, XII, 66

Gregg, Benjamin Richard, 94

Gregg, Erica Rose, VII, 41

Gregg, Frank Carl, VII, 41


Gregg, Frank Richard, VII, 41, 71

Gregg, Jacquelyn Diane, née Brennan, VII, 41

Gregg, Marcy Kate, 94
Gregg, Michael Paul, II, VII, 41

Gregg, Michael Paul, VII, 41

Gregg, Rosemarie, née Moffa, VII, 41

Gregg, William Peterson, VII, 41

Gregg, Winifred Virginia, née Carroll, VII, 41

Gregory, Alice, née Abrahamian, XIII, 48

Gregory, Bobby Gene, XIII, 48

Gregory, Kenneth Houston, XIII, 48

Gregory, Kerry Ann, XV, 22

Griffiths, Melissa Adamy, XIII, 64

Grim, Judith Ava, X, 39

Grishman, Almeda, née Johnson, IV, 34

Grissom, Hazel Dean, II, 14

Griswell, Shelly Ann, X, 9

Grobbel, Karen Lisa, née Oliver, XV, 45

Groenhoff, Anna Vivian, 29

Grogan, Margaret, XI, 11

Groover, Linda, X, 15

Gross, Hilda, VII, 28

Gross, Mattie Carrie, I, 25

Grosschmid, Géza, VI, 41

Grossman, Celia, XI, 17

Grove, Bertram Edward, V, 5, 6

Grove, Dorothy Marie, née Black, V, 6

Grove, Edward Foraker, V, 5

Grove, James Leland, V, 6

Grove, Janet Lenore, V, 6

Grove, Marie, née Dorward, V, 5

Gruber, Edward Lee, IV, 45

Gruber, Loretta Ann Sissom, née Cagle, IV, 44, 45

Gryska, Gloria, V, 49

Guczek, Nora Ann, née Aberdale, X, 44

Guerra, Everilda, XV, 32

Guilford, Edna Kendrick, XII, 9

Guiliano, Angela Lorraine, XII, 71

Guitart, Mariana Concepcion Castells, XVI, 37

Gulley, Jeanette, X, 25

Gunderson, Cheryl Jo, VI, 46

Gushue, Patricia, née O’Shea, X, 28

Guthrie, Gwendolyn Lorraine, VIII, 8


Hack, Shirley Alice, XVI, 21

Hacker, Gwen Ellen, XIII, 42

Hacker, Holly Lynn, XIII, 42

Hacker, Joe Robert Brock, II, XIII, 42

Hacker, Joe Robert Brock, III, XIII, 42

Hacker, Joe Robert Brock, XIII, 42

Hacker, Martha Lee, née Roll, XIII, 42

Hacker, Pamela Sue, née Smith, XIII, 42

Haddon, Carolyn Brame, VII, 60

Hagan, Francis Leon, VI, 20

Hagan, Jay W., VI, 20

Hagan, Susan Jean, née Deutsch, VI, 20

Haggerty, Grace Marie, née Gallagher, XV, 63, 64

Haggerty, Gregg, XV, 64

Haggerty, Theodore, XV, 63

Hagman, Sophie, VII, 36

Hagood, Peggy Dallas, XVI, 10

Hagopian, Emma, I, 36

Hague, Constance Georgia Seymour, IV, 12

Haigler, Eloise, I, 31

Halbert, Magoline, XIV, 68

Haley, Della Rose, XVII, 29

Haley, Georgia Ann Rebecca, née Bullen, VIII, 27

Haley, Joseph Collins, VIII, 27

Haley, Joseph Willard Lindsay, III, VIII, 37

Haley, Joseph Willard, VIII, 27

Haley, Sean Warren, XVII, 29

Haley, Stanley Warren, XVII, 29

Haley, Winifred Saxon, née Broh, VIII, 27

Halford, Barbara Ann, XII, 40

Halke, Donald James, II, III, 60

Halke, Donald James, III, 60

Halke, Donald James, III, III, 60

Halke, Eugene, III, 60

Halke, Jamey Donald, III, 60

Halke, Jane Diana, née Schlegel, III, 60

Halke, Mabel L., née Miller, III, 60

Halke, Melanie Ann, née Cook, III, 60

Hall, Amy, XVI, 13

Hall, Anna Evangeline, née Fraser-Lee, X, 42

Hall, Daven Michelle, X, 42

Hall, David E., XI, 70

Hall, David E., XVII, 73

Hall, David Edson, III, 66

Hall, Dorothy Louise, née Dodd, III, 66

Hall, Elaine Marion, née Anderson, X, 42

Hall, Elizabeth Anne, X, 42

Hall, Elnora Lois, XI, 39

Hall, Ernest Clyde, née Williamson, IX, 19

Hall, Esther Mae, IV, 19

Hall, Florence, nee Letcher, IX, 19

Hall, John Joseph, IX, 19

Hall, Mary Ellen, née Zaborowski, X, 42

Hall, Michelle Marie, X, 42

Hall, Raymond Edson, III, 66

Hall, Robert David, Jr., X, 42

Hall, Robert David, X, 42

Hall, Robert Joseph, X, 42

Hall, Shelly Lea, née Godfrin, XIV, 73

Hall, Timothy Michael, X, 42

Hall, Tina Renée, XV, 9

Hamblin, Miranda Paige, XIV, 57

Hamblin, Steven Todd, XIV, 57

Hamilton, Ashley Nicole, XVI, 21

Hamilton, Douglas Ross, XVI, 21

Hamilton, Joshua Brian, XVI, 21

Hamilton, Laci Lauren, XVI, 21

Hamilton, Lawrence Alan, XVI, 21

Hamilton, Oliver Wendell Sr., XVI, 21

Hamilton, Oliver Wendell, XVI, 21

Hamilton, Paul Brian, XVI, 21

Hamilton, Sarah Wells, XVI, 21

Hamilton, Shirley Alice née Hack, XVI, 21

Hamilton, Stella Lucille née Davenport, XVI, 21

Hamm, Neva Belle, VII, 37

Hammes, Cynthia Marie, X, 37

Hampton, April, XVI, 14

Hancock, Ardis, XI, 40

Hancock, John, II, 48

Hancock, Joyce Marie, XIV, 18

Hancock, Mary, née Hawke, II, 48

Handy, Pamela Joy, I, 34

Hankal, Robert Edwin, VII, 43

Hankal, Stephanie, née Goff, VII, 43

Hankal, The Reverend Madison Newton, VII, 43

Hankins, Hazel Diann, IX, 21

Hanks, Ann Wylene, XIV, 56

Hanks, Blanche Evelyn, XVII, 65

Hanley, LeVeda Cheyrl, née Cropper, IV, 39

Hanlon, Ainsley, 219

Hanlon, Ellie, 219

Hanlon, Justin Keith, 219


Hanlon, Knox, 219

Hanlon, Walter, 219

Hanlon, Zachary Shane, 219

Hannah, Jillian Elise, 87


Hannah, Mary Ellen, 87

Hannegan, Finian, 91-92

Hannegan, Killian, 91-92

Hannegan, Seamus, 91-92

Hannegan, Shaunasy, 91-92

Hanon, Mary Ellen, XVI, 33

Hansen, Agnes B., née Bek, XII, 14

Hansen, Barbara Bonner, III, 27

Hansen, Christian Peter, XII, 14

Hansen, Earl Arthur Christian, XII, 14

Hansen, Einar Aage Christian, XII, 14

Hansen, Ella Jean, née Urmson, XII, 14

Hansen, Erik Allen Christian, XII, 14

Hansen, Gaye, IV, 24

Hansen, Linda Jane, XV, 17

Hansen, Norman Earl, XII, 14

Hanson, David Peter, V, 46

Hanson, David Peter, X, 61

Hanson, David Peter, XIII, 84

Hanson, David Peter, XVII, 75

Hanson, Harold Clifton, V, 46

Hanson, Mary Margaret, VIII, 7

Hanson, Virginia Marie, née Castello, V, 46

Hardaway, Hysie Logan, XIV, 28

Hardaway, Ronald Logan, XIV, 28

Hardaway, Ronald Logan, XVII, 92

Hardaway, Vesta Francis, née Clinard, XIV, 28

Hardenstein, Margaretha, II, 33

Hardin, Ellen June, II, 30

Hardy, Wilma Ann, XI, 8

Hare, Martha Elaine, X, 9

Hare, Sondra Kay, IV, 31

Harfouch, Zaheia, X, 44

Hargis, Mary Angela, I, 61

Hargis, Mary Ellen, née Turner, I, 17, 61

Hargis, Philip Daniel, I, 61

Hargis, Philip Daniel, Jr., I, 61

Hargreaves, Barbara, née Sawic, XII, 24

Hargreaves, Heather Lynne, XII, 24

Hargreaves, Jeanette Alison, XII, 24

Hargreaves, Phyllis, née Riddihough, XII, 24

Hargreaves, Thomas George, XII, 24

Hargreaves, Thomas George, XIII, 82

Hargreaves, Tom, XII, 24

Harle, Carol Anne, née Muskewitz, XIV, 63

Harle, Juliette Alexandra, XIV, 63

Harle, Stephanie, née Caplan, XIV, 63

Harle, William Norman, XIV, 63

Harle, William Sylvester, XIV, 63

Harle, William Tyler, XIV, 63

Harmeyer, Ashley Kaye, XVI, 62

Harmeyer, Ronald Christian, XVI, 62

Harmeyer, Ronald Eugene, XVI, 62

Harmeyer, Ronald Jay, XVI, 62

Harmeyer, Sandra Lee née Schultz, XVI, 62

Harp, Florrie Alamo, II, 62

Harper, Brian Paul, IV, 14

Harper, Minerva M., VII, 42

Harrington, Amanda Lee, VIII, 61

Harrington, Catherine Ann, née Gagnon, VIII, 61

Harrington, Debra Ann, née Mattera, VIII, 61

Harrington, Douglas Leonard, VII, 53

Harrington, Douglas Leonard, VIII, 61

Harrington, Henry Leonard, VII, 53

Harrington, Jacqueline Gladis, née Fite, VII, 53

Harrington, Jacqueline Susan, VII, 53

Harrington, Janis Ann, VII, 53

Harrington, Jennifer Lyn, VII, 53

Harrington, Jeri Lyn, VII, 53

Harrington, Jessica Ann, VII, 53

Harrington, Joan Arlean, VII, 53

Harrington, Jonathan Leonard, VIII, 61

Harrington, Judith Jean, VII, 53

Harrington, Justin Kyle, VIII, 61

Harrington, Justine Lee, VII, 53

Harrington, Laurie, née Stewart, VIII, 61

Harrington, Matthew Mark, VII, 53

Harrington, Matthew Mark, VIII, 61

Harrington, Melissa Ann, VIII, 61

Harrington, Michelle Lea, VIII, 61

Harrington, Nathan Douglas, VIII, 61

Harrington, Steven Michael, VII, 53

Harrington, Steven Michael, VIII, 61

Harrington, Stewart William, VIII, 61

Harrington, Susan Pierce, née Wiggins, VIII, 61

Harrington, Tabath Ann, VIII, 61

Harrington, Vera Elizabeth, VII, 53

Harrington, William Elmer, Jr., VII, 53

Harrington, William Elmer, VII, 53

Harrington, William Elmer, VIII, 61

Harris, Beverly Ann, XVII, 16

Harris, Elaine Marie, née Boal, X, 51

Harris, Grace Ann, née Alspach, X, 48

Harris, Jack Leo, X, 48

Harris, Jeffrey Aloysius, X, 48

Harris, Steven Arthur, X, 48

Harris, Teresa Marie, née Veeley, X, 48

Harris, William Alspach, X, 48

Harrison, Chaney Bernice, XV, 65

Harrison, Jennifer Lynn, XII, 28

Harrison, Jessica Mei, née Alexander, XII, 28

Harrison, John Thomas, XII, 28

Harrison, Kathleen Louise, née Steffy, XII, 28

Harrison, Larry Scott, II, XII, 28

Harrison, Larry Scott, III, XII, 28

Harrison, Larry Scott, XII, 28

Harrison, Mary Pauline, née Willard, XII, 28

Harrison, Michael Garrett, XII, 28

Harrison, Molly Kathleen, XII, 28

Harrison, Paul David, XII, 28

Harrolle, Florence, née Johnson, IV, 34

Hart, Joyh Kathleen, VIII, 18

Hartig, Susan Marie, XI, 23

Hartley, Cromwell Alexander, VI, 24

Hartley, JoAnn Louise, née Zirkel, VI, 24

Hartley, Joseph Willard, VI, 24

Hartley, Kathleen Lucille, née Midgett, VI, 24

Hartley, Kenneth Alexander, VI, 24

Hartley, Kevin Alan, VI, 24

Hartley, Lois Maiden, X, 55

Hartley, Vera Jane, IX, 53

Hartman, Janet Lorraine, VIII, 49

Hartwell, Rodney, XI, 67

Hartwell, Rodney, XII, 76

Harvey, Helen Kate, VI, 48

Harvey, John Stewart, Jr., XIII, 31

Harvey, John Stewart, XIII, 31

Harvey, Margaret Gayle, née Johnston, XIII, 31

Hasbrouck, Alexander Craig, 212


Hasbrouck, Nicholas Craig, 212

Hasbrouck, Nina Julia, 212

Haskins, Allison Richard, V, 45

Haskins, Donald Richard, V, 45

Haskins, Margaret, née Maxwell, V, 45

Hastie, Vera Ann, née Aberdale, X, 44

Haugerud, Thora, XVI, 30

Hauser, Jeffrey Kincaid, XVII, 84

Hauser, Susan Louise, née Wax, XVII, 84

Hauser, Tracy Corell, XVII, 84

Hauser, William Corell, XVII, 84

Hausmann, Carl Lester, XII, 36

Hausmann, Caroline Figueiredo, XII, 36

Hausmann, Franz Joseph, XII, 36

Hausmann, Julius Hudson, XII, 36

Hausmann, Margaret Mary, née Schwarz, XII, 36

Hausmann, Silvia, née Figueiredo, XII, 36

Hausmann, Vanessa Figueiredo, XII, 36

Havermale, Linda Ann, X, 58

Hawk, (Mary) Lovenia, XIV, 37

Hawk, Ahsynyar, XIV, 37

Hawk, Aksana, née Demchuk, XIV, 38

Hawk, Ardless Benjamin, Jr., XIV, 37

Hawk, Ardless Benjamin, Sr., XIV, 37

Hawk, Bertha May, née Jones, XIV, 37

Hawk, Beverly, née Walker, XIV, 37

Hawk, Carmin Sedric, XIV, 37

Hawk, Destiny Angelica, XIV, 37

Hawk, Donald Stevenson, XIV, 37

Hawk, Forrest Edward, XIV, 37

Hawk, Fraulein Hyacinth, XIV, 37

Hawk, Gina Louise, née Rhoads, XIV, 38

Hawk, Green, XIV, 37

Hawk, Kai Green, XIV, 38

Hawk, Kimiko, née Moki, XIV, 37

Hawk, Marveydas, XIV, 37

Hawk, Melana Nikei, XIV, 38

Hawk, Naoko, née Kuniyoshi, XIV, 38

Hawk, Rebecca May, XIV, 37

Hawk, Reetha Melba, XIV, 37

Hawk, Riki, Jr., XIV, 38

Hawk, Riki, XIV, 37


Hawk, Sumi, XIV, 37

Hawk, Taka, Jr., XIV, 37

Hawk, Taka, XIV, 37

Hawk, Taurus, Jr., XIV, 38

Hawk, Taurus, Sr., XIV, 37

Hawk, Teresa Darmez, XIV, 37

Hawk, Thomas Jefferson, XIV, 37

Hawk, Vincent Montagne, XIV, 37

Hawk, Yoheimyah, XIV, 37

Hawke, Mary, II, 48

Hawkins, Mary Elizabeth, née Robinson, VI, 13

Hawkins, Richard James, VI, 13

Hawkins, Robert Rollie, VI, 13

Hawn, Virginia, IX, 20

Hayes, Clive Abbott, VI, 48

Hayes, Clive Broun Abbott, VI, 48

Hayes, Helen Kate, née Harvey, VI, 48

Hayes, Jamie Broun Abbott, VI, 48

Hayes, June Joy, née Broun, VI, 48, 50

Hayes, Matthew George Broun, Vo VI, 48, 50

Hayes, Ross Abbott, VI, 48, 49, 50

Hayes, Ross Abbott, XIII, 85

Hayth, Alyce Elaine, née Stanton, XI, 40

Hayth, Andrea Elaine, XI, 40

Hayth, Ardis, née Hancock, XI, 40

Hayth, Brian Scott, XI, 40

Hayth, Cathy Jeane, née Ehlenz, XI, 40

Hayth, Chester Collins, Jr., XI, 39

Hayth, Chester Collins, Sr., XI, 39

Hayth, David N., XI, 39

Hayth, Elnora Lois, née Hall, XI, 39

Hayth, Elsie Idela, XI, 39

Hayth, Grace Evelyn, née Duhl, XI, 39

Hayth, James Patrick, XI, 39

Hayth, Joseph James, XI, 39

Hayth, Julia Ann, XI, 40

Hayth, Kimberly Faye, XI, 40

Hayth, Kristy Lynn, XI, 40

Hayth, Kyle Patrick, XI, 40

Hayth, Lisa Marie, XI, 40

Hayth, Mary Alpharetta, née Landrum, XI, 39

Hayth, Melinda, XI, 39

Hayth, Neville Ann, née Poux, XI, 39

Hayth, Patrick Lewis, XI, 39

Hayth, Ronald Gilbert, II, XI, 39, 40

Hayth, Ronald Gilbert, XI, 39

Hayth, Roy Collins, XI, 40

Hayth, Scott Patrick, XI, 39

Hayth, Shawn Kimberly, XI, 39

Hayth, Sherry Lee, née Chema, XI, 40

Hayth, Valerie Kay, XI, 39

Hearter, Elizabeth Anne, XIII, 16

Hearter, Heidi Francis, XIII, 16

Hearter, Kathlee Marie, née Mills, XIII, 16

Hearter, Lauren Adele, XIII, 16

Hearter, Shirley Jean, née Russ, XIII, 16

Hearter, William Roy, III, XIII, 16

Hearter, William Roy, Jr., XIII, 16

Hearter, William Roy, Sr., XIII, 16

Hebst, Ann, née Fehn, VII, 28

Heckert, Carol Louise, née Segar, V, 25

Heckert, Celeste Lanett, V, 25

Heckert, Chad Larry, V, 25

Heckert, Charles Larry, V, 25

Heckert, Charles Wilson, V, 25, 61

Heckert, Clay Leo, V, 25

Heckert, Darrel Wilson, V, 25

Heckert, Majorie Anne, née Palmer, V, 25

Heckert, Michael David, V, 25

Heckert, Reta Charlene, V, 25, 61

Heckert, Stacy Guy, V, 25

Heckert, Vera Alta, née Law, V, 25

Heckert, Vera Annette, V, 25

Heindle, Alice Mary, IV, 13

Heineman, Bertha Ann, née Burger, X, 54

Heineman, Bim August, X, 54

Heineman, Chad August, X, 54

Heineman, Doris Jean, née Crum, X, 54

Heineman, John Henry, X, 54

Heineman, Lari Lee, née Randolph, X, 54

Heineman, Lucile Marguerite, née Jensen, X, 54

Heineman, Lucille Ann, X, 54

Heineman, Peter Edward, X, 54

Heineman, Peter Lea, X, 54

Heineman, Sharen Lee, XII, 41

Heineman, Sharon Lee, X, 54

Heineman, Wilhelm August, X, 54

Heinrich, Terry, XV, 63

Heiskell, Ethel Lorraine, née Carraway, XII, 34

Hekele, Maria Tapao, XVII, 78

Hellerstein, Helene, VIII, 54

Hellkamp, Christine Ann, III, 51

Helm, Barbara Elaine, née Ringsred, XIV, 49, 50, 51

Helm, Dale Arthur, XIV, 49, 50, 51

Helm, Daniel James, née Jensen, XIV, 49

Helm, Florence Etta, née Brooks, XIV, 49

Helm, James Alexander, XIV, 51

Helm, Janice Barbara, née Jensen, XIV, 49

Helm, Logan Orion, XIV, 51

Helm, Polly Ann, née Anderson, XIV, 51

Helm, Wayne Gene, Jr., XIV, 49, 51

Helm, Wayne Gene, XIV, 49

Helm, William Dale, XIV, 49

Helms, Marie Marita, XIV, 61

Helton, Ayden Zachery, 251

Helton, James Dwight, 251

Henderson, Clemme Deloris, I, 51

Henderson, Gina Anastacia, XVII, 28

Henderson, Paula Ann, VI, 55

Henderson, Susan Deanna, XIII, 44

Hendeson, Shellie Ann, XV, 19

Hendricks, Linda Kay, XVI, 42

Henninger, Kathleen Eleanor, XI, 66

Henry, Albert Allen, V, 62

Henry, Allen, V, 62

Henry, Carol Sue, V, 62


Henry, Nicholas Ryan, 181

Henry, Patsy Ruth, V, 62

Henry, Ruby Marie, V, 62

Henry, Ruby May, née Mackey, V, 55, 62

Henry, Zane Austin, 181

Herbst, Beth Ann, née Cryder, VII, 28

Herbst, Devon Elizabeth, VII, 28

Herbst, Frank Schuckmann, VII, 28

Herbst, Hilda, née Gross, VII, 28

Herbst, John, VII, 28

Herbst, Judy E., née Hess, VII, 28

Herbst, Krista Ann, née Brooks, VII, 28, X, 62

Herbst, Loretta Margaret, VII, 28

Herbst, Marcella Elizabeth, VII, 28

Herbst, Margaret Elizabeth, née Duerr, VII, 28

Herbst, Maria, VII, 28

Herbst, Marjorie, VII, 28

Herbst, Matthew Joseph Gerard, X, 62

Herbst, Paul Joseph, VII, 28

Herbst, Raymond Gerard, VII, 28

Herbst, Raymond Gerard, X, 62

Herbst, Raymond John, VII, 28

Herbst, Richard Paul, VII, 28

Herbst, Robert Edward, VII, 28

Herbst, Robert Paul, VII, 28

Herbst, Robert Vincent, VII, 28

Herbst, Ryan Anson Ray, VII, 28

Herbst, Thomas Edward, VII, 28

Hernandez, Elizabeth, XV, 68

Herrmann, Dorothy May, XIV, 69

Herting, Linda Leona Ann, XIV, 19

Hess, Ingeborg Emma Hildegard, V, 52

Hess, Judy E., VII, 28

Hess-Escalante, Allen James, 88

Heubaum, Evelyn Ellen, II, 61

Hick, Debra Sue, X, 51

Hickey, Ethel Frances, XI, 38

Hicks, Beverly June, née Barker, I, 20

Hicks, Sheila Ann, XVII, 51

High, Courtenay Yongue, VIII, 9

High, Gussie Mae, née Redd, VIII, 9

High, Isabel Taylor, VIII, 9

High, Kathryn Isabel, née Scott, VIII, 9

High, Lake Erie, III, VIII, 9

High, Lake Erie, Jr., VIII, 9

High, Lake Erie, Jr., X, 17

High, Lake Erie, Jr., XI, 60, 73

High, Lake Erie, VIII, 9

Hiles, Mary Frances, IX, 36

Hill, Ann Carter, III, 17

Hill, Catherine Mauldin, X, 15

Hill, Donna Jean, XVI, 61

Hill, James Benson, XVI, 61

Hill, James Byron Jr., XVI, 61

Hill, Jerry James, XIV, 25

Hill, Josephine, née Pirnat, XIV, 25

Hill, Judith Lee, XIV, 25

Hill, Mark Steven, XIV, 25

Hill, Raymond Douglas, XIV, 25

Hill, Raymond James, XIV, 25

Hill, Raymond, XIV, 25

Hill, Robert William, XIV, 25

Hill, Susan Diane, XIV, 25

Hill, Violet Mae, née Peters, XIV, 25

Hill, William Robert, XIV, 25

Hillbeck, Hanna, VII, 29

Hillenbrand, Brianna Victoria, 93


Hillenbrand, Eric David, 93

Hillenbrand, Gregory Thomas, 93

Hillmer, Amber Kenndon née Preston, XVI, 45

Hillmer, DeElda Margarette née Parr, XVI, 44

Hillmer, Derek Ryan Mathias, XVI, 44

Hillmer, Gretchen Renee Christina, XVI, 44

Hillmer, Haze Christian Alexzander, XVI, 44

Hillmer, Kurt Todd Christopher, XVI, 44

Hillmer, Mason Noah McKennzie, XVI, 44

Hillmer, Myron Earl, XVI, 44

Hillmer, Thomas Patterson, XVI, 44

Hillmer, Wanda Ruth née Burch, XVI, 44

Hilweg, Astrid Ester, XIII, 17

Himes, Gertrude Evelyn, II, 30


Hirzel, Klara, I, 52


Hitt, Daniel Patrick, XIV, 7

Hitt, Harold Edward, XIV, 7

Hitt, Joseph Brian, XIV, 7

Hitt, Kathleen Patricia, XIV, 7

Hitt, Marion Jeanette, née Ruland, XIV, 7

Hitt, Patricia Elisabeth, née Biggar, XIV, 7

Hitt, Thomas Charles, XIV, 7

Hitt, Thomas Michael, XIV, 7

Hitt, William Charles, XIV, 7

Hixon, Allie Mae, née Cagle, IV, 43

Hladick, Mildred Marie, XI, 44

Hoagland, Sharon Kay, VIII, 48

Hodder, Audry Avis, VII, 14

Hodge, Annie Patricia, XII, 8

Hodge, Luke Leon, 168

Hodge, Meghan Elizabeth, 168


Hodges, Audra, XVII, 11

Hodges, Gloria Lorraine, VIII, 43

Hodges, Kathleen Mary, née McGuinness, XV, 44

Hodgins, Callaghan Luke, 196

Hodgins, Gwendolyn Elizabeth, 196


Hodgins, Jillian Marie, 196

Hodgins, Justin Lane, 196

Hodgins, Shawn Jay, 196

Hoernle, Count Adolph Wilhelm de, VII, 36, 72

Hoernle, Frederich Wilhelm, VII, 36

Hoernle, Sophie, née Hagman, VII, 36

Hoff, Cynthhia Marie, née Hammes, X, 37

Hoff, John Gary, X, 37

Hoff, Joseph Jerome, X, 37

Hoff, Joseph Steven, X, 37

Hoff, Lorraine Marie, née Eurich, X, 37

Hoff, Pamela Joan, X, 37

Hoff, Richard Alan, X, 37

Hohenstein, Elisabeth Bröder von, III, 23

Holewinski, Celia, née Grossmann, XI, 17

Holewinski, Felix Warner Grossmann von Leski, XI, 17, 18

Holewinski, Felix, XI, 17

Holgate, Cynthia, VIII, 15

Holguin, Kathryn Sue, née Perkins, VI, 19

Holland, Sophie, XV, 23

Holleran, Cheryl Gay, née Evans, X, 26

Hollist, Shirley Nanette, V, 13

Hollopeter, Charles Ernest, XII, 58

Hollopeter, Lawrence, XII, 58

Hollopeter, Roma Flae, née Thomas, XII, 58

Holman, Elizabeth Sarah Ann, IX, 28

Holmertz, Aiden John, 147


Holmertz, Sarah Richelle, 147

Holmes, Lucille, II, 32, V, 23

Holstein, Adele Juliet, 181


Holstein, Frank William, 181

Holstein, Gianna Eva, 181

Holstein, Harrison Michael, 181

Holstein, Helen Marie, 181

Holstein, Joel Anthony, 181

Holstein, John Arthur, 181

Holstein, John Lawrence, 181

Holstein, John Lawrence, 181

Holstein, Judith Ann, 181

Holstein, Kenneth Edward, 181

Holstein, Linda Marie, 181

Holstein, Lisa Ann, 181

Holstein, Nancy Susan, 181

Holstein, Sienna Kendall, 181

Holstein, Tara Ann, 181

Holstein, Timothy, 181

Holt, Adam Castrop, IX, 61

Holt, Bradford Cleveland, IV, 46

Holt, Carolyn, née Muse, IV, 46

Holt, Horace Aubrey, IV, 46

Holt, Jace Alan, IX, 61

Holt, John Alan, IX, 61

Holt, John Allan, IV, 46

Holt, Mildred Nadine, née Cagle, IV, 44, 46

Holt, Sharon Lee, IV, 46

Holten, Yvonne, IX, 37

Holton, Susan Melanie, née Deal, VI, 39

Holy Apostles Episcopal Church, V, 14

Holy Orthodox Order of St. Basi the Great, V, 37

Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, V, 17

Holzhey, Judith Marie, XII, 67

Honnefer, Carol Ellen, née Lindsey, XVII, 12

Honneffer, Christopher Earl, XVII, 12

Honneffer, Richard Howard, XVII, 12

Hood, Betty Blanche, XVII, 59

Hood, Diana Jo, XII, 17

Hoover, Janice Kay, née Welever, XIII, 59

Hopkins, Gweneth Madyne, XVII, 69



Hopwood, Alison Jane, 221

Hopwood, Marcus Alexander, 221

Horton, Franklin Mosa, XV, 15

Horton, Franklin Nelson, XV, 15

Horton, Joan Rae, née Dodd, XV, 15

Horton, John Nelson, XV, 15

Horton, Mary Virginia, née Nelson, XV, 15

Horton, Regina, XII, 50

Horton, Robbie, V, 22

Horton, Robin Charlene, XV, 15

Horton, Tracy René, XV, 15

Horvath, Geoffrey Collin Miller, 191


Hoscila, Edward Thomas, XI, 30

Hoscila, Erick Mark, XI, 30

Hoscila, Geraldine Lillian, née Zandarski, XI, 30

House, Rae, XIII, 42

Houston, Betty Louise, III, 25

Howard, Joseph Jeffrey, XV, 62

Howard, Lucy, née Delph, XV, 62

Howard, Thomas Jefferson, XV, 62

Howe, Pamela Rochelle, XI, 35

Howe, Victoria Margaret, VIII, 45

Howell, Betty Margret, III, 20

Howery, Dudley Hamilton, Jr., XI, 53

Howery, Evonne René, XI, 53

Howery, Justin Cleve Swanström, XI, 53

Howery, Linda Joyce, XI, 52

Howery, Shirley Jean, née Swanström, XI, 53

Howery-Carlson, Evonne René, née Howery, XI, 53

Howley, Maria Winiford, XI, 11

Hoyt, Eleanry Sargent, XIV, 52

Huber, Charles Edward, XVII, 22

Huber, Charles Michael, XVII, 22

Huber, Connie Lou, née Becze, XVII, 22

Huber, Nancy Lynn, née Jaton, XVII, 22

Huber, Riley Megan, XVII, 22

Huber, Wyatt Daniel, XVII, 22

Hudson, Bart Grover, V, 34

Hudson, Denise Laretta, née Boal, X, 51

Hudson, Ray, V, 34

Hudson, Willie Ruth, née Brunson, V, 34

Huemoeller, Michelle M., XI, 35

Huffman, Beverly Jean, V, 13

Huffman, Frances Alean, VII, 58

Hughes, Andrea Lynn, IX, 15

Hughes, Belva Angeline, XVI, 57

Hughes, Irene Ann, X, 28

Hughes, Judith K., XVII, 14

Hughes, Marilyn Cecelia, née Benchick, V, 35

Hughes, Mary Cecelia, née Benchik, V, 35

Hughes, Mollie Joan, XV, 10

Humble, Sallie Jane, née Cagle, IV, 43

Humes, Barbara Ann, née Eddleman, XII, 43

Humes, Bill Claude, XII, 43

Humes, Steven Michael, XII, 43

Hummel, Lucille Adele, XII, 64

Humphery-Smith, Cecil R., XIII, 68


Humphreys-Knight, Ashley Avrie, 238

Humphreys-Knight, MacKenzie, 238
Hunsicker, Sharon Lee, XVII, 29

Hunsinger, Roberta Ethel, XVII, 32

Hunter, Karlan Mae, XVII, 77

Huntley, Lillian, née Aberdale, X, 44

Hurd, Sarah, X, 53

Hurley, Catherine Teresa, X, 45

Hurst, Charleen Kay, XV, 48

Hurst, Dorothy Charlotte, née Phelps, XV, 48

Hurst, Kyle William, XV, 48

Hurst, Tyson Christopher, XV, 48

Hurst, William Christopher, XV, 48

Hurst, William Wayne, XV, 48

Hurt, Linda Kay née Hendricks, XVI, 42

Hurt, Michael Jeffrey, XVI, 42

Hurt, Tabetha Renee, XVI, 42

Huss, Derek, XVII, 21

Hussung, Sharon Anne, VII, 22

Hutchason, Hannah, V, 56

Hutchens, Phylis Helen, née Godfrin, XIV, 73

Hutchinson, Alice, I, 69

Hutchinson, Elisa, I, 69

Hutchinson, Jesse, I, 69

Hutchinson, Joseph, I, 69

Hutchinson, Richard, I, 69

Hutchinson, Sarah, née Buxton, I, 69

Hutchinson, The City of, I, 68

Hyde, Mary Elizabeth, XIII, 32

Hyland, Mary Frances, XI, 62

Hyland, Mary Frances, XII, 74

Hynes, Bernadette Mary, IX, 34


Ide, Patricia Ellen, VI, 56

Ikeda, Mei Ling Jade, née Clack, VII, 46

Ingram, Charles Eugene, IX, 57

Ingram, Clifford Elmore, IX, 57

Ingram, DorothyAuthula, née King, IX, 57

Inman, Ethel A., née Jolly, I, 22

Inman, J. W., I, 22

Inman, Jay Warwick, I, 22

Inman, Jeffrey Walter, I, 22

Inman, John W., I, 22

Inman, Jon Warren, I, 22

Inman, Margot B., née Barrett, I, 22


International Society of Hereditary Nobility, IV, 60

Iorio, Deborah Lynn, XII, 61

Irwin, Marjorie, XIV, 24

Isacs, Larry, XIV, 45

Ismert-Malinowski, Margaret Marie, VI, 8

Ivall, Dennis Endean, VI, 59

Ivall, Florence Bessie, née Endean, VI, 59

Ivall, William Charles, VI, 59

Ives, Helen Theodosia, IV, 11

Ives, Jane Anne, VI, 7

Iza, Abraham Jose, XIV, 47

Iza, Jose, XIV, 29

Iza, Maria Foteen, née Salomon, XIV, 47

Iza, Roberto, XIV, 29, 46

Iza, Violeta Valdes, née Garcia, XIV, 29

Iza-Salomon, Jose, XIV, 47


Jabusch, Marie Estella, XIV, 48


Jackson, Bryan Lawrence, XV, 58

Jackson, Caleb, 109

Jackson, Chad Neeley, XV, 58

Jackson, Denis, 109

Jackson, Erin, 109

Jackson, Eugene William, 109

Jackson, Hannah, 109

Jackson, John, 109

Jackson, Johnny Mack, XV, 58

Jackson, Joseph Francis, 109

Jackson, Joseph Lonnie, XV, 58

Jackson, Kathleen, 109

Jackson, Kayla, 109

Jackson, Kelly Anne, 109

Jackson, Kieran, 109

Jackson, Kyle, 109

Jackson, Leyna Bailey, 109

Jackson, Lisa Marie Lester, IX, 21

Jackson, Mary Myrtle, Shores, XV, 58

Jackson, Matthew Aaron, XV, 58

Jackson, Maureen Theresa, 109

Jackson, Michael, 109

Jackson, Michael, 109

Jackson, Michela Lynn, née Siegler, XV, 58

Jackson, Richard James, 109

Jackson, Ryan, 109

Jackson, Sarah, 109

Jackson, Susan, 109

Jackson, Taylor Hamilton, XV, 58

Jackson, Timothy Brian, 109

Jackson, William Andrew, 109

Jackson, William Joseph, 109

Jackson, William Sean, 109

Jacobson, Robert Graham, née Archer, XV, 66

Jacobson, Thelma Evelyn, XV, 52

Jakobsen, Bjørg Synnøve, née Jorstad, IX, 13

Jakobsen, Frank Bjørn, IX, 13

Jakobsen, Glenn Jørstad, IX, 13

Jakobsen, Kwan-Iong, née Lee, IX, 13

Jakobsen, Victorien Lee, IX, 13

Jamieson, Andrew Stewart, XIV, 66

Jamieson, Andrew Stewart, XVI, 66

Jamieson, Andrew Stewart, XVII, 46

Jamieson, Isobel Margaret, VII, 32

Janes, Christina, VI, 12

Jansen, Anne Colleen, XII, 44

Jansen, Jill Marie, VII, 42

Jaques, Maurene Ann, née O’Shea, X, 28

Jarvis, Brenda Jane, XVI, 58


Jason, Desmond Cole, 112

Jason, Holden Alan, 112

Jasper, Margaret, II, 49

Jaton, Nancy Lynn, XVII, 22

Jeffers, Alexy Nikolai, XIV, 11

Jeffers, Allen Francis, XIV, 11

Jeffers, Ann Elizabeth, née Eberhart, XIV, 11

Jeffers, April Katherine, XIV, 11

Jeffers, Carl Benjamin, XIV, 11

Jeffers, Carol Jean, née Saile, XIV, 11

Jeffers, Donna Francis, née Piquado, XIV, 12

Jeffers, Emily Esther, XIV, 11

Jeffers, Eric Edwin, XIV, 11

Jeffers, Esther Alma, née Smith, XIV, 11

Jeffers, Eugene Leroy, Jr., XIV, 11, 12

Jeffers, Eugene Leroy, Sr., XIV, 11

Jeffers, Jane Elizabeth, XIV, 11

Jeffers, Jessica Ann, XIV, 11

Jeffers, Karen Marie, née Purnell, XIV, 11

Jeffers, Mary Elizabeth, XIV, 11

Jeffers, Michael Anthony, XIV, 11

Jeffers, Svetlana Karina, XIV, 11

Jeffers, Theresa Ann, XIV, 11

Jeffers, Will Benjamin, XIV, 11

Jeffry, Hazel Mae, III, 18

Jeffs, Brenna Lynn, XI, 64

Jeffs, Brian Gaylord, XI, 64

Jeffs, Francis Paul, XI, 64

Jeffs, Janet Lynn, née Sheridan, XI, 64

Jeffs, Julianne Olga, née Carol, XI, 64

Jenkins, Florence Maude, V, 11

Jenkins, Florence, I, 38

Jenkins, Wanda Irene, née Johnson, IV, 34

Jensen, Daniel James, XIV, 49

Jensen, Janice Barbara, XIV, 49

Jensen, Lucile Marguerite, X, 54

Jenson, Helen Elizabeth, née Qualhiem, XI, 50

Jenson, James Howard, XI, 50, 51, 70

Jenson, James Saxton, XI, 50

Jergens, Amy Lou, née Branch, IX, 20

Jergens, Andrew MacAoidh, IX, 20

Jergens, Andrew MacAoidh, XIII, 81

Jergens, Andrew MacAoidh, XVII, 88

Jergens, Andrew Nicholas, IX, 20

Jergens, Andrew William, IX, 20

Jergens, Linda Louise, née Busken, IX, 20

Jergens, Peter Hawn, IX, 20

Jergens, Virginia, née Hawn, IX, 20

Jernigan, Penny Louise, XVI, 46

Jerome, Heather Lee, X, 13

Jerome, Margaret Jane, née Acton, X, 13

Jerome, Marrietta Elizabeth, née Graves, X, 13

Jerome, Newell Galbreath, X, 13

Jerome, Vaughn Acton, X, 13

Jerome, William Ross, X, 13

Johnson, Ada Lee, née Trantham, II, 13

Johnson, Adelaide Hayes, 110

Johnson, Alberta, IV, 34

Johnson, Almeda, IV, 34

Johnson, Ana Lillian, 110

Johnson, Anna Bell, née Cranor, IV, 34

Johnson, Anna Marie, née Livingston, XV, 18

Johnson, Archie Leroy, IV, 33

Johnson, Argie Earl, IV, 33

Johnson, Bertha, née Mannings, IV, 34

Johnson, Bessie, née Maden, IV, 34

Johnson, Bonnie Kay, XIII, 54

Johnson, Braydon Grissom, XI, 66

Johnson, Brylie Sinclair, XIII, 77

Johnson, Calvin Leonard, 251

Johnson, Calvin Leonard, II, 13, 18

Johnson, Calvin, IV 34

Johnson, Chad Leonard, II, 14

Johnson, Charles Bernice, née Cagle, II, 14, IV, 44

Johnson, Christopher David Leonard, II, 14


Johnson, Coralee Gwendolyn, XV, 51

Johnson, Danna, IV, 34

Johnson, Darcy Lynn, X, 10

Johnson, David Oliver Christopher, 251

Johnson, David Pittman, II, 14

Johnson, David Pittman, XVII, 24

Johnson, Delores Lee IV, 34

Johnson, Diane, IV, 34

Johnson, Donald Carl, XV, 29

Johnson, Dorah Elizabeth, née Saltsman, XI, 66

Johnson, Dorah Elizabeth, née Saltzman, XIII, 77

Johnson, Edna Marie, née Wooten, II, 14

Johnson, Edwin, IV, 34

Johnson, Ella Janice, I, 19, II, 14

Johnson, Everette, IV, 33

Johnson, Flora Lyvonne, IV, 34

Johnson, Flora Mae, IV, 34

Johnson, Florence, IV, 34

Johnson, Frances Elizabeth, IV, 34

Johnson, Freda Emogene, née Roberts, IV, 34

Johnson, Gary, IV, 34

Johnson, George Herman, IV, 33

Johnson, George Washington, IV, 33

Johnson, Gregory, IV, 34

Johnson, Hardwick Smith, Jr., V, 16

Johnson, Hardwick Smith, Sr., V, 16

Johnson, Hazel Dean, née Grissom, II, 14

Johnson, Helen Lee, née Pendleton, X, 10

Johnson, Henry Ursel, IV, 33

Johnson, Herman Leroy, IV, 34

Johnson, Iva, IV, 33

Johnson, James Riley, III, XI, 66

Johnson, James Riley, VIII, 51

Johnson, Jameson Riley, VIII, 51, XI, 66

Johnson, Janice Arleen, née Schlapper, XV, 29

Johnson, Jayme Marie, X, 10

Johnson, Jeffrey Walter, II, 14

Johnson, Jeffrey Walter, XI, 66

Johnson, Jeffrey Walter, XIII, 77

Johnson, Jess E., IV, 33

Johnson, Jocelyn Noelle, 132

Johnson, John David, II, 14

Johnson, John Leonard, II, 14

Johnson, John Michael, X, 10

Johnson, John Michael, XI, 69

Johnson, John Michael, XIII, 78

Johnson, John Robert, X, 10

Johnson, Joseph Richard, II, 14, VIII, 63

Johnson, Juanita, IV, 34

Johnson, Julia Dianne, née Morrison, II, 14, VIII, 63

Johnson, Kathleen Eleanor, née Henninger, XI, 66

Johnson, Kenneth Lewis, IV, 34


Johnson, Kierra Lynn, 108

Johnson, Lela Aquilla, née Wilson, IV, 34

Johnson, Lela, IV, 33

Johnson, Lena Elsie, IV, 34, 39, 40

Johnson, Leoma, II, 37, 38, IV, 33, 36

Johnson, Leoma, IV, 33

Johnson, Leon, IV, 34

Johnson, Leva Deward, IV, 33

Johnson, Linda June Russell, XVII, 88

Johnson, Linda June, née Russell, I, 40, II, 14

Johnson, Loretta, IV, 34

Johnson, Lura, V, 9

Johnson, Lydia, née Brown, IV, 34

Johnson, Marilyn Ruth, I, 18, II, 14

Johnson, Martha Jane, IV, 33

Johnson, Marty Ethel, XIII, 52

Johnson, Marvin Cleo, IV, 33

Johnson, Mary Louise, X, 52

Johnson, Mary, IV, 34

Johnson, Matthew Kevin, 108


Johnson, Melanie Ann, XVII, 8

Johnson, Michael David, II, 14

Johnson, Michael Elwood, XV, 18

Johnson, Minnie Louise, née Joiner, V, 16

Johnson, Nancy Lee, née Caywood, X, 10

Johnson, Norbert Jerome, Jr., XV, 11

Johnson, Norbert Jerome, XV, 11

Johnson, Norma, IV, 34

Johnson, Norma, IV, 34

Johnson, Oral, IV, 33

Johnson, Oran James Angus, 251

Johnson, Patricia JoAn, née Swift, XV, 11

Johnson, Patricia, IV, 34


Johnson, Patrick Elwood, XV, 18

Johnson, Paul, IV, 34

Johnson, Quinton Darnell, 132

Johnson, Retha, IV, 34

Johnson, Rhonda Lynn, XVII, 66

Johnson, Roberta Anne, née Eifert, VIII, 51

Johnson, Russ Patrick, VIII, 63

Johnson, Sheri, IV, 34

Johnson, Stella Ann, née Freeman, IV, 34

Johnson, Sue, IV, 34

Johnson, Thelma Letha, IV, 33, 35

Johnson, Timothy Carl, XV, 29

Johnson, Timothy, IV, 34

Johnson, Titus Conrad, 110

Johnson, Tristan Lee, 132

Johnson, Troy Irwin, IV, 34

Johnson, Tyler Matthew, 108

Johnson, Una, IV, 34

Johnson, Urel, IV, 33

Johnson, Victoria Elizabeth, X, 10

Johnson, Virginia Anne, X, 10

Johnson, Virginia Lee, née Zwilling, X, 10

Johnson, Wanda Irene, IV, 34

Johnson, Willard J., IV, 34

Johnson, William Madison, II, 13

Johnson, Willis, IV, 34

Johnson, Wilma Faye, IV, 34

Johnston, Margaret Gayle, XIII, 31

Joiner, Minnie Louise, V, 16

Jolly, Ethel A., I, 22

Jones, Ashley Ann, 97

Jones, Bernice Evelyn, née Clark, VIII, 49

Jones, Bertha May, XIV, 37

Jones, Charles Freddie, VIII, 50

Jones, Charles Jeffrey, VIII, 50

Jones, Cheyne Robert, 97

Jones, Christina Margaret, VIII, 43

Jones, Elizabeth Ann, née Rhett, XIII, 39

Jones, Eunice Jean, née Parish, VIII, 50

Jones, Evelyn Lavinia, née Thomas, XIII, 39

Jones, Frank Cox, VIII, 43

Jones, Gary Thomas, XIII, 39

Jones, Gloria Lorraine, née Hodges, VIII, 43

Jones, Grier Thomas, née Boudreau, XIII, 39

Jones, Harry McCormack, VIII, 43

Jones, Hayley Patricia, 97

Jones, Jason William, 127

Jones, Jeremiah Stewart, 127

Jones, Jill, II, 72

Jones, John Taylor, 127

Jones, Mallory Carpenter, XIII, 39

Jones, Margaret Ann, X, 16

Jones, Margaret, née McCormack, VIII, 43

Jones, Maria Isabel, 120

Jones, Mary, II, 49

Jones, Matthew Thomas, 120

Jones, Melinda Lee, 127

Jones, Melvin Brown, VIII, 50

Jones, Michael McCormack, VIII, 43


Jones, Monica Lynn, VIII, 50

Jones, Pearlie, XV, 23


Jones, Stefani Marie, 97

Jones, Taylor Rhett, XIII, 39

Jones, Victoria Rose, 97

Jones, Virginia Dare, VIII, 21

Jones, Virginia Marie, 45


Jonker, Corbett Orville, IX, 27

Jonker, Edith Patricia, née Ottey, IX, 27

Jonker, Frederick, IX, 27

Jonsdottir, Sigridur Bjork, XI, 13

Jonsdottir, Sigridur Bjork, XIII, 74

Jorstad, Bjørg Synnøve, IX, 13

Josephic, Genevieve Mary, IX, 24

Josipowich, Audrey, née Maciag, II, 31

Josipowich, Michael, II, 31

Jover Bañas, Maja, XV, 39

Joyce, David Christopher, 217


Joyce, Elinia Clare, 217


Joyce, Kevin Franklin, 217

Joyce, Kimberly Marie, 217

Joyce, Thomas Alexander, 217

Joyce, Thomas Camren, 217

Joyce, Thomas Lee, 217

Joyce, William Pratt, 217

Judkins, Ralph Raymond, III, XIV, 27

Juliano, Benjamin James, 97

Juliano, Clarissa, II, 23

Juliano, Henry Marcus, 97


Juliano, Lily Grace, 97

Juliano, Theodore Alan, 97
Jurzysta, Michael Douglas, XIV, 21

Jurzysta, Nancy Louise, née Cook, XIV, 21

Jurzysta, Stephanie Ann, XIV, 21

Justice, Monica Eileen, née Lahmann, XI, 56


Kaempfe, John Andreas von, 226

Kaempfe, Rebecca Margarethe von, 226

Kajak, Malgoszata, XI, 54

Kale, Barbara Louisa, XIV, 44

Kaltz, Maxine Ruth, XII, 57

Kambanis, Andreas, XV, 40

Kambanis, Andrew Emanuel, XV, 40

Kambanis, Emanuel, XV, 40

Kambanis, Georgiana, née Broutzas, XV, 40

Kambanis, Kiriaki, née Kiriakidou, XV, 40

Kambanis, Pamela Constance, XV, 40

Kampen, Apolina Katherine van, V, 12

Kane, Janice Marlene, née Schaber, XV, 52

Kane, Kevin Rolland, XV, 52

Kane, Michelle Lynn, XV, 52

Kane, Roger Louis, XV, 52

Kane, Roland Louis, XV, 52

Kane, Thelma Evelyn, née Jacobson, XV, 52

Kania, Delores Ann, XII, 18

Kapolnek, Magdalena, X, 11

Kappa Alpha Fraternity, XVII, 91

Kappa Alpha Order, The, XV, 35

Kappelman, Sarah Jean, XII, 18

Kara, Rose Blanche, née Aberdale, X, 44

Karaim, Brayden Carey, 208


Karaim, Zander Allen, 208

Karalanian, Alexandre Edouard, III, 39

Karalanian, Edward Yetward, III, 39

Karalanian, Michaela Rodica, née Palade, III, 39

Karam, Doreen Rose, VI, 23

Karambelas, Dennis Stephen, IX, 52

Karambelas, Rose Marie Antoinette, née Dilonna, IX, 52

Karambelas, Stephen Dennis, IX, 52

Karen Louise Tokarz, née Plankis, X, 19

Karlson, Lila Zander, IX, 26

Karvelas, Anthony George, IX, 43

Karvelas, Charles James, IX, 43

Karvelas, James Charles, IX, 43

Karvelas, Julia, née Scangos, IX, 43

Karvelas, Katherine, née Patros, IX, 43


Katzan, Jodi Lynn, XI, 24

Kauf, Marie, V, 8

Kaufman, Josephine Louise, XIV, 17

Kauzlarich, Laura Anne, XIV, 19

Kay, Christine Kelsey, I, 45

Kay, Sally Lou, XI, 27

Keane, Leonard Michael, Jr., XI, 12

Keane, Mary Elizabeth, née Daly, XI, 11

Kebort, Dorothy Elizabeth, XVII, 66

Keehart, Maude Pearl, XV, 60

Keehn, Lucie Adele, née Woodward, XVII, 20

Keehn, Michael Charles, XVII, 20

Keehn, Michael Herbert, XVII, 20

Keim, Nancy Rose, née Calhoun, VI, 52

Keith, Gene Martian, XVI, 27

Keith, Jared Eugene, XVI, 27

Keith, Joyce Irene, XVI, 9

Keith, Linda Gail née Brown, XVI, 27

Kelcher, Rita Marie, IV, 53

Keller, Annmarie Christine, XI, 23

Keller, Daryle Lee, XI, 23, 71

Keller, Daryle Lee, XIII, 81

Keller, John Earl, XI, 23

Keller, Juliette Luann, XI, 23

Keller, Mary Anne, née Wettergreu, XI, 23

Keller, Mary Louise, IX, 51

Keller, Sadie Rose, XVII, 80

Keller, Stephen Wayne, XI, 23

Keller, Susan Marie, née Hartig, XI, 23

Kellogg, Deborah Lee, née Scholz, VII, 48, VIII, 62

Kellogg, Florence, née Benson, VII, 48

Kellogg, George Martin, Jr., VII, 48

Kellogg, Julie Michelle, née Simpson, VII, 48

Kellogg, Kevin Michael, VII, 48

Kellogg, Lydia Elaine, VIII, 62

Kellogg, Mary Jane, née Simpson, VII, 48

Kellogg, Mary Kathleen, VII, 48

Kellogg, Maureen Kathleen, VII, 48

Kellogg, Michael Kevin, VII, 48

Kellogg, Michael Kevin, VIII, 62

Kellogg, Patrick Kirk, VII, 48

Kellogg, Paul George, VII, 48

Kellogg, Ruth Elaine, née Winter, VII, 48

Kelly, Bridget Christine, 174

Kelly, Daniel F., XVII, 89

Kelly, Daniel Francis, X, 23

Kelly, Daniel Francis, XI, 69

Kelly, Daniel Francis, XIII, 80

Kelly, David James, 174

Kelly, Denise Catherine, XII, 74

Kelly, George William, VI, 27

Kelly, Katherine Marie, 174

Kelly, Lorilla, née Karnbach, VI, 27

Kelly, Lucy Ann Huddleston, I, 30

Kelly, Marion Estella, née Beers, IX, 30

Kelly, Mary Ann, née Furey, X, 23

Kelly, Mary Elizabeth, 174

Kelly, Michael Thomas, IX, 30

Kelly, Nancy, XVI, 13

Kelly, Patrick Hugh, X, 23

Kelly, Peter Brian, 174


Kelly, Sarah Ann, VI, 27

Kelly, Sharon Ann, née Walsh, VI, 27

Kelly, Thomas Bernard, IX, 30

Kelso, Franklin Charles, XV, 41

Kelso, Jeffrey Eugene, XV, 41

Kelso, Mary Ann, née Racicot, XV, 41

Kemp, Mary Bonnie, IX, 16

Kendall, Esther Victoria, VI, 38

Kent, Kenalee, XIII, 27

Kent, Lawrence, XII, 58

Kerby, Annie Marguerite, née Beasley, XI, 42

Kerby, James Christopher, XI, 42

Kerby, James Kenneth, XI, 42

Kerby, Kate Beulah, née Ellis, XI, 42

Kerby, Kenneth Waterman Hewett, XI, 42, 43

Kerby, Kenneth Waterman Hewett, XIII, 89

Kerby, Patricia Susan Higle, née Shea, XI, 43

Kerby, Percy Ellis, XI, 42

Kerby, Stewart Waterman, XI, 42

Kerby, Thomas James Shea, XI, 42

Ketonen, Mirjam, VIII, 24

Keys, Sue, IX, 21

Keyser, Phyllis Ann, XIII, 34

Kiedinger, Nathalie Marie, VIII, 16

Kiepke, Jeffery Brian, XVII, 76

Kiepke, Jesse Lee, XVII, 76

Kiepke, Ruth Anne, née Goehring, XVII, 76

Kierig, Arlene Sunico, née Du Pauda, V, 30

Kierig, Delores Ann, née Nestor, V, 30

Kierig, Erika Helen, V, 30

Kierig, Leslie Oliver, V, 30

Kierig, Michael Albert, V, 30

Kihlström, Dorothy Marie, III, 44

Kihlström, Einor Alexander, III, 44

Kihlström, Margaret Linnea, III, 44

Kilcoe, Baron of, VII, 50

Kilhström, Ernie, III, 44

Kim Ruth Ila, I, 37

Kim, Dong Kyu, I, 37

Kim, Hui Suk, XVII, 48

Kim, Myung, née Soo, I, 37

Kim, Paul Kyung Hi, I, 37

Kim, Priscilla Hyung Shin, I, 37

Kim, Sun Tok, XV, 31

King, Carolyn Fay, XV, 33

King, Dorothy Authula IX, 57

King, Frances Evelyn, XII, 61

King, Julie Michelle, VII, 12, IX, 61

King, Mildred May, XVII, 38

King, Mona Faye, II, 58

King, Olene Gladys, XI, 47

King, Reba Lynn, X, 59

Kingston, Betty Jean, XVI, 50

Kininmonth, Cahterine Frances, née Schmitz, VII, 13

Kininmonth, Kimbery Kaye, VII, 13

Kininmonth, Maggie Pearl, née Davenport, VII, 13

Kininmonth, Robert Estell, VII, 13

Kininmonth, Robert Paul, VII, 13

Kininmonth, Warren Dale, VII, 13

Kinnaman, Benjamin Daniel, V, 49

Kinnaman, Benjamin Wise, V, 49

Kinnaman, Bruce Edward, V, 49

Kinnaman, Caroline Ruth, née Riddle, V, 49

Kinnaman, Edna Margaret, née Abbadusky, V, 46

Kinnaman, Glenn Henry, V, 49

Kinnaman, Gloria, née Gryska, V, 49

Kinnaman, Monica Mary, née Foskett, V, 49

Kinnaman, Stephen James, V, 49

Kinnman, Elisabeth Anne, V, 49

Kirby, Catherine Frances, née Fleming, XI, 42

Kirby, Catherine Frances, XI, 42

Kirby, Mary Kathleen, née Kellogg, VII, 48

Kirby, Sally Gelena, I, 38

Kiriakidou, Kiriaki, XV, 40

Kirk, Clifford Douglas, XII, 26

Kirk, Samuel Patrick, XII, 26

Kirkendall, Helen Virgie, III, 11

Kirsch, Marie Mathilde Martha, II, 59

Kiser, Pamela Kay, III, 12

Kisner, Cash Lochlan, 200


Kisner, Slade Dale, 200

Kisselburg, Linda Ann, XVII, 75

Klascius, Therese Marie, XVII, 72

Klascius-Fernandez, Jason Charles, XVII, 72

Kleiser, Anni, née Claus, III, 23

Kleiser, Elisabeth Bröder, née von Hohenstein, III, 23

Kleiser, Franz Theodor, III, 23

Kleiser, George Helmut, III, 23

Kleiser, George Joseph, III, 23

Klimek, Helena Veronica, XIII, 18

Klindworth, Catherine M., IV, 16

Klockentager, Carol Beth, née Faber, XIII, 77

Klockentager, Dennis Faber, XIII, 77

Klockentager, John Wayne, I, 39

Klockentager, John Wayne, Jr., XIII, 77

Klockentager, John Wayne, XIII, 77

Klockentager, Kathy Ann, XIII, 77

Knapp, Jennifer Lynn, IV, 41

Knecht, Katherine Anne, XVII, 17

Knight, Mary Elizabeth, X, 31

Knight, Mary Eunice, X, 28

Kninmonth, Warren Dale, Jr., VII, 13

Knock, Amelia M., IV, 17

Knoell, Susan Marie, XVI, 49

Knoll, Ann Marie, XVI, 56


Knott, Cornelia Kristin, née Billepp, III, 63

Knott, Donna Lee, III, 49

Knott, Douglas Michael, III, 65

Knott, Samantha Kristine, III, 65

Kobetitsch, Lillian Katherine, XI, 61

Kochis, Korine, 91-92

Kochis, Kristina, 91-92

Kochis, Patricia, 91-92

Kochis, Phillip, 91-92

Kocins, Ingrida Parsla, V, 11

Koepke, Brendon Jonah, 217

Koepke, Erica Anne, 217

Koepke, Haily Angel, 217

Koepke, Kenneth Michael, 217

Koepke, Richard Wayne, 217

Koepke, Robert Le, 217


Kohler, Ashley Robert, VI, 8

Kohler, Gregory Robert, VI, 8

Kohler, Laura, XII, 35

Kohler, Margaret Maria, née Ismert-Malinowski, VI, 8

Kohler, Rose Margaret, née Portz, VI, 8

Kollinger, Deborah Kay, née McMurtry, XII, 52

Komosa, Adam Anthony, IV, 55

Komosa, Adam Anthony, Jr., IV, 56

Komosa, Katherine Louise, IV, 56

Komosa, Katherine, née Syzmanik, IV, 55

Komosa, Maomi Evlyn, née Beard, IV, 56

Komosa, Namoi Evelyn, née Beard, IV, 56

Komosa, Simon, IV, 55


Konkoly, Aaron Max Abel, 81


Konkoly, Lily Amabel, 81

Konkoly, Sara Isabel, 81

Koopman, Judith Luise, XV, 43

Koops, Mary Lee, XIII, 58

Korczak-Kreczowski, Prince Antoni-Marian, III, 34

Korczak-Kreczowski, Princess Zofia-Emilia-Wanda, née Chmielewska, III, 34

Korey-Krzeczowski, George Jerzy Maciej Kniaz Kouzak, III, 34

Korganoff, Princess Catherine, III, 42

Korra, Catherine, née Bernard, IV, 51

Korra, Cindy Louise, IV, 50

Korra, Dawn Elizabeth, IV, 50

Korra, Debbie Marie, née Meyer, IV, 51, 52

Korra, Debbie, née Booth, IV, 51

Korra, Dian Louise, née Frederick, IV, 51

Korra, Emily Ann, IV, 51

Korra, Gina, née Gallo, IV, 51

Korra, Heather Ann, IV, 51

Korra, Herbert Mahrdt, IV, 50

Korra, Johann Christian Friederich Emil, IV, 50

Korra, Johannes Friedrich, IV, 50

Korra, John Donald Gustauf, IV, 50

Korra, John Donald, II, IV, 51

Korra, Joshua, IV, 51

Korra, Karl Bernard, IV, 51

Korra, Karla Gene, IV, 51

Korra, Lisa, IV, 51

Korra, Maria Johanna, née Colmetz, IV, 50

Korra, Mary Francis, IV, 51

Korra, Patricia Ann, née Gingerich, IV, 51

Korra, Richard Carl, IV, 50

Korra, Wilhelmine Helene, née Mahrdt, IV, 50

Korwek, Karen Elaine, née Early, II, 20

Kothe, Lynn Margaret, XVI, 59

Kowalenko, Nadia, XI, 54

Koziol, Aileen Therese, née McGuinness, XV, 44


Kraft, Jennifer Amy, 82

Kraft, Jeremy Schafer, 82

Kraft, Rebecca Jane, 82

Kraft, Walter Delbert, 82

Kraft, Zackery Aaron, 82

Kraft-Goob, Kayla, 202

Krall, Anne Mary, née Gliha, XII, 53

Krall, Anton, XII, 53

Krall, David Richard, XII, 53

Krall, Edward Michael, XII, 53

Krall, Edward Stephen, XII, 53

Krall, Francis Maximillian, XI, 47

Krall, Francis Michael, XI, 47

Krall, Francis Michael, XIII, 89

Krall, Kayla Charmaine, XI, 47

Krall, Kenneth Ralph, XII, 53

Krall, Marianne Teresa, XII, 53

Krall, Mary, née Nose, XII, 53

Krall, Olene Gladys, née King, XI, 47

Krall, Sharon Rae, née DiMarzio, XII, 53

Krall, Stephen Christopher, XII, 53

Krall, Tonya Marie Krall, XI, 47

Kramer, Mary Ann, IX, 44


Krause y Senties, Raquel, XII, 27

Krause, Alexandra Victoria, XII, 27

Krause, Franklin Dale, III, III, 15

Krause, Franklin Dale, IV, III, 15

Krause, Franklin Dale, Jr., III, 15

Krause, Hedwig Maria, née Besmak, III, 15

Krause, Sarah Christina, XII, 27

Krause, Victoria Ann, née Cole, III, 15

Krautkramer, Elizabeth, Vi, 46

Krepp, Dana James, X, 53

Krepp, David Lloyd, X, 53

Krepp, Earl James, X, 53

Krepp, Lloyd James, X, 53

Krepp, Phylliss Ann, née Marwood, X, 53

Krepp, Sarah, née Hurd, X, 53

Kreuz-Casati, Gianna Lauren, XVII, 83

Kreuz-Casati, Isabella Rachel, 83

Kreuz-Casati, Nicolas Lawrence, XVII, 83

Kreuz-Casati, Nina Sofia, XVII, 83

Krieger, César Amorim, XI, 37

Krieger, Gustavo Philippe Cassol, XI, 37

Krieger, Marco Aurélio Ramos, XI, 37

Krieger, Maria Carolina, née Amorim, XI, 37

Krieger, Raphael Henrique Cassol, XI, 37

Krieger, Raquel, née Seara Cassol, XI, 37

Kristie, Helen Ann, XIII, 40

Kristinsson, Magnus Baeringur, XI, 13

Kropf, Marcia Lee, née Brumit, XV, 60

Krouse, Clara Belle, née Brewer, XIII, 70

Krouse, Edgar Edward, XIII, 70

Krouse, Eleanor Anne, XIII, 70

Krouse, Jennifer Lynn, née Allgeyer, XIII, 70

Krouse, Kenneth Richard, XIII, 70

Krouse, Klinton Richard, XIII, 70

Krouse, Kurt William, XIII, 70

Krouse, Pauline Dorinne Marie Theresa, née LeBlanc, XIII, 70

Kruming, Mary Jane, IV, 24

Krupp, Cynthia Louise, née McGuinness, XV, 45

Kryzac, Cecilia Fredericka, V, 44


Kubajak, James William, XVII, 94

Kuehl, Wilma Marie, I, 57

Kuehne, Erika Helen, I, 52

Kuhnke, Ute Gabriele, née Schoch, II, 60

Kuniyoshi, Naoko, XIV, 38

Kuzyk, Sylvia Marie, née Schoch, II, 59

Kyrill of Taormina, H.G. the Rt. Rev. Bishop, XIII, 40

Kyrstyniak, Janice, XIII, 53


La Fayette, Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Montier, Marquis de, III, 37

la Mar, Gay Rose Johnson, V, 47

La Marca, Antony Raymond, 200


La Marca, Samantha Rose, 200

La Marca, Stephen Jeffry, 200

Lactaoen, Andrew Jon, 236


Lactaoen, Cooper Clayton Akira, 236

Lactaoen, Jimmy Scott, 236

Lactaoen, Jon Mark, 236

Lactaoen, Lauren Elizabeth, 236

Laecki, John, XI, 54

Lahmann, Dennis Wayne, XI, 56, 57

Lahmann, Esther Cline, née Lisher, XI, 56

Lahmann, Evelyn Eileen, née Barnes, XI, 56

Lahmann, Francis John, XI, 56

Lahmann, Francis Wayne, XI, 56

Lahmann, Gerald Wayne, XI, 56

Lahmann, Judith Kathryn, née Meredith, XI, 56

Lahmann, Monica Eileen, XI, 56

Lahmann, Ted Wayne, XI, 56

Lahti, Arja L., XVII, 84

Laird, Amy Teresa, née Rothleutner, IX, 61, XII, 77

Laird, Braydon Richard, XV, 70

Laird, Breanne Michele, née Horne, XV, 70

Laird, Christopher Jude, XII, 77

Laird, David Anthony, IX, 61

Laird, David Douglas, II, 42, IX, 61, XII, 77, XV, 70

Laird, Jacob Gabriel, XII, 77

Laird, James Douglas, II, 42, XI, 66

Laird, Marcia Eileen, née Strenick, II, 42

Laird, Marian Dianne, II, 42

Laird, Samantha Rose, XI, 66

Laird, Susan Marian, née Frazier, II, 43, XI, 66


Lamb, James Otis, IX, 47

Lamb, Majorie Joyce, née Ford, IX, 47

Lamb, Michael Duane, IX, 47, 74

Lamb, Michael Duane, XIII, 89

Lambert, Celeste Marie, née Perkowski, VI, 51

Lambert, Cleve Virgil, VI, 51

Lambert, James Chunn, VI, 51

Lambert, Melanie Ann, VI, 51

Lambert, Melissa Lynn, VI, 51

Lambert, Nelle Grey, née Chunn, VI, 51

Lambert, Sharlene Constance, XII, 9

Lambeth, Edith, V, 55

Lampas, Elizabeth, IV, 25

Lampron, Denise Della, X, 45

Landers, Francis Marion "Don", XV, 45

Landers, Mark Eric, XV, 45

Landers, Mary Agnes, née McGuinness, XV, 44

Landers, Regina Mary, XV, 45

Landrum, Mary Alpharetta, XI, 39

Landry, Edmond E., III, 16

Landry, Edmond Jospeh, III, 16

Landry, Elmira, IX, 35

Landry, Michael Edmond, VIII, 34

Landry, Nicole Ashton, X, 14

Landry, Ryan Tyle, XI, 34

Landry, Stephen Joseph, VIII, 34

Landry, Stephen Joseph, VIII, 34, X, 14, XI, 34

Landry, Vanessa Lynn, née Burnette, VIII, 34, X, 14, XI, 34

Landry, Winnifred Gabrielle, née Asselin, III, 16


Langdon, George Edmund, V, 225

Langdon, Melonie Crystal, 225

Langdon, Stephanie Marguerite, 225

Langseth, Tonya Marie, XI, 47

Lanners, Leonora Susan, XVI, 18

LaPlante, Vera Annette, née Heckert, V, 25

Lardner, Hannah, II, 50

Larned, Carmen, née Robertson, XI, 66

Larned, Charlotte Ann, née Sulik, IX, 29

Larned, David Lynn, IX, 29

Larned, David Lynn, XI, 66, 76

Larned, Dorothy Belle, née Welch, IX, 29

Larned, Edward Scott, XI, 66

Larned, Kenneth Eugene, IX, 29

Larned, Victoria Anne, IX, 29

Lasecki, George Peter, XI, 54, 71

Lasecki, Henry George, XI, 54

Lasecki, James John, XI, 54

Lasecki, Joyce, née Perme, XI, 54

Lasecki, Malgoszata, née Kajak, XI, 54

Lasecki, Maria Perme, XI, 54

Lasecki, Nadia, née Kowalenko, XI, 54

Lasecki, Piotr, XI, 54

Lashbrooke, David Carroll, X, 16

Lashbrooke, Elvin Carroll, Jr., X, 16

Lashbrooke, Elvin Carroll, X, 16

Lashbrooke, Lois Lenora, née Weger, X, 16

Lashbrooke, Margaret Ann, née Jones, X, 16

Lashbrooke, Michelle Ann, X, 16

Latta, Amy K., XVII, 84

Latta, Jerry Leon, XVII, 84

Latta, Margaret J., née Sands, XVII, 84

Latta, Michael L., XVII, 84

Latta, Steven L., XVII, 84

Lattizzori, Anthony John, XIV, 58, 59

Lattizzori, Carol Ann, née Furtek, XIV, 58

Lattizzori, Dennis Laurence, XIV, 58

Lausch, Angelina Anna, née Bertozzi, XV, 67

Lausch, Henry Nevin, XV, 67

Lausch, Nathan Bertozzi, XV, 67

Lauzon, Michell, I, 52

Law, Vera Alta, V, 25

Lawing, Lois Faye, XI, 35

Lawrence, Debra Cecelia, IX, 12

Laxa, Soledad Garcia, XVII, 18


Laytynher, Nilmaria Barbosa, XVII, 73

Leaper, Mary-Alice Waldorf, née Cooke, II, 54

Leaper, Percy Faraday, II, 54

Leatherwood, Elizabeth Maye, XII, 32

LeBlanc, Nydia Shaun, XVII, 43

LeBlanc, Pauline Dorinne Marie Theresa, XIII, 70

Lebron, Edgardo, XI, 46, 71

Lebron, Paula, née Perez, XI, 46

Lebron, Raimundo, Jr., XI, 46

LeClair, Christopher Ryan, V, 61

LeClair, Norman Paul, V, 61

LeClair, Reta Charlene, née Heckert, V, 25, 61

LeCroy, Betty Joyce, IX, 53

Lee, Agnes, XIII, 76

Lee, Ann Carter, née Hill, III, 17

Lee, Annie, XIII, 76

Lee, Emily, IX, 46

Lee, George Washington Custis, XIII, 76

Lee, Henry, III, 17

Lee, Kwan-Iong, IX, 13

Lee, Mary Ann Randolph Custis, XIII, 76

Lee, Mary, XIII, 76

Lee, Mildred, XIII, 76

Lee, Nannie Beulah, IV, 44

Lee, Richard, III, 17

Lee, Robert Edward, III, 17

Lee, Robert Edward, XIII, 76

Lee, William Henry Fitzhugh, XIII, 76

Leeds, Mary Dieuwka Lister, née Boersma, II, 71

Lees, Margaret Rose, XVII, 39

Lehman, Maryanna, XIII, 52

Lehman, Virginia Eileen, I, 45

Leigh, Dennis Michael, 165

Leigh, Eric Michael, 165


Leigh, Joel James, 165

Leigh, Mark T. Bubba, 165

Leigh, Michael Clint, 165

Leigh, Rodney Dewain, 165

Leigh, Taylee Marie-Michelle, 165

Leigh, Theodore James, 165

Lein, Rita Rose, IX, 25

Leisses, Laure Margaret, IV, 53

Leisy, Lorena May, XIV, 75


Leland, Amanda Jane, VI, 7

Leland, Cecilia Yvonne, VI, 7

Leland, Jane Anne, née Ives, VI, 7

Leland, Laura Elizabeth, XII, 15

Leland, Lawrence Lester, VI, 7

Leland, Lawson Lester, VI, 7

Leland, Lester DeVaughn, VI, 7

Leland, Mary Hortense, née Alcala, VI, 7

Leland, Mary Maude, née Prechtel, VI, 7

Leland, Phyllis Joanne, VI, 7

Leland, Roger Wayne, VI, 7

Lengyel, Darren Thomas, XVII, 15

Lengyel, Thomas Michael, XVII, 15

Lennon, Grace Marie, XIII, 43

Lennon, Grace Marie, XIII, 46

Lennox, Amy Chiyono, née Nakagawara, IX, 31

Lennox, Charles Gordon, IX, 31

Lennox, Charles, III, IX, 31

Lennox, Charles, Jr., IX, 31

Lennox, Diana Roxanne Chiyo, IX, 31

Lennox, Jean Elizabeth, née MacIntyre, IX, 31

Lentz, Frederick Lawrence, II, XV, 56

Lentz, Frederick Lawrence, III, XV, 56

Lentz, Frederick Lawrence, XV, 56

Lentz, Kathleen Inger, née Nelsen, XV, 56

Lentz, Kimberly Kae, née Thompson, XV, 56

Lentz, Lawson Thomas, XV, 56

Leonhart, Valerie Anne, 80

Leppard, Dale John Joseph, XIII, 89

Leppard, Dale John, X, 47

Leppard, Edward Sylvester, X, 47

Leppard, Frances Elizabeth, née Mazzillo, X, 47

Lester, Amy, nee Green, IX, 22

Lester, Carol, nee Bresler, IX, 21

Lester, Cindy Marie, née Barry, IX, 22

Lester, David Patrick, Jr., IX, 22

Lester, David Patrick, Sr., IX, 21

Lester, Diria D., née Chapman, IX, 22

Lester, Emily Sue, IX, 21

Lester, Hazel Diann, née Hankins, IX, 21

Lester, James Tolbert, IX, 21

Lester, James William, III, IX, 22

Lester, James William, Jr., IX, 21

Lester, James William, Sr., IX, 21

Lester, Janet Ellen, IX, 21

Lester, John Francis, III, IX, 21

Lester, John Francis, Jr., IX, 21

Lester, John Francis, Sr., IX, 21

Lester, Judy, née Gray, IX, 21

Lester, Katherine Mary, IX, 21

Lester, Laura Cathrine, IX, 21

Lester, Lee Garrison, IX, 21

Lester, Lisa Marie, née Jackson, IX, 21

Lester, Martha Sue, IX, 21

Lester, Paige, IX, 21

Lester, Robert Benjamine, IX, 21

Lester, Sharon Ann, née Phillips, IX, 21

Lester, Steven Keys, IX, 21

Lester, Steven Tyler, IX, 21

Lester, Sue, née Keys, IX, 21

Lester, William Patmon, IX, 21

Letcher, Florence, IX, 19

Lethcoe, Alex Christopher Summerfeld, XVII, 23

Lethcoe, Barbara Ann, née Potts, XVII, 23

Lethcoe, Jason Joel, XVII, 23

Lethcoe, Larry Joel, XVII, 23

Lethcoe, Nancy Diane, née Messerschmidt, XVII, 23

Lethcoe, Olivia Rose, XVII, 23

Levenethal, Jane, IV, 48

Lewis, Alan B., XVII, 94


Lewis, Drew Joseph, XIII, 63

Lewis, Josephine Carol, née Samartino, XIII, 63

Lewis, Laurie Allison, née Davies, XIII, 63

Lewis, Micah Aiden, XIII, 63

Lewis, Olive India, VI, 57

Lewis, Sean Tyrone, XIII, 63

Lewis, Sheri Lyn, II, 39

Lewis, Tyrone Emmitt, XIII, 63

Light, John Leftwich, XI, 26

Light, Lisa Kaye, née Burcher, XI, 26

Light, Madeline Gibson, XI, 26

Light, Patricia, née Wilson, XI, 26

Light, William Randall, II, XI, 26

Light, William Randall, XI, 26

Light, William Randall, XVII, 94


Linden, Jean Combrinck, née Graham, II, 26

Linden, Michael, II, 26

Linden, William Lee, II, 26

Lindgren, Carl Edwin, Jr., XI, 31

Lindgren, Carl Edwin, Sr., XI, 31

Lindgren, Ruby Kate, née Corder, XI, 31

Lindsay, Katherine Elena, 162


Lindsey, Carol Ellen, XVII, 12

Lindwall, Theresa Georgia, XIV, 22

Linton, Katherine Almeda, VI, 36

Lipsey, Annie Mary, née Barton, IV, 20

Lipsey, Richard Cameron, IV, 20

Lipsey, Richard Cameron, Jr., IV, 20

Liscuito, Genieve, II, 27

Lisher, Esther Cline, XI, 56

Lissabet, Alexander Philip, XII, 37

Lissabet, Ernest Francis, XII, 37

Lissabet, Orlando, XII, 37

Lissabet, Rose, née Claveria, XII, 37

Lissabet, Sara, née Axelrod, XII, 37

Lister, Mary Ellen, II, 71

Littell, Mary Patricia, XVII, 41


Little, Sawyer Montgomery, 102

Liuberskyte, Elena, XVII, 11

Living History Foundation, X, 61

Livingston, Anna Marie, XV, 18


Loa, Mary Lamb, XIV, 15

Lodewyk, Attee, II, 71

Loewe, Christoph Gottfried von, IV, 11

Loewe, Emmeline Brainard von, née Newmyre, IV, 11

Loewe, Karl Christoph von, IV, 11

Loewe, Maria Johanna von, née Vorreuter, IV, 11

Lofberg, Christine Leodoris, née White, XIV, 17

Lofberg, Fredirck Tor, XIV, 17

Löfberg, Fritjof Magnus, XIV, 17

Löfberg, Josephine Louise, née Kaufman, XIV, 17

Lofberg, Robert Tor, XIV, 17

Lofberg, Robert Tor, XVII, 93

Loftice, Oleta Faye, I, 25

Logan, Erika Lynn, 237


Logan, Harold Dale, III, 143

Logan, Harold Dale, Jr., 143


Logan, Jon Kevin, Jr., 237

Logan, Kenneth Aldon, 237

Logan, Mary Anne, 143

Logan, McKenzie Nicole, 237

Logan, Shane Michael, 143

Loginova, Angelina Vladimirovna Ladyzheva, 53

Lohman, Anne E., née Schlesselman, IV, 16

Lombardi, Ann Marie Cathrine, née Calista, IV, 22

Lombardi, Anthony Paul, II, 73, III, 53

Lombardi, Diodata, née Roberto, II, 73

Lombardi, Francesco, II, 73

Lombardi, Francis Michael, II, 73

Lombardi, Liza Marie, III, 53

Lombardi, Mary Margaret, née Orsi, II, 73, 74

Lombardi, Michael Anthony, III, 53

Lombardi, Michael Peter, II, 74

Lombardi, Michael, II, 73, 74

Lombardi, Stephanie Katherine, III, 53

Lombardi, Susan Ann, née Milianta, IV, 23

Londrigan, Michelle Denise, née Mills, XVII, 14

Long, Gary Robert, IX, 51

Long, Jesse Seymore, I, 60

Long, Jesse Seymore, Jr., I, 60

Long, June Jacqueline, née Turner, I, 17, 60

Long, Linda Gay, I, 60

Long, Luther Lyndell, IX, 51

Long, Mark Jeffery, I, 60

Long, Mary Louise, née Keller, IX, 51

Longmire, Carmen Evelyn née Whitson, XVI, 54

Longmire, John Allen, XVI, 54

Longmire, Mack Lee, XVI, 54

Loomis, Frances Constance, V, 42


Lorient, Mary Ann, XV, 21

Loring, Brenda Lynn, XII, 42

Lortz, Florence E., née Schlesselman, IV, 17

Love, Jacob Levy, XVII, 21

Lovenguth, Esther Louise, IV, 61

Lowe, Adaline Ruth, IX, 25

Löwe, Anna Elisabeth, née Werner, IV, 11

Lowe, Anna May, X, 25

Löwe, Anton Wilhelm, IV, 11

Lowe, Carolyn Brame, née Matthews, VII, 60

Lowe, Cathern Pearl, née Methany, IX, 25

Lowe, Daniel Paul, IX, 25

Lowe, Danyelle Louise, IX, 25

Lowe, Debra Lynn, IX, 25

Lowe, Debra, née Farris, IX, 26

Lowe, Dorothy May, IX, 25

Lowe, Elizabeth Ann, née Walters, IX, 25

Lowe, Elizabeth Georgette Maul, IX, 25

Lowe, Frances Teresa, née Pac, IX, 25

Lowe, George McCellan, IX, 25

Lowe, Gladys Marie, IX, 25

Lowe, Helen Izetta Patrick, IX, 25

Lowe, Jack Leonard, IX, 25

Lowe, James Edward, IX, 25

Lowe, James Walter, IX, 25

Lowe, John Calvin, IX, 25

Lowe, Judith Faye, née Woolsey, IX, 25

Lowe, Julie Ann, IX, 26

Lowe, Lila Zander, née Karlson, IX, 26

Lowe, Lisa Michelle, IX, 25

Lowe, Lucretia Joan, née Maxwell, IX, 25

Lowe, Mamie, née Cannon, IX, 25

Lowe, Marva Joe, IX, 25

Lowe, Michael Anthony, IX, 25

Lowe, Rita Rose, née Lein, IX, 25

Lowe, Robert Calvin, IX, 25

Lowe, Thomas Michael, IX, 25

Lowry, Angela Renee née Ziccardi, XVI, 58

Lowry, Brenda Jane née Jarvis, XVI, 58

Lowry, Clifton Euell, XVI, 58

Lowry, David Alan, XVI, 58

Lowry, Jackson James, XVI, 58

Lowry, James David, XVI, 58

Lowry, Matthew Alan, XVI, 58

Lowry, Olga Nelle née Crider, XVI, 58


Lucas, Catherine Anne, VIII, 60

Lucas, James Walter, VIII, 60

Lucas, Sara Sue, née Stewart, VIII, 60

Luce, Myra Ruth, née Engelking, XI, 7

Lucken, Kristen Louise, née Remington, VII, 47

Lueder, Pamela Lynn, XVI, 36

Luganob, Consolacion Yanto, IX, 58

Luhrs, Jayne Elsie, XI, 12


Lumbley, Jon Christopher, 229

Lumbley, Jon Harry, 229

Lumbley, Kristen Patricia, 229

Lumbley, Lee Thurman, 229

Lumbley, Whitten Lee, 229
Lundy, Edward Alexander, XI, 65

Lundy, Florence Nanette, née McGinnis, XI, 65

Lundy, Glen Edward, XI, 65

Lundy, Martha Faye, née Wilson, XI, 65

Lundy, Walker Zan, XI, 65

Luthgren, Virginia Charolette, III, 51

Lutsky, Lori Louise, XVI, 34

Lydston, Kathleen Gladys, née Ames, XIII, 57

Lydston, Paul Edward, Jr. XIII, 57

Lydston, Paul Edward, XIII, 57

Lyon, Alexis, XV, 63

Lyon, David, XV, 63

Lyon, Gracie Marie, née Gallagher, XV, 63

Lyon, Helen Theodosia, née Ives, IV, 11

Lyon, Louis Augustus, IV, 11

Lyon, Mark, XV, 63

Lyon, Robert Louis, IV, 11



MacDonald, Jeffrey Bohmann, 114

MacDonald, Jesslyn Ann, 114

MacDonald, Jonathan Reid, 114

MacDonald, Joshua Corbin, 114

MacDonald, Margaret, VIII, 49

MacDonald, Maxwell Paul, 114

MacDonald, Rev. Gary Bruce, 114

MacDowell, Joye Margery, XI, 21

Maciag, Audrey, II, 31

MacIntyre, Jean Elizabeth, IX, 31

Mackey, Aaron Jacob, II, 38

Mackey, Clifton Albert, II, 37

Mackey, Clifton Albert, IV, 36, V, 55

Mackey, Damon David, II, 38

Mackey, Dareron Clifton, II, 38

Mackey, Earliane, née Casey, V, 55

Mackey, Edith, née Lambeth, V, 55

Mackey, Estella Louisa, née Beckley, V, 55

Mackey, Gary Albert, V, 55

Mackey, Gay Lamae, IV, 36

Mackey, Gregory Earl, V, 55

Mackey, Jacob Michael, II, 38

Mackey, John Albert, II, 37

Mackey, John Albert, V, 55

Mackey, John Paul, V, 55

Mackey, John W., V, 55

Mackey, Johnny Clifton, II, 37

Mackey, Johnny Clifton, IV, 36

Mackey, Leoma, née Johnson, II, 37, 38, IV, 33, 36

Mackey, Linda Sue, née Blue, II, 38

Mackey, Lydia Leoma, II, 38

Mackey, Michael Johnny, II, 38

Mackey, Robin Rocky, IV, 36, V, 55

Mackey, Ruby May, V, 55, 62

Mackey, Ruth Ida, V, 55, 62

Mackey, Sarah Ida, née Sherrodd, II, 37, V, 55

Mackey, Sheryl Kay, née White, II, 38

Mackey, Terra Lee, II, 38

Mackey, Wayne Paul, V, 55

Mackey, William Dole, V, 55

Mackey, Zola Loretta, IV, 36

Mackie, Duncan Rand, XII, 47

Mackie, Mary Adeline, née Webb, XII, 47

Mackie, Matthew Adam, II, XII, 47

Mackie, Walter Hammond, XII, 47

MacLean, Christen Frances Ziarko, XV, 13

MacLean, Diana Raye, XIV, 32

MacLean, Diana Sue, XV, 13

Maclean, Patrick Ray Andrew, XII, 34

MacMahon, Brian Michael, XIII, 55

MacMahon, Leanella Helen, née Putnam, XIII, 56

MacMahon, Lila Mae, née Sprigel, XIII, 55

MacMahon, Sir Lee Dennis, XIII, 55, 56, 73

MacMahon, Susan Lynn, XIII, 55

MacMahon, Thomas Dennis, XIII, 55

Madden, Rebecca Jane, X, 22

Maddox, Virginia Mae, XI, 22

Maden, Bessie, IV, 34

Madigan, Jane Josephine, VI, 23

Madrid, Josefina Baldera, XV, 39

Maechtel, Greydon Paul, X, 62

Maechtle y Castro, Edna Marie de Jesus, IX, 14

Maechtle y Castro, Edna Marie de Jesus, X, 62

Maechtle, Alyce Ethet, née Marks, IX, 14

Maechtle, Andrea Lynn, née Hughes, IX, 15

Maechtle, Blanca Estla, née Castro y Ochoa, X, 62

Maechtle, Blance Estela, née Castro y Ochoa, IX, 14

Maechtle, Elsie Antolina, IX, 14

Maechtle, Gregory James, IX, 15

Maechtle, Greydon Paul, IX, 14, 65

Maechtle, Greydon Paul, XI, 71

Maechtle, Lowell Edwin, IX, 14

Maechtle, Stephen James, IX, 15

Magellan, Ferdinand, III, 28

Maggio, Agnes, XV, 63

Magnusson, Kolbeinn Tumi, XIII, 74

Magnusson, Magnus Arni, XI, 13

Magnusson, Magnus Arni, XIII, 74

Magnusson, Ulfur Baeringur, XI, 13

Mahaffey, Judith L., XVII, 64

Mahfouz Marei bin Mahfouz, Albatol Mahfouz Marei, 172

Mahfouz Marei bin Mahfouz, Balqis Mahfouz Marei, 172

Mahfouz Marei bin Mahfouz, Mohammed Mahfouz Marei, 172

Mahfouz Marei bin Mahfouz, Suliman Mahfouz Marei, 172

Mahoney, Eva Lucille, V, 36

Mahrdt, Wilhelmine Helene, IV, 50

Maidford Halse, Lord of the Manor of, VII, 58

Maier, Charles R., XII, 24

Mair, Ada LaVone, née Perkins, XIII, 27

Mair, Billie Joe, XIII, 27

Mair, Christopher Paul, XIII, 27

Mair, Jason Lee, XIII, 27

Mair, Kenalee, née Kent, XIII, 27

Mair, Michael Lee, XIII, 27

Mair, Samantha Ann, XIII, 27

Mair, Terry Lee, XIII, 27

Mak, Adrian Desmond Kwok Leung, V, 53

Mak, Derwin James Kah Wai, V, 53

Maki, Patricia L., XIV, 42

Males, Ann, XV, 51



Manaf, Mohammed Zaini, II, 40

Manaf, Noor Aini Md., née Zin, II, 41

Mandela, Dorothy Christine, XIII, 53

Manderfeld, Sophia, VI, 45

Mandri, Adalberto Froilan, VII, 34

Mandri, Daniel Francisco, VII, 34, 69

Mandri, Estrella, née Pereiro, VII, 34

Mandri, Monica Ana, née Ruffing, VII, 35

Mandri, Natalie Monica, VII, 35

Mandri, Nicholas Daniel, VII, 35

Manfull, Margery Jean, VIII, 38

Mangahis, Alfredo, XVI, 48

Mangahis, Carmella née Rutger, XVI, 48

Mangahis, Cynthia, XVI, 48

Mangahis, Isabella, XVI, 48

Mangahis, Joseph, XVI, 48

Mangahis, Marvin, XVI, 48

Mangahis, Nathaniel Poe, XVI, 48

Mangahis, Renato Barraquio, XVI, 48

Mangahis, Rose, XVI, 48

Mangahis, Salud Raralio née Bautista, XVI, 48

Mangum, Katherine Marie, XVII, 33

Mangum, Marjorie Wilma, née Etchison, XVII, 33

Mangum, Ronald Scott, XVII, 33

Mangum, Roy Oliver, XVII, 33

Mangum, Scott Arthur, XVII, 33

Mann, Chelsea Marie, XVII, 78


Mannings, Bertha, IV, 34

Manor of Maidford Halse, Lord of the, VII, 58

Margita, Doris Ann, XV, 22

Mari y Barrero, Norma Teresa, VIII, 52

Mari y Borrero, Norma Teresa, IX, 32

Mari, Juan, IX, 32


Marion, Phylis Helen (Hutchens), née Godfrin, XIV, 73

Marks, Alyce Ethet, IX, 14

Marks, David Milner, XII, 72

Marks, Phyllis Elaine, née Milner, XII, 72

Marks, Ralph Eugene, XII, 72

Marlatt, Dawn Eilenn, XVII, 36

Marrero y Lafontaine, Migdalia, XVI, 17

Marshall, Betty Lou, XVII, 75

Marshall, Louise Ann, IX, 56

Marshall, Regina Ann, XIII, 49


Martin, Bambi Lynnette, 156

Martin, Evan Tyler, 156

Martin, Maria Isabel, 82

Martin, Nicol DeJohn, VII, 33

Martin, Rose Ann, IV, 44

Martz, Dr., XVI, 36

Marwood, Phyllis Ann, X, 53

Masaryk, Lena Elizabeth, XIV, 35

Mason, Harriet Irene, VIII, 45

Mason, John E. Jr., XVI, 12

Massey, Andrey Jean, née Derryberry, X, 24

Massey, Debra Cecelia, née Lawrence, IX, 12

Massey, Holly Lindsay, née Williams, IX, 12

Massey, Marvin Howard, X, 24

Massey, Mary Elizabeth, née Roeback, X, 24

Massey, Melanie Lynn, X, 24

Massey, Merrie Beth, X, 24

Massey, Michael Howard, X, 24

Massey, Mikala Ann, X, 24

Massey, Peggy Joyce, née Carter, IX, 11

Massey, Randall Ray, II, IX, 12

Massey, Randall Ray, IX, 11

Massey, Robert Hewlett, IX, 11

Masten, Mary Cecilia Agnes, née McGuinness, XV, 45

Maszer, Grace Marion, née Orsi, IV, 21

Maszer, William Anthony, IV, 21

Mattera, Debra Ann, VIII, 61

Matthews, Carolyn Brame, née Haddon, VII, 60

Matthews, Carolyn Brame,, VII, 60

Matthews, Ruth, née Swain, VII, 60

Matthews, Walter, Jr., VII, 60, 71

Matthews, Walter, VII, 60

Maultsby, David Allen, I, 32

Maultsby, Evelyna Nehir, I, 32

Maultsby, Maxie Clarence, I, 32

Maultsby, Maxie Clarence, III, I, 32

Maultsby, Maxie Clarence, Jr., I, 32

Maultsby, Rossnilda, née Oliveras, I, 32

Maultsby, Valdee, née Campbell, I, 32

Maxey, Alexander Paul, 146

Maxey, Emily Loraine, 146


Maxey, Nicholas Tye, 146

Maxie, Hershel Eugene, II, 21

Maxie, Hershel, II, 21

Maxie, Iva Vaye, née Pullen, II, 21

Maxson, Ruth Althea, XVII, 36

Maxwell, Barbara, II, 23

Maxwell, Lucretia Joan, IX, 25

Maxwell, Margaret, V, 45

May, Christopher Jonathan, V, 58

May, Dianne Patricia, née DeVeaux, V, 58

May, Jared Andrew, V, 58

May, John Frederick, V, 58

Mayden, Henry Robert, XVII, 17

Mayden, Joan Mary, née Peel, XVII, 17

Mayden, Mercedes Amenda, XVII, 17

Mayden, Michael Scott, XVII, 17

Mayer, Barbara Ann, née Taylor, V, 7

Mayer, Christopher Thomas, V, 7

Mayer, Friedrich, II, V, 7

Mayer, Friedrich, V, 7

Mayer, Thomas Wall, V, 7

Maynard, Bethany Dawn, XIII, 46

Mayoral, Anna Ines, XVI, 17

Mazzillo, Frances Elizabeth, X, 47

McArthur, Maurine, VII, 22


McBride, Carolyn Fay, née King, XV, 33

McBride, Courtney Joseph, XV, 33

McBride, Jane Elizabeth, XV, 33

McBride, Laurie Aileen, née Boucher, XV, 33

McBride, Monroe Clark, XV, 33

McBride, Reuben Clark, III, XV, 33

McBride, Spencer Welles, XV, 33

McBride, Tyler Monroe, XV, 33

McBride, William Clark, XV, 33

McCabe, Christopher Robert, 188



McCabe, Patrick Alexander, XVII, 75

McCall, Anthony Christopher, XV, 34

McCall, Myra Ruth, XV, 34

McCallaster, Lenora A., IV, 17

McCarthy, Colleen Marie, VIII, 53

McCarthy, Debra Ann, X, 45

McCarthy, Erin Jean, VIII, 53

McCarthy, Francis Felicitas, née Sullivan, VIII, 53

McCarthy, Johanna, X, 41

McCarthy, John James, VIII, 53

McCarthy, Lawrence James, VIII, 53

McCarthy, Margaret Jane, née Stobie, VIII, 53

McCarthy, Meghan Ann, VIII, 53

McCarty, Harriet Irene, née Mason, VIII, 45

McCarty, Janice Elisa, née Ernst, VIII, 45

McCarty, John Richard Moynagh, X, 62

McCarty, Katherine Howe, VIII, 45

McCarty, Marguerite Lee, VIII, 45

McCarty, Mark Madison, VIII, 45, X, 62

McCarty, Mary Catherine, née Moynagh, X, 62

McCarty, Matthew Mason, VIII, 45

McCarty, Victoria Margaret, née Howe, VIII, 45

McCarty, Victoria Margaret, née Howe, VIII, 45

McCarty, William Mason, VIII, 45

McCarty, William Mason, XI, 69

McCarty, William Mason, XIII, 83

McCarty, William Richard Claybrook, VIII, 45

McClain, Ethel Lorraine, née Carraway, XII, 34

McClain, Howard Ray, XII, 34

McCloskey, Andrew Thomas, 215

McCloskey, Cecelia Catherine, 215

McCloskey, Luke Anthony, 215

McCloskey, Peter Bernard, 215


McClurg, Amanda Katherine, XVII, 66

McClurg, Brian Mathew, XVII, 66

McClurg, Caitlin Elaine, XVII, 66

McClurg, Clifford Wilfred, XVII, 66

McClurg, Dorothy Elizabeth, née Kebort, XVII, 66

McClurg, Elaine Trula, née Becker, XVII, 66

McClurg, Frederick Henry, XVII, 66

McClurg, Kathleen Anne, XVII, 66

McClurg, Kelly Elizabeth, XVII, 66

McClurg, Rhonda Lynn, née Johnson, XVII, 66

McClurg, Shannon Laura, XVII, 66

McClurg, Timothy Michael, XVII, 66

McCombe, Janice Ellen, VIII, 16

McCombs, Lillian Ida, II, 20

McConnell, Annie Bell, XV, 51

McCool, Barbara Gail née Thomas, XVI, 51

McCool, Delbert Gerald III, XVI, 51

McCool, Delbert Gerald Jr., XVI, 51

McCool, Riley Aries, XVI, 51

McCorkle, Charlotte Virginia, née Blair, 79

McCorkle, Kelly Brett, XVII, 79

McCorkle, Kerry Paul, XVII, 79

McCorkle, Kevin Scott, XVII, 79

McCorkle, Lunda Catherine, née McKnight, XVII, 79

McCorkle, Theodore LaFayette, XVII, 79

McCormack, Margaret, VIII, 43

McCoy, Marion Jean, XV, 66

McCrann, Rosemary, XI, 38

McCullough, Annie Patricia, née Hodge, XII, 8

McCullough, Darrin Lee, XII, 8

McCullough, James Lee, XII, 8

McCune of Coll-Earn and Elphinstone, Bailey Bruce, V, 47

McCune, Bailey, of Coll-Earn and Elphinstone, Baron of Elphinstone, XIII, 73

McCune, Gay Rose Johnson, née la Mar, V, 47

McCusker, Jason Samuel, XII, 50

McCusker, Josephine, née Terranella, XII, 50

McCusker, Marlane Millicent, née Caldwell, XII, 50

McCusker, Regina, née Horton, XII, 50

McCusker, Robert Paul, XII, 50

McCusker, Thomas Michael, XII, 50

McDade, April Melissa, 198


McDade, Misty Lana, 198

McDanell, Anita Jeanne, I, 25

McDonald, Claiborne, III, XV, 42

McDonald, Claiborne, IV, XV, 42

McDonald, Doris Ann, née Meyers, XIII, 47

McDonald, Edith Lockhart, née Rapp, XV, 42

McDonald, Francis Gregory, XIII, 47

McDonald, Hugh Claiborne, XV, 42

McDonald, Kyle Somerled, XIII, 47

McDonald, Linda Ann, XIII, 28

McDonald, Loch Thomas, XIII, 47

McDonald, Marlene Marie, née Sofian, XIII, 47

McDonald, Neil Sullivan, XV, 42

McDonald, Skye Anne, XIII, 47

McDonald, Terese Martha, née Boswell, XII, 74

McDonald, Thomas Eugene, XIII, 47

McDowell, Brandon Patrick, XVI, 41

McDowell, Flora Lee née Freeman, XVI, 41

McDowell, Gwynneth Harlene née Allman, XVI, 41

McDowell, Katie Mae, XVI, 41

McDowell, Leo B., XVI, 41

McDowell, Leo Birtrand, XVI, 41

McFadyen, Saray Thomas, VIII, 31

McFarland, Ruth Florence, VI, 39

McGee, Anna Vivian, née Groenhoff, 29

McGee, Brittany Marie, XVII, 30

McGee, Candice Shea, XVII, 29

McGee, Candyce Sherrye, XVII, 29

McGee, Chase Andrew, XVII, 30

McGee, Christine Machelle, née Ragland, XVII, 30

McGee, Howard Phillip, XVII, 29

McGee, Jason Cole, XVII, 30

McGee, Jennifer Marie, née Sharp, XVII, 30

McGee, John Richard, XVII, 29

McGee, Justin Christopher, XVII, 29

McGee, Kaliegh Erin, XVII, 30

McGee, LaVerne, née Newell, XVII, 29

McGee, Mary Elizabeth, née Driver, XVII, 29

McGee, Meagan Victoria, 29

McGee, Michael Corey, XVII, 29

McGee, Michael Neal, XVII, 29

McGee, Michael Thorin, XVII, 29

McGee, Rose Marie, née Brandt, XVII, 29

McGee, Shannon Breanne, XVII, 29

McGee, Sharon Lee, née Hunsicker, XVII, 29

McGee, Stewart Dwight, 251

McGee, Stewart Dwight, II, 29

McGee, Stewart Dwight, III, 29

McGee, Stewart Dwight, IV, 251

McGee, Stewart Dwight, XVII, 29

McGee, Stewart Evan, XVII, 29

McGehearty, Carol Ann, XIV, 73

McGiboney, Alvord Grey, XI, 35

McGiboney, Christopher James, XI, 35

McGiboney, Danielle Grey, XI, 35

McGiboney, Gregory Alan, XI, 35, 76

McGiboney, Gregory Alan, XIII, 86

McGiboney, Lois Faye, née Lawing, XI, 35

McGiboney, Michelle M., née Huemoeller, XI, 35

McGiboney, Pamela Rochelle, née Howe, XI, 35

McGillivray, Kathleen Bittner, X, 12

McGinnis, Florence Nanette, XI, 65

McGowan, Jeannette, IX, 38

McGuinness, Aileen Theresa, née Moroney, XV, 45

McGuinness, Aileen Therese, XV, 44

McGuinness, Andrew James, XV, 45

McGuinness, Brian William, XV, 45

McGuinness, Cynthia Louise, XV, 45

McGuinness, Daniel Bek, XV, 45

McGuinness, David Bek, XV, 44

McGuinness, David Lawrence, XV, 45

McGuinness, Delores Therese, née Dalton, XV, 45

McGuinness, Emma, née Palmer, XV, 44

McGuinness, Eugene Gerard, XV, 44

McGuinness, James Francis, XV, 44

McGuinness, James Hubert, XV, 44

McGuinness, James Palmer, XV, 45

McGuinness, James Parnell, XV, 45

McGuinness, Jean Margaret, XV, 44

McGuinness, John Curtis, XV, 45

McGuinness, John Parnell, XV, 44

McGuinness, John Patrick, XV, 44

McGuinness, John Peter, XV, 44

McGuinness, Joseph Michael, XV, 44

McGuinness, Katherine Marie, XV, 45

McGuinness, Kathleen Mary, XV, 44

McGuinness, Kevin Daniel, XV, 44

McGuinness, Kristina Marie, XV, 45

McGuinness, Laura Therese, XV, 45

McGuinness, Louis Charles Palmer, XV, 45

McGuinness, Louis Joseph, XV, 44

McGuinness, Margaret Mary, XV, 44

McGuinness, Mark David, XV, 45

McGuinness, Mary Agnes, XV, 44

McGuinness, Mary Cecilia Agnes, XV, 45

McGuinness, Mary Rose, XV, 44

McGuinness, Matthew Charles, XV, 45

McGuinness, Maureen Jeanne, XV, 45

McGuinness, Moira Ann, XV, 45

McGuinness, Patricia Anne, V, 29

McGuinness, Patricia Anne, XV, 45

McGuinness, Paul Henry, XV, 45

McGuinness, Paul Joseph, XV, 45

McGuinness, Paul, XV, 45

McGuinness, Pauline Alberta, née Curtis, XV, 45

McGuinness, Pauline, XV, 45

McGuinness, Peter Michael, XV, 45

McGuinness, Petronella Mary, née Bek, XV, 44

McGuinness, Philip Michael, XV, 45

McGuinness, Richard Dean, XV, 45

McGuinness, Steven Joseph, XV, 45

McGuinness, Steven Michael, XV, 45

McGuinness, Susan Lynn Mary, XV, 45

McGuinness, Therese "Nell", XV, 44

McGuinness, Thomas Joseph, XV, 45

McGuinness, Thomas Lee, XV, 45

McGuinness, Virginia Marie, née Curtis, XV, 45

McIntosh, William A., XI, 41

McKay, Alvin Edward, XVII, 63

McKay, Colin Keith, XVII, 63

McKee, Donald S., XVII, 94

McKenna, Muriel Ann, IV, 13

Mckey, Robin Rocky, II, 37

McKinney, Darcy Elisabeth, 148


McKnight, Lunda Catherine, XVII, 79

McLane, Melba Jane, II, 25

McLaren, Allison Michelle, V, 11

McLaren, Florence Maude, née Jenkins, V, 11

McLaren, Ingrida Parsla, née Kocins, V, 11

McLaren, Michael Eric, V, 11

McLaren, Robert Barry, V, 11

McLaren, Robert Cheshire, V, 11

McLaren, Susan Fleming, née Smith, V, 11

McLaughlin, Charles Phillip, V, 8

McLaughlin, John Michael, V, 8

McLaughlin, Marie, née Kauf, V, 8

McLellan, Gertrude, XI, 12


McLendon, Sylvia Rose, 211

McLeod, Diane Priscilla, XIII, 61

McLeod, Julia Mae, née Daly, XI, 11

McMahan, Nancy L., VIII, 13

McMillian, Lorene, XIII, 38

McMurray, Audrey Mae, née Sloan, XII, 62

McMurray, Daniel Ray, XII, 62

McMurray, Jesse Ray, XII, 62

McMurray, Marie Eloise, née Rhoten, XII, 62

McMurray, Michelle Lea, XII, 62

McMurray, Steven Ray, XII, 62

McMurtry, Deborah Kay, XII, 52

McNally, Thomas Trevor, VIII, 28

McNeal, Betty Blanche, née Hood, XVII, 59

McNeal, James E., XVII, 59

McNeal, Melvin James, XVII, 59

McNeall, Deanna Gayle, née Scholl, XVII, 59

McNew, Mae, XII, 51

McNichols, Alicia Ann, XV, 61

McNichols, Elizabeth Ann, XV, 61

McNichols, John Wellington, XV, 61

McNichols, Kelly Ann, XV, 61

McNichols, Margaret M., née Gavin, XV, 61

McNichols, Matthew Wellington, XV, 61

McNichols, Susan, XV, 61

McNichols, Tracy Elizabeth, XV, 61

McNichols, Vandegriff Gossett, XV, 61

McNichols, William Gavin, XV, 61

McNulty, Autumn Lynn, 164


McNulty, Zane Matthew, 164

McNutt, Brian Andrew, I, 45

McNutt, Christine Kelsey, née Kay, I, 45

McNutt, Jason Alexander, I, 45

McNutt, Lawrence Elmore, I, 44

McNutt, Lawrence Elmore, XIII, 88

McNutt, Lisa Kay, née Piner, I, 45

McNutt, Michael John, I, 45

McNutt, Michael John, Jr., I, 45

McNutt, Steven Thaddeus, I, 45

McNutt, Virginia Eileen, née Lehman, I, 45

McPherson, Bennie Lloyd, IV, 38

McPherson, Betty Regina, IV, 38

McPherson, Lela, née Johnson, IV, 33, 38

McPherson, Lester Lee, IV, 38

McPherson, Patty Joann, IV, 38

McPherson, Peggy Regina, IV, 38

McPherson, Teddy Dean, IV, 38


McQuaid, Riley Eugene, 123

McQuaid, Wesley David, 123

McShane, Clan, XV, 20

McWilliams, Mary Alice, XVII, 9

Mechler, Gordon Alfred, XVI, 26

Mechler, Judith née Enloe, XVI, 26

Mechler, Monte Lee, XVI, 26

Mechler, Monte Lee, XVII, 73

Mechler, Sabrina Leigh, XVI, 26

Mechler, Shawn Dell née Christiansen, XVI, 26

Mechler, Zachary Aiden, XVI, 26

Mediano, Ricardo Almeida, II, XV, 14

Melfa, Karen, née Cosenza, XVII, 60

Melfa, Victor Joseph, III, 60

Melfa, Victor Joseph, Jr., 60

Mellas, Marilyn, XV, 49

Mellet, Nathalie, I, 36, III, 67


Melvin, William K., X, 14

Menard, Cornelia Willcutt, XVI, 47

Menasco, Annabelle, née Tooman, XVII, 56

Menasco, Edward Tooman, XVII, 56

Menasco, H. R., XVII, 56

Mercadante, Katherine, IX, 41

Merchant, Erin Maria, née Bledsoe, XIV, 55

Merchant, Nathaniel James, XIV, 55

Merchant, Sanjay Vijay, XIV, 55

Merchant, Serena Anne, XIV, 55

Merchant, Vijay Chaturbhuj, XIV, 55

Merchant, Yvonne Crystal, née Comer, XIV, 55

Meredith, Judith Kathryn, XI, 56

Merritt, Ethan Christian, XIV, 26

Merritt, Robert Vance, XIV, 26

Merritt, Shannon Renee, née Burks, XIV, 26

Merritt, Tessa Elizabeth, XIV, 26

Merritt, Timothy Allen, XIV, 26

Merritt, Valerie Dawn, née Peterson, XIV, 26

Meserve, Harriette Alta, née Smith, VII, 59


Meserve, Kendra Kay, VII, 59

Meserve, Lee Ann, VIII, 8

Meserve, LeeAnn, VII, 42, 59

Meserve, Lindsey Lauren, VII, 59

Meserve, Mark Masson, VII, 59

Meserve, Mataya Jay, VII, 59

Meserve, Matthew Miles, VII, 59

Meserve, Michael Martin, VII, 59

Meserve, Roderick Standfeld, VII, 59

Meserve, Sarah Alyssa, VII, 59

Meserve, Solomon Willis, VII, 59

Meserve, William Nelson, VII, 59

Messerschmidt, Nancy Diane, XVII, 23

Metevier, Agnes Phoebe, VIII, 23

Methany, Cathern Pearl, IX, 25

Method, Colleen Merry, VI, 26

Method, Joseph Michael, VI, 26

Method, Lorraine Venita, née Walther, VI, 26

Meyer, Alfred Eber, XII, 29

Meyer, Amy Elizabeth, VII, 40

Meyer, Anna Louise, 155

Meyer, Caitlin Marie, 155

Meyer, Carl Andew, Jr., VII, 40

Meyer, Carl Andew, VII, 40

Meyer, Carl Andrew, III, VII, 40

Meyer, Carla Baron, VII, 40

Meyer, Clara S., née Schlesselman, IV, 17

Meyer, David Arthur, XII, 29


Meyer, Debbie Marie, IV, 51, 52

Meyer, Fritz, IV, 52

Meyer, Jack Allen, XII, 29

Meyer, Jack Allen, XIII, 90

Meyer, Jack Allen, XVII, 89

Meyer, John Charles, XII, 29

Meyer, Kathryn Joan, VII, 40

Meyer, Loretta Bertha, née Basch, XII, 29

Meyer, Margaret Elizabeth, née Steinbacher, VII, 40

Meyer, Matthew Fred, IV, 52

Meyer, Thomas Gavin, VII, 40

Meyer, Thomasine Joan, née Skovronsky, VII, 40

Meyer, Timothy Fred, IV, 52

Meyers, Doris Ann, XIII, 47

Michinock, Alexandra, 91-92

Michinock, Ambrose Hallel, 91-92

Michinock, Anna Maria, 91-92

Michinock, Audrey Nicole, 91-92


Michinock, Charles Francis, 91-92

Michinock, Charles Francis, 91-92

Michinock, Elijah Campion, 91-92

Michinock, Emerick Emanuel, 91-92

Michinock, Frances Karen, 91-92

Michinock, Francis Andrew, 91-92

Michinock, Francis Blake, 91-92

Michinock, Francis Charles, 91-92

Michinock, Francis Miles, 91-92

Michinock, Francis Shane, 91-92

Michinock, Ian Gilchrist, 91-92

Michinock, James Sean Dennis, 91-92

Michinock, John Joseph, 91-92

Michinock, John Joseph, 91-92

Michinock, Judah Thadeus, 91-92

Michinock, Laurence Aloysius, 91-92

Michinock, Maximus Seamus, 91-92

Michinock, Michael Joseph, 91-92

Michinock, Patricia Dymphna, 91-92

Michinock, Patrick William, 91-92

Michinock, Sophia Guadelupe, 91-92

Michinock, Stephania Margaret, 91-92

Michinock, Valerie Marie, 91-92

Michinock, Vincent Thomas, 91-92

Middleton, Arthur Christopher, VI, 57

Middleton, Arthur Pierce, VI, 57, 58

Middleton, Auda Marina, née Chacin, VI, 58

Middleton, Geoffrey Pierce, VI, 57, 58

Middleton, Jane Day, née Scofield, VI, 57

Middleton, Mariel Ariana, VI, 58

Middleton, Mark Lewis, VI, 57

Middleton, Olive India, née Lewis, VI, 57

Middleton, Pamela Ann, VI, 57

Middleton, Phyllis Inez, XIV, 8

Middleton, Warren Christopher, VI, 58

Middleton, Wendel Mariano, VI, 58

Midgett, Kathleen Lucille, VI, 24

Miles, Nancy, XII, 35

Milianta, Joseph, IV, 23

Milianta, Susan Ann, IV, 23

Milianta, Virginia, née Campo, IV, 23

Miliauskaite, Jurate, XVII, 11

Milissis, Andreas, XIII, 21

Milissis, Aphrodite, née Potakis, XIII, 21

Milissis, Nikolaos, XIII, 21

Military Society of the Wild Geese, The, XIII, 73

Miller, Altone, XIII, 49

Miller, Anna Isabelle, XII, 16

Miller, Bradford Louis Carl, VI, 30

Miller, Carl John, VI, 29

Miller, Charlotte, née Greenwell, IV, 19

Miller, Edith, II, 29

Miller, Elizabeth Shappard, née Glaeser, VI, 29

Miller, Harold Carl Devere, VI, 30

Miller, Harold Hayes, VI, 29, 30

Miller, Harrold H., XVII, 90

Miller, Helen Martha, IV, 29

Miller, Jabari Montsho, XIII, 49

Miller, Joe Lee, 204


Miller, Kristina Marie, née McGuinness, XV, 45

Miller, Leileni Jean, née Sheppard, IV, 31

Miller, Mabel L., III, 60

Miller, Marcile, née Willingham, VI, 30

Miller, Martha Jane, IV, 33

Miller, Regina Ann, née Marshall, XIII, 49

Miller, Sherilyn, V, 28

Miller, William Johnie, 204

Mills, Catherine, 198

Mills, Frances Carolyn, XVII, 14

Mills, John Vincent, 14

Mills, Kathlee Marie, XIII, 16

Mills, Michael Brenden, XVII, 14

Mills, Michelle Denise, XVII, 14


Mills, Roger John, XVII, 14

Mills, Steven, 198

Milner, Elise Dawn, XIII, 7

Milner, Phyllis Elaine, XII, 72

Milton, Mildred Virginia, née Snider, VI, 54

Milton, Nora Octava, VI, 54

Milton, Octava, née Worley, VI, 54

Milton, Thomas Ashley, VI, 54

Milton, Thomas Custer, VI, 54

Milyaevna, Larisa Alexeivna, VII, 45

Minnis, Doublas Brian, VI, 56

Minnis, Hubert Clare, VI, 56

Minnis, Jerry J., VII, 24

Minnis, Jerry Joe, VI, 56

Minnis, Mary Nadine, née Shryock, VI, 56

Minnis, Michael Kevin, VI, 56

Minnis, Patricia Ellen, née Ide, VI, 56

Minnis, Patrick Douglas, VI, 56

Minto, Monica Lynn, née Jones, VIII, 50

Mintz, Martha Delaney, née Sims, XIII, 24

Mintz, Robert Anthony, XIII, 24, 90

Mintz, Robert David, XIII, 24

Misrahi, Jane, IV, 48

Misturado, Adam, XIII, 11

Misturado, Logan Adam, XIII, 11

Misturado, Manuel Medeiros, XIII, 11

Misturado, Maria Clara, née Gouveia, XIII, 11

Misturado, Susan Ann, née DePari, XIII, 11

Mitchell, Ashley Paige, XIII, 54

Mitchell, Bonnie Kay, née Johnson, XIII, 54

Mitchell, Claudia Beth, X, 21

Mitchell, Cora Mae, II, 53

Mitchell, Donna Jean, née Yates, XIII, 54

Mitchell, Elizabeth Brand, III, 62

Mitchell, Emily Ann, II, 38

Mitchell, Lydia Leoma, née Mackey, II, 38

Mitchell, Mark Edward, XIII, 54

Mitchell, Rachel Leoma, II, 38

Mitchell, Ragan Lynn, II, 38

Mitchell, Rintoul Edward, XIII, 54

Mitchell, William Bradley, II, 38

Mix, Mason Rees, 243


Mizaur, David Alan, XIV, 19

Mizaur, Jessica Anne, XIV, 19

Mizaur, Jonathan Thomas, XIV, 19

Mizaur, Katelyn Rose, XIV, 19

Mizaur, Laura Anne, née Kauzlarich, XIV, 19

Mizaur, Linda Leona Ann, née Herting, XIV, 19

Mizaur, Nicholas James, XIV, 19

Mizaur, Nicholas John, XIV, 19

Mlynar, Kimberly Ann, XVII, 16

Moblo, Helen Izetta Patrick, née Lowe, IX, 25

Moffa, Rosemarie, VII, 41

Moki, Kimiko, XIV, 37

Moldanado, Rafaela Robles, I, 27


Money, Alison Darlene, I, 34

Money, Jennifer Kay, I, 34

Money, Marian Francis, née Whitlow, I, 34

Money, Pamela Joy, née Handy, I, 34

Money, Royce Lynn, I, 34

Money, Virgil Garnet, I, 34

Monroe, Bertha June, née Peacock, XVII, 35

Monroe, Beulah Lee, née Whitman, III, 62

Monroe, Daniel Richard, XVII, 35

Monroe, Elizabeth Brand, III, 62

Monroe, Elizabeth Brand, née Mitchell, III, 62

Monroe, Henry Raymond, XVII, 35

Monroe, James Harrison, III, 62

Monroe, James Robert, XVII, 35

Monroe, Kenneth Raymond, Jr., XVII, 35

Monroe, Kenneth Raymond, XVII, 35

Monroe, Ruth Amanda, née Reimer, XVII, 35


Montezuma, III, 36


Montier, Marie Joseph Paul Yes Roch Gilbert du, Mariquis de La Fayette, III, 37

Montpascal, Conde de, XII, 27

Montpascal, Condesa de, XII, 27

Moore, Boris Ward, V, 19, 20

Moore, Clark, IV, 31

Moore, Frances Alean, née Huffman, VII, 58

Moore, Linda Elaine, XVII, 7

Moore, Mae, née Williston, V, 19

Moore, Margaret Wynette, XII, 33

Moore, Matthew Alexander, 123

Moore, Mia Carolina, 240-241

Moore, Paige Kathryn, 123

Moore, Samuel Ward, V, 19

Moore, Sara Jean, 123

Moore, Steven Richard, VII, 58

Moore, Steven Richard, XIII, 83

Moore, Steven Richard, XVII, 92


Moore, Willard Damascus, VII, 58

Moorhead, Patricia Ann, IX, 54

Moos, Elnora Mary, XV, 19

Morales, Juan Hector, XIV, 57

Morales-Sullivan, Maya Cecilia, XIV, 57

Moran, Alice Pauline, XVI, 52

Moran, Shelly Ann, née Graybill, XII, 42

Morgan, Beulah Estell, XVII, 75

Moriarity, Catherine Graham, née Stafford, II, 35

Moriarity, Donald Peter, II, 35

Moriarity, Donald Peter, II, II, 35

Moriarity, Donald Peter, III, II, 35

Moriarity, Erin Patricia, II, 35

Moriarity, Fleurette Antoinette, née Aucoin, II, 35

Moriarty, Gayle Lynn, née Welever, XIII, 59

Morlen, Gary Paul, XVI, 9

Morlen, Joyce Irene née Keith, XVI, 9

Morlen, Kris Allen, XVI, 9

Morletti, Flora Lyvonne, née Johnson, IV, 34

Morningstar, Caroline, XI, 7

Moroney, Aileen Theresa, XV, 45


Morris, Elenore Louise, née Duvall, X, 33

Morris, Emory Bernard, X, 9

Morris, Ethen Wade, X, 9

Morris, Eva Irene, 47

Morris, Harry Bernard, Jr., X, 9

Morris, Laurie Ann, née Richert, XIII, 52

Morris, Martha Elaine, née Hare, X, 9

Morris, Shelly Ann, née Griswell, X, 9

Morrison, Alexandra Joy, XVII, 61

Morrison, Julia Dianne, II, 14, VIII, 63


Morrow, Marlene Dee, VII, 47

Moses, Carolyn Ann, née Greenwood, IV, 29

Moses, Elbert Raymond, IV, 29

Moses, Elbert Raymond, Sr., IV, 29

Moses, Helen Martha, née Miller, IV, 29

Moses, James Elbert, IV, 29

Moses, Jo Ann, IV, 29

Moses, Karl Frederick, IV, 29

Moses, Laurie Sue, IV, 29

Moses, Lynn Ann, IV, 29

Moses, Mary Miller, née Sterrett, IV, 29


Moynagh, Mary Catherine, X, 62

Mozurak, Rita Victoria, XIII, 19


Mueller, Adella Fay, née Gorman, IX, 44

Mueller, Arthur James, IX, 44

Mueller, Edmund Joseph, IX, 44

Mueller, James Edmund, IX, 44

Mueller, Jason Arthur, IX, 44

Mueller, Mary Ann, née Kramer, IX, 44

Mulhall, Charles David, VIII, 54

Mulhall, George William, VIII, 54

Mulhall, Helene, née Hellerstein, VIII, 54

Mullaney, Joseph Francis, XIV, 66

Mullaney, Marie Anne, née DeShullo, XIV, 66

Mullaney, Mark Louis, XIV, 66

Müller-Westphal, Lothar, XI, 7

Mullery, Helen Marie, II, 54

Mulvaney, Bonnie Sue, 100

Mulvaney, Daniel Clayton, 100


Mulvaney, Michael Alan, 100

Mungle, Brian Keith, 141

Muñoz, Fernández y Bueno, Don Fernando, XIII, 10

Muraco, Sara Mary, X, 20

Murdock, Erik Edwin, VIII, 48

Murdock, John David, VIII, 48

Murdock, John Edwin, VIII, 48

Murdock, Kristense Margarethe, VIII, 48

Murdock, Linnea Jean, VIII, 48

Murdock, Ruth Mae, née Akhurst, VIII, 48

Murdock, Sharon Kay, née Hoagland, VIII, 48

Murphy, Betty Jean, née Pearson, I, 50, 63

Murphy, Clyde Laurence, I, 63

Murphy, Craig Laurence, I, 63

Murphy, Grant Steven, I, 63

Murphy, Valeria, née Witucki, XV, 25

Murphy, Valerie Ann, I, 63

Murray, Brian Jay, X, 21

Murray, Carol Anne, X, 41

Murray, Charles James, X, 41

Murray, Claudia Beth, née Mitchell, X, 21

Murray, Cynthia Marie, née Somers, X, 21

Murray, David Nathaniel, X, 21

Murray, Deborah Ann, X, 41

Murray, Dianne Marie, X, 41

Murray, Francis Joseph, X, 41

Murray, Heidi Beth, X, 21

Murray, Honorah Theresa, née O’Donoghue, X, 21, 41

Murray, Jay Paul, X, 21

Murray, Johanna, née McCarthy, X, 41

Murray, John Francis, X, 21, 41

Murray, John Paul Humphrey, X, 21

Murray, John Paul Humphrey, X, 41

Murray, Katie Marie, X, 21

Murray, Kenneth James, X, 21

Murray, Margaret Frances, X, 41

Murray, Mary Eileen, X, 41

Murray, Patrick, X, 41

Murray, Rita Emma, née Saulnier, X, 41

Murray, Ruth Deborah, née Chase, X, 21

Murrell, Elmeta Bernadene, VIII, 14

Murtaugh, Joseph Edward, XIII, 19

Murtaugh, Rita Victoria, née Mozurak, XIII, 19

Murtaugh, Stephen Michael, XIII, 19, 84

Murtaugh, Stephen Michael, XVII, 74

Muse, Carolyn IV, 44

Music, Claude Clayton, VII, 11

Music, Claude Odell, VII, 11

Music, Doyle, VII, 10, 11

Music, Janice Allene, née Wells, VII, 10

Music, Jason Landon, VII, 11

Music, Teresa Arlene, née McCloud, VII, 11

Music, Vanessa Erin, VII, 11

Muskewitz, Carol Anne, XIV, 63

Muzquiz, Cynthia Leslie née Fellows, XVI, 39

Muzquiz, Felipe Alberto, XVI, 39

Muzquiz, Padmapani Nitai, XVI, 39

Mynne, Anne, II, Naef, Laura LuDean, X, 30


Nakagawara, Amy Chiyono, IX, 31

Nance, Charles Herman, V, 50

Nance, David Charles, Jr., V, 50

Nance, David Charles, V, 50

Nance, Elizabeth Barrington, V, 50

Nance, Lucy LeClair, née Barrington, V, 50

Nance, Patricia Jane, née Winkler, V, 50

Nanos, Vicky Ellen, née Dallas, XII, 46

Napier, Ashford, Sr., V, 32

Napier, John Hawkins, III, V, 32

Napier, John Hawkins, Sr., V, 32

Napier, John Staples, V, 32

Napier, Lena Mae, née Tate, V, 32

Napier, Mary Ann, née Staples, V, 32

Narvestad, Anthony Clarence, II, XIII, 20

Narvestad, Anthony Clarence, XIII, 20, 81

Narvestad, Connor James, XIII, 20

Narvestad, Kenneth Reward, née Thornton, XIII, 20

Narvestad, Melonie Rose, née Newsome, XIII, 20

Narvestad, Stephanie Gayle, XIII, 20

Narvestad, Theresa Cecelia, née Friedle, XIII, 20

National Federation of Societies for Clinical Social Work, The, II, 28

Navas, Esther Palmira, née Torres, XVII, 7

Navas, George Ernest, XVII, 7

Navas, George, XVII, 7

Navas, Linda Elaine, née Moore, XVII, 7

Navas, Michael Anthony, XVII, 7

Nave, Agnes Bell, XIV, 70

Necker, Beverly Ann, X, 56

Neiman, Elizabeth, XVII, 55

Nelly, Alice Carolyn, VII, 38

Nelsen, Kathleen Inger, XV, 56

Nelson, Alexander George, 193, 230

Nelson, Ambrose Thomas, 193, 230

Nelson, Benjamin Charles, 193, 230

Nelson, Carol Ann, VIII, 38

Nelson, Cinthia Louise, 193


Nelson, Jeanne Agnes, VIII, 38

Nelson, Joan Marie, 193

Nelson, Judith Ann, 193

Nelson, Lindsy Louise, 193, 230

Nelson, Margery Jean, née Manfull, VIII, 38


Nelson, Mary Virginia, XV, 15

Nelson, Oswald William, 230

Nelson, Paige Ann, née Arenson, VIII, 38

Nelson, Sebastian Alec, VIII, 38

Nelson, Steven Allen, VIII, 38

Nelson, Taylor Paul, VIII, 38

Nelson, Yngve Harold, VIII, 38

Nemetz, Marilynn Meta, XIV, 42

Nesbit, Helen E., IV, 17

Nesler, Gayle, VIII, 16

Ness, Esther Theodora, XIV, 50

Nestor, Delores Ann, V, 30

Nettles, Cindy Gail, VIII, 63

Nettleton, John Anthony, XVI, 63

Nettleton, John William, XVI, 63

Nettleton, Marie Antoinette née Penkoske, XVI, 63



Nevill, Onalee Rae, XVI, 57

New York, The State of, III, 64

Newell, LaVerne, XVII, 29

Newmyre, Emmeline Brainard, IV, 11

Newsome, Melonie Rose, XIII, 20

Newton, Grace Evelyn, II, 23

Ng, Georgettte, V, 53

Ngo, Trinh, XI, 48

Nickerson, Maureen Ann, née Aberdale, X, 44


Niedfeldt, Nancy Ann, XIII, 76

Nieto, Aubree Suzanne, 173

Nieto, Connie Micca, 173


Nieto, David Andrew, III, 173

Nieto, Emily Rhea, 173

Nieto, Emily Rhea, 252

Nieto, Isaac Anthony, 173

Nieto, Jr, David Andrew, 173

Nieto, Katrina Rene, 173

Nieto, Robin Nicole, 173

Nieto, Vivienne Mya, 173

Nilsson, Agnes Theresa, née Anderson, VIII, 38

Nilsson, Sante August, VIII, 38

Noda, Manuel Antonio Delgado, 147

Noda, Maritza Delgado, 147

Nolan, Jeanne, XIV, 72

Nolla y Marrero, Jose Antonio Gabriel, XVI, 17

Nolla y Ramirez de Arellano, Jose Alfredo Miguel, XVI, 17

Nolla, Jose A. B., XVI, 17

Nolla-Mayoral, Jose Antonio Bernard, XVI, 17

Noort, Oliver van, IV, 26

Norgrove, Jonathan Charles, VII, 33

Norgrove, Justin Taylor, VII, 33

Norgrove, Lance Charles, VII, 33

Norgrove, Nicol DeJohn, née Martin, VII, 33

Norgrove, Raichill Cameron, VII, 33

Norgrove, Richard Bradley, VII, 33

Norgrove, Virginia Ruth, née Douglas, VII, 33


Norris, Elizabeth, I, 56

Norris, Kimberley Diahnne, 149

Norris, Leslie Edward, 143


Norris, Michael Leslie, 149

Norris, Vincent Everett, 149

Norris-Jones, Kimberley D., 143

North-West Territory Alliance, The, I, 47

Nose, Mary, XII, 53

Nothstine, Angelica Lynn, III, 14

Nothstine, Bret Ethan, III, 14

Nothstine, Constance Theresa, née Webster, III, 14

Nothstine, Dominga Diana, III, 14

Nothstine, Frederick Douglas, III, 14

Nothstine, Jason Bradley, III, 14

Nothstine, Lisa Annette, III, 14

Nothstine, Rachel Celeste, III, 14

Nothstine, Ralph Joseph, III, 14

Nothstine, Robert Alford, III, 14

Nothstine, Ruth Roberta, née Dixon, III, 14

Nothstine, Teresa Marie, III, 14

Nothstine, Toni Lynn, III, 14

Nottingham, Ann Louise, née Terizian, III, 27

Nottingham, Arthur McKendree, III, 26

Nottingham, Barbara Bonner, née Hansen, III, 27

Nottingham, Catherine Anne, III, 27

Nottingham, Dorothy Louise, née Oliver, III, 27

Nottingham, Gwynne Roads Dulin, née Wagner, III, 27

Nottingham, John Oliver, III, 27

Nottingham, Laura Alice Toulson, née Evans, III, 26

Nottingham, Leslie Anne, III, 27

Nottingham, William Prosser, III, 26, 27

Nottingham, William Prosser, Jr., III, 27

Novack, Ian Patrick, XV, 70

Novack, Mary Ann, XIV, 59

Novack, Miranda Ann, XIV, 59

Novack, Patrick Michael, XIV, 59

Novack, Sean Christopher, XIV, 59, XV, 70

Nowlin-McLendon, Sarah Ann, 211

Noyes, Marian Jane, XI, 33

Nugent, Mary Frances, XI, 11

Núñez, Katherine Joy, 226

Núñez, Michael Angel, 226


Nybroten, Arvid Ole, XVI, 30

Nybroten, Thora née Haugerud, XVI, 30

Nybroten, Victor Einar, XVI, 30

Nylander, Eva Lucille, née Mahoney, V, 36

Nylander, Ralph Willian, V, 36

Nylander, Richard Craig, V, 36

Nylander, Sharon Alayne, née Freedman, V, 36

Nylander, Sheldon Kyle, V, 36


Oar, Simone Amber, née Schoch, II, 60

Oates, Mildred Anne, VIII, 26

Ocasio, David Robles y, XIII, 9

Ochoa, Blanca Estla Castro y, X, 62

Ochoa, Blance Estela Castro y, IX, 14

O'Donoghue, Honorah Theresa, X, 21, 41

Ogletree, Gregory Wayne, II, 39

Ogletree, John Pierce, Jr., II, 39

Ogletree, Marian Arline, née Curry, II, 39

Ogletree, Melanie Michelle, II, 39

Ogletree, Milissa Nicole, II, 39

Ogletree, Sheri Lyn, née Lewis, II, 39

Ohlrich, Clara, III, 63

O'Keefe, Nancy, X, 45

O'Leary, Audry Avis, née Hodder, VII, 14

O'Leary, Dawn Ariel, VII, 14

O'Leary, Kelly Jane, VII, 14

O'Leary, Ruth Madeline, née Cumming, VII, 14

O'Leary, Stewart Cumming, VII, 14

O'Leary, William Cumming, VII, 14

O'Leary, William Sylvester, VII, 14

Oliver, Arlene Bridget, XV, 45

Oliver, Craig David, XV, 45

Oliver, Dorothy Louise, III, 27

Oliver, Eric Francis, XV, 45

Oliver, Grace Helen, XV, 45

Oliver, Irwin Joseph, XV, 45

Oliver, Karen Lisa, XV, 45

Oliver, Therese "Nell", née McGuinness, XV, 44

Oliver, Vincent Harold, XV, 45

Oliveras, Rossnilda, I, 32

Olkowska, Mary Agnes, XVII, 67

Ollenburg, Emma Wilhelmine Auguste, XIV, 42

Ólsen, Diana Jensdóttir, V, 21

Olson, Evelyn Mae, née Good, XI, 15

Olson, Leonard Sherman, XI, 15

Olson, Steffan Lyle, XI, 15

Omelina, Kathryn Marie, née Blevens, XII, 67

Ontario Genealogical Society, V, 40

Orosco, Genevieve, X, 12

Orr, Alberta, IV, 34

Orr, Marcia Ann, IV, 31

Orsi, Grace Marion, IV, 21

Orsi, Mary Margaret, II, 73, 74

Ortega, Ester Toring, XVII, 34

Ortiz, Auristela, VIII, 52

Ortiz, Manuel Bracete y, IX, 32

Osaki, Ikue, X, 50

Osborn, Carol Betty, XVI, 64

Osborne, Austin, XV, 23

Osborne, Borough of, X, 38

Osborne, Brandon Keith, XV, 23

Osborne, Christopher Ryan, XV, 23

Osborne, Dennis, XV, 23

Osborne, Derek, XV, 23


Osborne, Gillie, XV, 23

Osborne, John Noah, 134

Osborne, Linda, XV, 23

Osborne, Oultie Jane, Collins, XV, 23

Osborne, Pearlie, née Jones, XV, 23

 Osborne, Phillip Guy, 134

Osborne, Sophie, née Holland, XV, 23

Osborne, Tristin Kyle, 134

Osborne, Willie, XV, 23

O'Shea, Alexandra, X, 28

O'Shea, Alice, née Duffy, X, 29

O'Shea, Amy Elizabeth, née Meyer, VII, 40

O'Shea, Brian Andrew, X, 29

O’Shea, Camille Charlotte, 252

O'Shea, Catherine Jane, née Wheland , X, 28

O'Shea, Christine, née O’Toole, X, 29

O'Shea, Coleen, X, 29

O'Shea, Crystal Alice, née Bilodeau, VII, 25

O’Shea, Dorothea Alice, 252

O'Shea, Edward James, X, 28

O’Shea, Eleanor Louise, 252

O'Shea, Florence, née Fronzak, X, 28

O’Shea, Genevieve Irene, 252

O'Shea, Irene Ann, née Hughes, X, 28

O'Shea, John Joseph Paul, X, 28

O'Shea, John, X, 28

O'Shea, Joseph, X, 28

O'Shea, Josephine, née Kulla, X, 28

O'Shea, Judith, X, 28

O'Shea, Kenneth Putnam, X, 29

O'Shea, Kevin Carr, X, 28

O'Shea, Lawrence, X, 28

O'Shea, Linda, née Giesecke, X, 29

O'Shea, Marcia, née Putnam, X, 29

O'Shea, Martin Edward, X, 28

O’Shea, Martin Howard, 252

O'Shea, Martin William, X, 28

O'Shea, Martin William, VII, 25

O'Shea, Mary Eunice, née Knight, X, 28

O'Shea, Mary Veronica, X, 28

O'Shea, Maurene Ann, X, 28

O'Shea, Michael Joseph, X, 28

O’Shea, Michael Joseph, 252

O'Shea, Michael, X, 28

O'Shea, Monika, X, 29

O'Shea, Patricia, X, 28

O'Shea, Patrick Michael, X, 29

O'Shea, Patrick Michael, VII, 25

O'Shea, Patrick Michael, XII, 76, XII, 78

O'Shea, Richard Lawrence, X, 28

O'Shea, Robert Douglas, X, 29

O'Shea, Sean Edward, X, 28

O'Shea, Timothy William, X, 29

O’Shea, Veronica Jeanne, 252

O’Sullivan, Donal Mor Connor, 85

O’Sullivan, Erin Alvey, 85

O’Sullivan, Garryowen Brian, 85

O'Sullivan, James, VIII, 33

Osweiler, Gretchen Ilisa, 43

Osweiler, John Albert, XVII, 43

Osweiler, Mark Alan, XVII, 43

Osweiler, Meredyth Leah Anne, XVII, 43

Osweiler, Nikalas Brennan Guthrie, XVII, 43

Osweiler, Nydia Shaun, née LeBlanc, XVII, 43

Osweiler, Victoria Octavia, 43

Osweiler, Zachary Galen, XVII, 43

Ottevaere, Dawn A., 204


Ottevaere, James A., 204
Ottey, Edith Patricia, IX, 27

Owens, Mary Elizabeth, née Jeffers, XIV, 11

OZSquared Design Group, XIII, 60


Pac, Frances Teresa, IX, 25

Padilla, Maria Stella, XVI, 22

Paga, Mony, née Teny, XVII, 19

Pagan, Benedict Alan, XVII, 19

Pagan, Jerry Elwood, XVII, 19

Pagan, Peggy Ann, née Carr, XVII, 19

Pagan, William Elwood, XVII, 19

Pahls, John B., Jr., XII, 7

Pahls, John Bernard, Jr., X, 52

Pahls, John Bernard, X, 52

Pahls, Mary Louise, née Johnson, X, 52

Pak, Unju, XII, 23

Palade, Michaela Rodica, III, 39

Paler, Margaret Elizabeth, née Witty, XVII, 48


Palmer, Aaron Rowe, XVII, 48

Palmer, Daniel Clifton, IX, 50

Palmer, Elizabeth Bishop, IX, 50

Palmer, Elizabeth Cliatt, née Bishop, IX, 50

Palmer, Emma, XV, 44

Palmer, Harrison Rowe, XVII, 48

Palmer, Hui Suk, née Kim, XVII, 48

Palmer, Majorie Anne, V, 25

Palmer, Robert Leslie, XVII, 48

Palmer, Sally Jane, VI, 17


Papa, Maureen Jeanne, née McGuinness, XV, 45

Pappas, Andrea Michelle, IV, 41

Pappas, Bessie, née Tragakiss, IV, 41

Pappas, Christopher Jeffrey, IV, 41

Pappas, Jeffrey John, IV, 41

Pappas, Jennifer Lynn, née Knapp, IV, 41

Pappas, John Nicholas, IV, 41

Paquet, Carol Joy Mulvaney, 100


Parish, Eunice Jean, VIII, 50

Parker, Barbara, I, 17

Parker, Cory Shawn, V, 45

Parker, David John, XVII, 9

Parker, Essie Belle, I, 23

Parker, Mary Alice, née McWilliams, XVII, 9

Parker, Mary Jane, XV, 51

Parker, Patrice, V, 45

Parker, Patricia Rochelle, X, 49

Parker, Robert Hamilton, Jr., XVII, 9

Parr, DeElda Margarette, XVI, 44

Parrott, Darlene Elane, XVII, 10

Parson, Lois Ollie, I, 64