THE COLLEGE’S GENERAL GOAL is to identify and Register legitimate coats of arms being legitimately borne in America in order to leave a cultural and historical record of armory in this country for future historians, genealogists and scholars in various academic fields.

The corporate purposes of the College are:

  • to educate the public regarding the history and meaning of heraldry; to initiate, promote, support and engage in scholarly, educational and informational endeavors in heraldic art and science and related fields;
  • to stimulate, collect, preserve and disseminate knowledge regarding heraldic arms;
  • to act as a resource center for those seeking learned opinions on heraldic questions;
  • to promote the rightful and proper use and display of heraldic arms according to the customs of heraldic art and science;
  • to collect, accurately document, preserve and disseminate information regarding both ancient and modern armorial bearings, especially those in current use and most especially those borne in this country;
  • to lend expert advice, counseling and design expertise to those desiring to establish an armorial tradition in their own families, to assist them in acquiring the proper public recognition for the design through registration of the arms with the College and publication of said arms by the College. Persons desiring to acquire new coats of arms from official offices of arms abroad are also gladly extended consultation and support in their undertaking.
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