FOR THE FIRST FIVE DECADES of its existence, the College restricted registrations to American citizens or residents, as well as to others with significant personal or business connections in America. However, as of 1 January 2022, this policy was updated, to wit:

  1. The College accepts membership from anyone, American or otherwise.
  2. The College accepts the registration of arms of any member, American or International, as a fee-based additional benefit of membership under the following conditions:
    • If the potential registrant is a citizen of a country with an Heraldic Authority, then their arms must be granted by that Authority. If they have not obtained arms from their own country’s granting authority, they would be encouraged to straighten out that situation prior to contacting the College to register any armorial bearings.
    • If the potential registrant is a citizen of a country without an Heraldic Authority, and they have ASSUMED arms, then the College would register their arms IF they join the College as members.
  3. If a person has legitimately granted arms from a recognized international Heraldic Authority and wishes to register them with the College – but does not wish to have membership – the College will still register such GRANTED arms.
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