We are extremely indebted to our annual Patrons, whose contributions, over and above their normal membership, allow for the day to day operations of the College, including but not limited to, publication of The Armiger's News. The annual Patrons Listing is published each year in our Autumn issue, along with their Armorial Bearings.




Brady Brim-DeForest of Balvaird Castle, Baron of Balvaird







Pierre August Rioux, MD, FACH   |   David Robert Wooten, DFACH, FACH







David Sinclair Bouschor, JD   |   + COL John Thoma, USA (Ret.), JD, FACH +







Col the Hon William Paret Boswell, USAF, LLD, FACH   |   Stephen B. Clay   |   Stephen Friar
Rev Andrew MacAoidh Jergens   |   Mark Alan Osweiler   |   Charles Wayne Raborn, Jr.
Jorge Luis Rivera, III   |   Mark Damian Yarnevich







Harold Helgo Brandt   |   Christopher Alan Chambers   |   Linda June Russell Johnson
LTC Harry Jones, USA (Ret.)   |   COL Roger J. Mills   |   CAPT Steven R. Moore
Nicholas G. Pinkerton, USAF (Ret)




Adam Aderman
Ernesto Juan Anaya
Donald Angotta
Ronald Walter Baldwin
MSgt Yan J. Kevin Bolduc, USAF (Ret)
Rev Dr Christian Dominic Boyd
William Bryk, VCASNY
LT Paul Campbell, USN (Ret)
John Francis Vance Cupschalk
John Michael Dwyer
M. Scott Fugate
Kerry Wix Gateley
LCDR Lee Ellis Girer, USN (Ret)
LCDR John Glynn of Glynstewart, USN
LCDR David E. Hall, USN, Ret
Keith Morris Hanlon
Edward Eric Hillenbrand
Rev James Kubajak
Rick Lentz
Don McKee
Monte Lee Mechler
Rev Edward T. Menasco
COL Jack Allen Meyer, SCSG (Ret.), PhD
Deacon Michael A. Meyer
Miguel Angel Núñez
Dr. Patrick M. O’Shea, FACH
Andrew John Rayment
COL Larry J. Redmon
Carlos J. Rodriguez-Feo
Capt Joe Christopher Rudé, III, USAF(Fmr)
The Most Hon Baron Angelo A. Sedacca
Rev Fr Guy W. Selvester, FACH
Craig Ryan Steepy
Rev Charles F. Strebler
Fr Louis Thomas
CW5 Dennis John West, USA
Capt Thomas P. Westgaard, USAF, FACH

Adam John White
Melinda McKinnon Wiens
Larry Stanton Wiese
Bernard John Wilson
Joal Emerson Wolf
Kayleigh Marie Wooten, DVM


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We are honored to list our Life Members, whose membership fees go above and beyond to supplement the ongoing work of our organization.


David Robert Wooten, DFACH, FACH, ACHLM1
Robert Stephan Bohannon, IV, ACHLM2
Major William Elmer Harrington, Sr., ACHLM3
Orlando Ivan Benedict y Gonzalez, ACHLM4
+ Colonel the Honourable John Michael Thoma, ACHLM5+
Daniel F. Kelly, ACHLM6
Captain Thomas P. Westgaard, FACH, ACHLM7
David Victor Brooks, ACHLM8
Dr. Robert Earl Danneman, ACHLM9
Eugene Leroy Jeffers, Jr., ACHLM10
+ Rt. Rev. Fr. Constantine-Paul Belisarius, ACHLM11 +
Colonel Jack Allen Meyer, PhD, ACHLM12
Colonel Joseph B. Sullivan, AUS-Ret, ACHLM13
Paul Lorin Child, DDS, ACHLM14
Dr. Pedro Antonio Rubio, ACHLM15
Ronald Logan Hardaway, ACHLM16
Lieutenant Colonel Dwyer Quentin Wedvick, ACHLM17
Father John Brillantes, ACHLM18
Pierre August Rioux, MD, FACH, ACHLM19
The Rev. Andrew MacAoidh Jergens, ACHLM20
Dorothy Bruton, FACH, ACHLM21
Thomas G. Hargreaves, ACHLM22
Major Alvin J. Bedgood USA, ACHLM23
Professor Leonard René de Grassi, ACHLM24
Dr. George Korey-Krzeczowski, ACHLM25
Colonel Harry M. Jones, USA, Ret, ACHLM26
Jerry J. Minnis, ACHLM27
The Honourable David Sinclair Bouschor, ACHLM28
David Allen Dallas, ACHLM29
Frank Luther Dallas, Jr., ACHLM30
Jay Lee Doland, ACHLM31
+ Mary Stuart Beil, ACHLM32 +
The Most Hon. Baron Angelo Anthony Sedacca, ACHLM33
Captain Alan B. Lewis, ACHLM34
+ Robert Tor Lofberg, ACHLM35 +
Rev. Chester George Thompson, ACHLM36
The Chev. Joe Christopher Rudé, III, MD, ACHLM37
Edward Thiravej Ploysongsang, ACHLM38
Dr. Ruben Duarte de Freitas Cabral, ACHLM39
+ Captain David Judson Gray, USN, ACHLM40 +
Robert Samuel Blevens, ACHLM41
Captain Steven R. Moore, Lord of the Manor of Maidford Halse, ACHLM42
Alvydas Petras Karasa, ACHLM43
Kerry Wix Gateley, MD, MPH, CPE, ACHLM44
Paul Francis Tomanek, ACHLM45
Donald Eugene Welever, ACHLM46
Prof. Dr. Antonio Virgili, ACHLM47
Claiborne McDonald, IV, ACHLM48
Ilma. Sra. Doris J. Dallas, ACHLM49
Corporal Travis Allan Bryan, ACHLM50
+ John Ammons, IX, FACH, ACHLM51 +
Colonel Jose A.M. Nolla, USA, ACHLM52
Colonel the Honorable William Paret Boswell, FACH, ACHLM53
Major General David T. Zabecki, PhD, ACHLM54
Captain Maury A. Weeks, USCG, ACHLM55
Rev. Doctor Seamus Phan, ACHLM56
+ Patrick Alexander McCabe, ACHLM57 +
Rev. Fr. Guy W.D. Selvester, ACHLM58
Ilmo. Sr. Bernardo Perez-Ramirez y Ramirez, PhD, ACHLM59
Very Rev. Canon Matthew R. Mauriello, ACHLM60
+ The Hon. Joseph F. Connolly, II of Sutton, ACHLM61 +
Rev. Dr. Richard Seagraves, ACHLM62
Morrie Alec Bishop, JD, ACHLM63
SFC Ralph Andrew Zahner, Jr., ACHLM64
Douglas C. Urquidi, ACHLM65
Rev. Edward T. Menasco, ACHLM66
Tracy Alan Turman, ACHLM67
James Heaton Creel, Jr., MD, ACHLM68
Ronald Walter Baldwin, ACHLM69
Rev. Fr. Gregory Alfred Pilcher, OSB, ACHLM70
Rev. Fr. Deacon Nenad M. Jovanovich, ACHLM71
Prof. Ljubodrag Lj. Grujich, ACHLM72
Deacon Michael A. Meyer, ACHLM73
Ernest Edward Aitchison, Esqr., ACHLM74
Dylan Francis Epp, ACHLM75
Alex Zardja, ACHLM76
Colonel Christopher Chambers, Lord of the Manor of Skighaugh, ACHLM77
Dylan Francis Epp, ACHLM78
His Excellency Dr Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz, Lord and Baron of Abernethy, Hon CBE, FRSA, ACHLM79
Colonel Roger J. Mills, ACHLM80
Mark Horvath, ACHLM81
Very Rev. James W. Kubajak, MDiv, ACHLM82
Stephen B. Clay, ACHLM83
Ernesto Juan Anaya, ACHLM84
Robert Van Blackwell, ACHLM85
Brady Brim-DeForest of Balvaird Castle, ACHLM86
Charles Wayne Raborn, Jr., ACHLM87
James Michael Pittmon, ACHLM88

Rev. Roger D. Carlson, MDiv, PhD, FACH, ACHLM89
Mark Wesley Ærandir, ACHLM90
Mark Alan Osweiler, ACHLM91
Bernard John Wilson, ACHLM92

David Lynn Larned, ACHLM93

Philip Richard Sheppard, ACHLM94
Dr. Patrick M. O’Shea, FACH, ACHLM95